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TC Members Gathering ?

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by TC WORSHIPPER, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi all , was actually thinking to organise a TC gathering real soon ! Cant wait to hook up with my old buddies from da greatest pvp guild ever on Oce ...

    Hip Hip Hooray !
  2. Desperado

    Desperado Guest

    Now thats funny:danceb::danceb::danceb::danceb:
  3. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    then go to the WoW forums.

  4. No offense but i think u missed my point !

    Was wondering whether da greatest pvp guild ever on Oceania will return and rule once again ! :thumbsup:
  5. Desperado

    Desperado Guest

    No the point was not missed it was hit head on
    Overgrow ego's of underaged children were given their own pacific place to skite WoW:lick:
  6. tramhater

    tramhater Visitor

    Jul 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I guess the meeting would be in trammel because they all used blues. Using a red was never an option, having more than 1 person attacking you at one time is to much without the aid of the guards to instant kill.

    I doubt we will see you avenger unless they bring an overpowered template. The day bushido evasion was nurfed cookie owned you, instantly. After that morning no one ever saw you again, lol.

    Your TC friends have joined a KoV guild, lol. I don't think they were the "greatest" guild ever, when they are calling other oceanians "hackers". This just implies they are blaming there losses on hacks, even though they have more numbers. HI PARTOF!!

    Only TC member who showed some skill was Hatasan, who was easily better than all the dreggy OPK. He would have whopped your butt avenger. But I doubt you fought because there was always an excuse with you. Even Buster and Morrigan were better than you, and at least they would fight without evasion, despite them only using blues (unless of course newbies were on then they would use reds). Ill grant your better than Baba, he was shocking, he spent to much time hoarding items and made up lies on his "pvp activities". In fact I rarely ever saw that guy, except for when TC had 10+ people on.

    Only duels you won was when everyone had 0-10 hci, 0-10 dci, 0 sdi with 110scrolled chars vs your: 45/45/15 sdi char with gimped out lmc, mr, and fireball sc weapon. Hardly a victory considering no one could even hit you. Wasn't it strange that when people got items you just "VANISHED" until evasion came out. Then "poof" hes gone again when it was nurfed. I remember asking you for a duel just before the last time you vanished. You showed up at wrong and kept me waiting there for 20 minutes while you said "i need morrigan to log on to give me my warfork". Then you recalled....Despite the fact the warfork you had on while we were waiting was better than mine.

    Stick to WOD archers avenger, your nothing, except you exploit the new template or items that come out because your on 24/7. You will never stay on anyones screen if they land a bleed or strangle. ASAP you get hit for about 30 hp you bolt off until your full life and have the upper hand, i.e they r bleeded and half life and your fine. Totally Cowardly - TC.
  7. LOLz ! I am not Avenger coz Av is ban from posting on this forums ...

    Let me guess ? Are you Ron from OPK ? Are you still delusional after all these years ? Avenger owned u guys hard hands down . You telling me u guys dueled him with have 110 skills and 10 hci/dci when powerscrolls was implemented way way back? LOL ! Just face it mr
    UG-LY , he owned you hard on duels and everyone else in your guild . As for field fights , i don even bother to talk abt that ...


    Hip Hip Hooray !
  8. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I think that was her intent.
  9. I have another question for you Ron .

    Avenger always told us one time he solo crashed ur morning spawn at COD. He manage to bola you , killed ur pet and remounted . But bfore he could finish you off , you said " STOP let me kill myself " ! Puzzled by such a remark , he did stop to see what u gona do ( he knew u gona die anyway) and you did kill urself !

  10. tramhater

    tramhater Visitor

    Jul 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Comments like that you really are Avenger.

    I beat you many times idiot. Most the time you wouldnt even fight. Its not just me saying your crap. You are a running, evasion, wand user. Since they are nurfed you quit.

    As for your COD comment, lol. I remember that. It was preAOS you bolaed me, and had your 5x120 mage on a mount trying to kill me, throwing lame 30 hit point exp pot every 4 seconds. You couldnt kill me. I was 110 skilled with 120 ei lol. AND GUESS WHAT - you had 2 healers - wist and molly holly. Whats the excuse for nothing be able to kill me? I was running to fast dismounted while your mounted? you joke. You only fight when you got healers. I remember seeing 5 tc healing you vs Dain who has dismounted. You were on a necro bleed gimp mage and you couldnt kill him. Your terrible.

    I gave up trying to kill you because in those days you couldnt mortal, hence could not kill someone when your dismount and he has 2 healers. I killed myself so I would be teleported out of t2a and got another char to get scrolls.

    Stop the lies you rat. Does anyone in this shard think Avenger was any good except for when he had item advantages? ie 4fc?


    you owned when you had 4fc and we all had 2, congrats a 3 yr old could have done that.

