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Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Affiliation: Independent
    System: Tatoo system
    Climate: Arid
    Days per year: 304
    Hours per day: 23
    Moons: 3

    Discovered by the Republic around 1,300 years before the Great War and thought at first to be a Sun by early explorers due to its glowing deserts that cover the planet’s surface that bake beneath its twin suns. Even with the burning heat Tatooine still supports life forms that have become specially adapted to survive such extreme conditions, with two sapient species being the diminutive Jawas and the hostile Ghorfa.

    Life on Tatooine was not always such a struggle for survival for these natives. Once a lush world, Tatooine was home to the early ancestors of the Jawa and Ghorfa people known as the Kumumgah. A technologically evolved race who had cities across the jungles that covered the world. But even the technological advances made by the Kumumgah could not hold off an invasion by the Rakata Infinite Empire, who conquered and made the Kumumgah their slaves.

    Victory would one day come to the Kumumgah, when a plague ravaged the Rakata population the time had come for the enslaved natives to rise up against their Rakatan overlords but not before the Infinite Empire enact one last punishment upon them with an orbital bombardment. Laying waste to the planet’s surface, boiling the oceans away and burning the forests. It would be the cataclysm that split the surviving Kumumgah, causing them to evolve into the two distinct species.

    On Arrival the first Republic vessels found a world of vast dune seas, upon which the settlement of Anchorhead was built. It wouldn’t be long before the settlers came into conflict with the planets native population of Ghorfa or Sand People as the settlers would come to call them, over the planets meager water supplies and later the mining efforts of the Czerka Corporation.

    Arriving 500 years before the Great War the Czerka Corporation set out to mine the sands of Tattooine hoping to find riches but like many before them they found nothing but failure. The ore that lay beneath Tattooines surface was unsuitable for manufacturing purposes, corroding easily. Unwilling to abandon their domineering presence on Tattooine, Czerka turned to setting up secret facilities to test out new and dangerous weapon technologies. But even this would result in failure.

    Without warning the Czerka Corporation pulled out from Tattooine completely, abandoning their secret facilities. The rumors of the secret facilities have now brought the Sith Empire to Tattooine, setting up a garrison in the Jawa run trade spaceport of Mos Ila. The Sith now search for the Czerka secrets that lay beneath Tattooines sands.