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Templat - PLZ help. wot do u think?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by 3604479, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. 3604479

    3604479 Guest

    Strength: 100
    Dexterity: 100
    Intelligence: 45

    Fencing 120
    Necromancy 95+5 jew
    Spirit Speak 90+10 jew
    Hiding 100
    Ninjitsu 100
    Stealth 80 + 20 animal form
    Poisoning 80
    Chivalry 35

    the idee is to stealth up in PvP, hit them hard and fast. First hit, with poison inflicted is successful, continue. If not, smokeboom, and stealth away in animal form.

    wot do u think? tell me off, go flame on me - any comments are appreciated!!
  2. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    IMO - poisoning is a waste of points on this template. You can already poison with ninja stars/darts so the 80 points in poisoning gets you....the ability to lethal poison...? Not worth it since you can already deadly poison. (For that matter, since you are a necro you can even lethal poison without the poisoning skill. Just evil omen and then hit them with a deadly poisoned dart. The evil omen will up the poison level to lethal for you...)

    Drop poisoning and get tactics to 70 (or even better 90). If you use the points that way you will actually get extra abilities (weapon specials) for your skill points. (Instead of using 80 skill points to basically duplicate an ability you already have from ninjitsu.)
  3. Now, I'm kinda drunk and don't quite remember if you have to disarm your shield or weapon to use the darts/stars so nevermind if you don't need to.

    But if I am right.. Poisoning means you can benefit the most in situations when you gotta stick on the target spamming Nox non-stop without disarming your shield or weapon to use the darts/stars.

    Yeah I'm drunk who knows.
  4. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    You are correct. You cannot use stars/darts (or focus attack) with a shield equipped. However since the template doesnt have any parrying I am assuming he is not using a shield. (Might be using one for the mods I guess?)
  5. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Might wanna raise dex so you get max swing speed on your weapons.

    I'd drop poison and use the shirkins/darts.

    You might even wanna try parasitic or darkglow on your shirkins/darts.
  6. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    You won't deal enough damage to kill anyone hehe :p... very few templates use hide and stealth now...
    from looks of it u'll be leaning towards a chiv dexxer template with ninja..