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Task Shopping - cogs for jellybeans

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Mikey Mouse, May 12, 2009.

  1. Mikey Mouse

    Mikey Mouse Guest

    So I haven't been playing TT for a while, but last week I got back into it...AND had to complete the bossbot suit set of tasks. Well, I just finished it, and I started doing my normal shopping around for tasks. I decided to focus on just for fun jellybean tasks. The ones I normally go for are 'Defeat xx cogs anywhere for yy jellybeans.'
    I normally grab a piece of scrap paper and make an impromptu chart like with
    1) place abbreviation (like TTC or DG)
    2) NPC toon color and type making a good offer (like green duck)
    3) number of cogs to defeat
    4) number of jellybeans to get
    5) optional: jellybeans to cogs ratio
    I usually go to a playground HQ, check all four clerks there and find a good offer, then jump to another Playground HQ and check the clerks there. I only write down offers that are better than the last offer.

    As I've been going around I noted offers and their jb/cog ratios:
    400 cogs for 1300 jb = 3.25
    300 cogs for 1100 jb = 3.66
    250 cogs for 1000 jb = 4
    200 cogs for 800 jb = 4
    80 cogs for 500 jb = 6.25
    120 cogs for 1200 jb = 10
    I guess if I'm trying to be efficient I would go for the higher jb/cog ratio.

    I usually choose this kind of task ('Defeat xx cogs anywhere for yy jellybeans') because it allows me the flexibility to help/work-with other toons (of any number of laff points) anywhere (streets, buildings, HQs) and still work towards task completion... Are there better jb getting tasks out there?
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    When I played regularly, I went through those tasks so fast I never had to worry about my bank not being full. My goal was to always have a backup "costume" task and three others that match your criteria. But I bet this is is good info for someone who needs to fill their bank. Thanks for posting it!
  3. I haven't played regularly for a while now, I'm lucky if I can get there for Sunday nights. What I try to do though is get a variety of "defeat X amt of cogs" tasks, regardless of how many beans they offer. I try to get a very small amount like 100 and all the way up to 400. I then look and see how many I need to complete the tasks I have when I shop for more tasks, ensuring that I have a variety. This way, if I am low on laff after a boss fight, I can go in and turn in a task quickly and shop for another without having to turn in all my tasks before I can get a new one. I know you can always go to shops and do it but that is a pain to me. I always like to keep one completed task in my book so I can regain my laff quickly (my doodles are all lawn ornaments!!). I always try to have a small toon task somewhere on the list too so I keep it going.

    Trish is right, if you are on these type of tasks, you will always have a full bank so it may not be so important to get the best deal as far as beans go. I used to change my statue every week to a different friend which got expensive. It is next to impossible to spend that many jellies on a regular basis, unless you are intentionally filling someone's mailbox (NOT that I have ever done that) or you keep changing statues!! :D
  4. When i go for a JB task, its really just for fun, i never figured out how many cogs per jelly bean, i would if i could figure out math, but thats cool your telling us, because i would have never know.

    I Dont care what task i pick, because i get a full bank anyway!
  5. Mikey Mouse

    Mikey Mouse Guest

    Thanks for the responses...

    I usually have a full bank; so what I normally do is once I complete the 'jb for cogs' task is I find a toon with 30 or so laff and friend them (sometimes I do a building with them also), then I go to my estate and call up Clarabell and buy/gift something(s) for the newly friended toon (something that's around the amount I'll be getting for turning in the task). Then I turn in the task to get the jb back.
    It makes them happy, and it makes me happy. Plus, what am I going to do with all the extra jb?
  6. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    I usually dump tasks worth around 5k to 8k a week.(makes it easier to keep the small toon task). A few weeks ago i started throwing parties, that way I use a little over 2k for each. Its funny how fast the kids can fill those parties up. I guess they look to see which ones have the most cannons and trampolines.

    Only thing ive noticed doing this is i can only throw one at a time with each toon.
  7. You can leave one party, and start with two toons on different accounts.
  8. krisski

    krisski Guest