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Targeting flagging question

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Dexdash, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Dexdash

    Dexdash Guest

    i have a red necro, i set up some macros using uo instead of uoa the macros are
    cast spell
    wait for target
    current target

    the problem i am having is that i am getting the query "this is a crimmianl act" continue or cancel

    before anyone says somthing stupid like go hit the option to turn this off. it is off has been off for years and i checked it 50 times.

    i dont get this when i use the spells without a macro just when i do. can some one else try this (on a blue) and see if they get the same problem?
  2. TexasBlack

    TexasBlack Guest

    rolleyes: What client are you using?:gun: If it's KR I know the answer if it's anything else I don't gotta clue.
  3. Dexdash

    Dexdash Guest

  4. Dexdash

    Dexdash Guest

    is there a better way/ what to you guys use for your macros? do you all use uoa with last target? give me some pointers iv never really been happy with my macros.