  11. LOL ! LIES LIES LIES ! Cant believe you can come out with such ridiculous crap ...

    The only truth from ur post was the last sentence !

  12. kiwi

    kiwi Guest

    hahhaha HILARIOUS!!!
    weee for rons, you got ur cannon fodder back yet?? oh wait u already did, anytime busty comes, OPK reforms!

    Rons and the slaves

    together again

    And TC reunion.. i think theres a few of us!
  13. LOL RON aka MR UG-LY ???

    LOL like i said earlier Av solo crashed ur spawn . So if Av bolaed you and remounted while you on foot i am sure he doesnt need wist and molly to heal Av ( according to u , Av bolts away as soon first spell hits him) ??? Another LIE ?

    LOL ! another wierd thing is ( ASSUMING Av have healers ) and YOU CLAIM HE CANT KILL U WITH HIS "PATHETIC PVP SKILLS" , surely you dont need to KILL URSELF IN FRONT OF HIM ( BIGGEST JOKE EVER) ??? My point is WHY DID U NEED TO KILL URSELF ??? You could have just fought ? Or maybe you cant bear the shame that Av gona own u again ? You cant fool everyone on this forum with ur lies ( hope u know that) . Anyone with common sense knows you are lying !

    Last but not least , Av owned u at every patch ( proven ) !

    CRY ME A RIVER !!!

    p.s Hi busty !!! weeeeeeeeeee
  14. LaundryBoy

    LaundryBoy Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    always great reading material here....

    there's still a few of us TC still lurking around.....
    and yes - HATA PWNed OPK 24/7
  15. lies oh lies

    lies oh lies Visitor

    Jul 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Oh dear god, TC's lies are back in full force! Reminds me when TC used to claim "Acid" (who also lives in adelaide) beat both of us up irl at a bar - even though we don't even know what this guy looks like/never met him and lives 45 mins away from us......

    I take it this is Buster posting under 3 different users.

    First of all this "avenger" event took place PRE AOS, as my bro said. Furthermore it happened before you could EVEN SUMMON SPAWNS. At that cod spawn there was probably 30+ ppl there, so no he didn't "crash his spawn". Back then there were only PUBLIC SPAWNS. Av "crashed" the spawn as u put it, on his blue (no surprise), where he proceeded to flag on evs, after flagging on trav trammelites EV, he ran off until BLUE and came back.

    When he returned he bolad travis (1v1), even though av was 5x 120/spamming exp pots and travis was not even 105 magic resist (back then spell dmg was determined as mager/ei vs resisting spells). And of course being the lame coward asian he was, he instant remounted on his swampy. After constant failures of killing travis even with blue healers (so travis couldn't damage him), travis killed himself because the spawn just hit lv 4 (he wanted powerscrolls), while he was harm spamming himself he was spamming how pathetic av was, then he got a new char to hit coon with.

    Now tc liar does this clear it up for you? Remember back in those days you couldn't solo/2 man spawns even if u managed to find a free location - it was too hard, + oceanian spawns were totally packed then. It's hilarious that AV ebayed 2 sets of 120 mage template powerscrolls just to be the first 'nerd' on oceania with max skills. I'll say it again and again, no one ever thought av was good except his lambs - enough said.

    As for TC "ruling oceania" or whatever junk u said, how can a blue guild rule oceania, because blues can't kill other blues? And how can TC rule if OPK's top members could take our their entire force that over doubled them? Although i gotta admit, u guys did manage your npc guards very well, they followed your strict orders of attacking us when u would cower in the guard zones for hours upon end.

    As for hatasan owning us... Look at our duel records, we totally swamped him, likewise our other good members. Yes he beat our dregs, but we never claimed he couldn't. After OPK's elite, he is the only other person worth mentioning as a pvper. Although he was still a blue dog.
  16. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Haha i do remember that spawn!

    I don't get you TC and OPK people, nothing that happened in the past proves anything in the present. If TC really want to believe they once ruled Oceania, all well and good but everyone knows it's not true, it's not like being able to PvP back when you doubled most peoples FC means you can do so now does it?

    As Ron said, the game has changed, a lot of imbalances are gone; it's a whole new playstyle now, it's a new ballgame and you're not even here to play, only to gloat about games you 'think' you won in the past.


    I remember just after AoS during one of TC peak times when they often had 12+ people on, i was being a little sheep, following em around and sucking up however i could (lol i was such a stupid 10 year old wasn't i) I was in VKR at the time and on one of these nights at BMG there were about 4 blues in the GZ any atleast 10 TC sitting outside (only about half on reds) They were not attacking me at the time so i was sitting out there with them. I got bored attacked Avenger; i managed to kill him despate all his healer's and me being a 10 year old newb using a dexxer.

    Good times... *sighs*
  17. Mijac_Chmon

    Mijac_Chmon Guest

    No PvP talk until I put up a new PvP thread, people.

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