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Taming Release question

Discussion in 'UHall' started by xxmoondancerxx, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. xxmoondancerxx

    xxmoondancerxx Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Can someone tell me how can I release an animal that i tamed and I cant find it anymore?
  2. WootSauce

    WootSauce Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you could phrase this question a little more cryptically and with less clarity - im sure i could help you here.
  3. Gwendolynne

    Gwendolynne Guest

    When you log out and log back in any unstabled pets should be with you. The exception is blue beetles if there is something in their backpack. I noticed when logging in and being transported to Jhelom my pets are not with me but if I go through the moongate they appear when I arrive somewhere else.

    Try logging off and back in if you have not already. Also check the stable if you have died since you tamed them - they often get auto stabled.

    Safe journeys!
  4. Pfloyd

    Pfloyd Colorblind Collector
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 10, 2004
    Likes Received:
    are you saying you want to untame it? or are you saying you want to find a tamed pet that you left somewhere?

    you can click on the pet with the context menu (either shift click or just click) and release it...like you do with a blue beetle to bring its pack up. Or you can rename it and then say xxx release.
  5. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    this is very annoying as a necro as well. if i summon a wisp, then recall away somewhere.. i cant summon another one untill the first one times out.. sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes.. or i go back to where i was, then release it.

    the auto stable and recall with you seem to only work with bonded pets. not summons or fresh tames.

    if you tame say a pack horse, then recall away, it runs to your location.. or whatever direction it thinks you went until its stopped by something.. then it sits there..

    you cant release it unless you find it.

    it will eventually go wild.. but can take a long time.. specially if its happy.
  6. unbound pets wont recall with you. you need to bond or use a gate.
  7. check the stables
  8. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    My main tamer is a pally. He tames the SJ to stable the relogs and my new fresh tame is always by my side. Id be mad if that gets changed. It would make every tamer a gate mage at the least.
  9. Radun

    Radun Guest

    if you release a pet, anyone can kill it or tame it... say farewell to your pet.
  10. Banner

    Banner Guest

    I think what their asking is when you tame something and do not release it and then move to some where else and start taming you will have that tamed pet listed on you pet slot. So you go back to find the pet and can't find it I think they want to know how to release it. And I think that what Gwendolynne said was the right answer to their question.