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Tell me about Origin...

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Wood Witch, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Wood Witch

    Wood Witch Guest

    I was thinking of Planting some roots here. I am originally on Pacific shard, though that place is not holding much for me these days.
    So I was wondering a few things about Origin..
    How is the community here?
    How do shops do outside of Luna?
    What are hte prices for larger housing, 18x18 / Keeps?
    What is going on in Zento with all the "Tyrant" houses...?
    I appreciate any feedback.
  2. Morgaine

    Morgaine Guest

    I've been hearing things about Pac being dead these days, but I figured those were just rumors, but seeing more and more ppl lately from pac...

    anyhow.... I love Origin, its a relatively small community where honestly, I think its a everyone knows everyone type place. There are a lot of nice ppl on shard who are willing to help out anyone no matter what guild they are in.
    Because its so small, Im not sure how the shops outside Luna fare. I know most of my shopping is done inside the Luna walls.... mainly because there just arent many places outside and if there are they dont place runes very often, if at all. Would be nice to see more though. I love shopping :):)
    I never see housing for sale unless its in Fel, think its because we have plenty of open spots to place housing at the moment.
    Dont know much about Tyrant, other than it drives me nuts that he owns so many places and no one can place houses.... maybe someone else will have more insight for you about that one. :)
  3. Ghost_Writer

    Ghost_Writer Guest

    House prices for 18's and even Keeps if you look hard enough are exactly what is says on the housing placement tool. I found 8 spots to place a keep in Fel last week and I was only looking in places I might have lucked out and found a castle spot. Plently of 18 spots in Tram, never mind Fel.

    As far as Tyrant, who knows? There have been whole threads dedicated to that name around here.
  4. Community is great and alot of good thoughful players here that are willing to help newcomers.

    The price for housing is basically whatever it costs to place and build. There are quite a few locations open for placement still.

    Tryant housing is about he same as it has always been....lousy! LOL He is still able to occupy a great deal of the good locations in Tokuno along with a few other prime locations on the shard.

    Vendors can do ok anywhere on the shard as long as you keep them stocked.

    All in all....Origin is still the best shard on UO!
  5. Latobian

    Latobian Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Having moved from Chesapeake, a very populated shard, to here I can say this is by far my favorite of the two.

    The above posters are correct in that 'everybody knows your name'. It's very small and intimate here.

    Shops do well if you advertise, regardless of location. I recently moved mine to Luna for convenience, and I was gifted the house! =)

    If you need any help getting established, just hollar at me. Houses can be placed virtually anywhere you'd like, minus within the Luna walls. There are plenty of Trammel and Felucca keep spots open, even more 18x18 space.
  6. Flora Green

    Flora Green Guest

    I have an 18x18 outside the East Luna walls no one wants to buy. I only have it for sale because it's so close to the city, otherwise I would have dropped it. You are welcome to it once my stuff is moved. I want to free up that account anyways.

    There are some very friendly and helpful people here. I moved here two years ago and everyone was quite welcoming to me both here on the boards and in game.