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Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Affiliation: Independant
    System: Taris system
    Climate: Temperate
    Days per year: 312
    Hours per day: 24
    Moons: 4

    Once a mighty ecumenopolis that rivaled even Coruscant, Taris now lays in ruins. Over 300 years before the Treaty of Coruscant Taris was a thriving world, a galactic trade hub with rich and productive industries. But with new, more stable, hyperspace trade routes being opened up, attention was starting to be taken away from Taris. With the Republic removing its support for the world, Taris was left to fend for itself. This would be the start of Taris' demise.

    With the Republic no longer supporting the planet, its city started to decay and trade started to grind to a halt, the city and economy was in dire straits. Fearful for their way of life, industrialists started to turn to more ‘underhanded’ means of saving the world’s economy. With much of the planet covered by the grand ecumenopolis agriculture was always difficult, with much of the inhabitants having to fish and harvest kelp for their supply of food. Even this came to an end when industries in a bid to cut costs started to dump their waste into the waters, killing off the only food supplies much of the population had. This was the final straw for the Tarisian working class and a bloody rebellion ensued.

    The Tarisian Civil war only helped to segregate the rich and the poor further, with the Rebellion crushed and those responsible cast out from Taris society and forced to live in the Undercity, a polluted waste land populated by vile creatures known as Rakghouls. The City itself would became even more Humanocentric and the largely Non-Human lower classes were banned from living on the upper levels. The Economy would once more see a boom with the arrival of the Lhosan Speeder Company who gave jobs to the lower classes and ushered in what appeared to be a new golden age for Taris. But just as before, turmoil was around the corner for this fated world.

    The Mandalorian Wars broke out, sweeping across the Outer Rim and leaving a trail of destruction in its path. With the Mandalorian threat looming closer Lhosan Industries quickly pulled out of Taris, leaving many unemployed and turning to a life of crime. Swoop gangs and gambling were common place until the end of the Mandalorian crusade saw some return to order.

    Revan, the hero of the Republic, had simply vanished into the unknown regions, taking with him his close friend Malak and an army that looked upon him with nothing but total devotion. A year later they returned, this time twisted by the dark side and waving the banner of the Sith Empire. War once more returned to the galaxy. Battles waged across the outer rim once more, though in a daring attempt to end the war the Jedi was able to capture Darth Revan. Wiping his memory and having him serve under the watchful gaze of his captor Bastila Shan as a soldier, leaving Darth Malak as the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

    With Taris one of the few worlds in the Outer Rim not under Sith control the Republic quickly set about reinforcing their defenses, sending the Hammerhead cruiser Endar Spire. Amongst its crew was Bastila Shan and the amnesic Revan. Soon the Sith attacked in a bid of their own to capture Bastila Shan, overrunning the Republic defenses and taking control of the Endar Spire. Bastila knowing it was her talents with Battle Meditation the Sith were after, evacuated the cruiser in a escape pod down to the Taris surface where she would find herself captured by the Black Vulkar swoop gang.

    Soon Taris was under Sith control and the planet was placed under quarantine, with any vessels attempting to leave destroyed by the Sith fleet that orbited above. Movement on the planet was heavily restricted as the Sith searched for the missing Bastila. The Sith had not planned for other survivors though. Carth Onasi, a loyal republic soldier of the Mandalorian Wars, and Revan soon found and rescued Bastila. Battling their way through the Sith forces and local Taris thugs they managed to escape the doomed world just as Darth Malak ordered a complete orbital bombardment of the planet’s surface.

    Taris, once a troubled Ecumenopolis was now gone, leaving nothing but a post-apocalyptic swamp. By the time of the Great War re-colonization efforts were underway, with the Republic setting up a spaceport and a military garrison. They hoped to resettle Taris using it as a symbol of hope in these bleak times, but now more than ever Taris is a world full of dangers. The Rakghoul still spread their plague and the Sith Empire have no intentions of allowing the Republic to undo the work of their predecessors.