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Taris - The lost civilisation

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by J'kaura, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. J'kaura

    J'kaura Guest

    Taris - A lost civilization


    Taris is a world to a grand legacy; a city of proportion served by a golden age of propriety, or was it all just that?

    Thanks to the situational position that Taris had in space, laying on the Perlimian trade route, the planet of Taris flourished into a bustling city encompassing the entire surface. Often being referred to as the ‘Coruscant of the outer Rim’, Taris has throughout the timeline had a history of being a famous rallying point for outcast Jedi whose decision lay in the direction of fighting, during the Mandolorian campaign in 3,976 BBY.


    In bitter dissent, the Tarisian government gave little effort to respond to the campaign, ending in an upheaval of citizens and Jedi leaving the planet for good. In the lower city crime evolved, becoming a growing problem between factionist swoop gangs trying to survive. Furthermore, sinking towards the planets curst, the utter outcast lay living in the under city, fending for themselves, fending to survive against the odds and disease with little resources.


    While the noble citizens on the top level of the skyscrapers enjoyed life to the fullest, the lowliest fought against a deadly ailment called the rakghoul disease on the lower city, which manifested itself when an infected ‘creature’ tore the flesh of a healthy humanoid. When Sith occupation occurred on Taris in search for the Jedi, Bastilla shan. The evil Lord Malak bombarded the planet from space destroying it to the ground, leaving it in ruins from which it never fully recovered leaving the city to decay into its ancient swamps and allow these 'rakgouls' to evolve further gaining strange powers and a freakish nature.


    As the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic begins, the city is in ruins from Darth Malaks bombardment and over the years has since been all but forgotten by the Jedi, who have reutrend to try and re-colonise the planet. Taris is yours to explore, engaging with dangerous evolved rakgouls and discovering forgotten treasures in its shattered Undercity. In the dank swamps, you can expect to find the Sith seeking out the Jedi, in a bid to control the world for their as their own. Who will you side with?


    Want more info on Tars? Head on over to the Galaxy Map here on the Stratics SWTOR Forum to read more on the planet of Taris
  2. Ah Taris, a shining example of the might of the Sith Empire!

    Let us just hope we'll see some more planetary destruction in TOR.

    /Orders BDZ on Tython