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template advice please

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Snake Plissken, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. I haven’t played uo for a while so am not exactly Mr Current Affairs-
    Don’t shout at me plz [​IMG]

    My char has approx the following skills atm,
    Animal Taming- 83.1
    Animal lore- 45.2
    Vet- 40.2
    Magery- 100
    Med- 100
    Eval Int- 100
    Wrestling- 100
    Resist- 25
    Spirit Speak- 90

    I play in fel mostly so needs to be fairly pvp orientated (might even go red on this char)
    I have been reading a few posts and looking at the new skills

    Was thinking I would quite like to have ninjitsu on it with some hide and stealth as I have always used hide/stealth allot on most of my chars

    I know I need to get my taming up for def but am not sure about much else other than dropping ss?… But I don’t really want to start dropping/raising skills without knowing what I’m doing first tbh

    help pwease [​IMG]
  2. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    This is the template I use. I pvp a lot with it, but it also can handle pvm quite neatly, and I can farm and tame my own pets. I have lots of good healing options, I can rez my pets, and remove curse is a very nice option to have as well. The high evaluate intelligence allows me to keep my pets blessed at a high level, which is also important in my opinion.

    Race: Elf

    Animal Lore: 110
    Animal Taming: 120
    Chivalry: 55
    Evaluating Intelligence: 120
    Magery: 111
    Meditation: 21
    Resisting Spells: 100
    Veterinary: 110

    This is a very flexible template which allows me to operate in many situations, both solo, and as a part of a team. It isn't a specialized template, so there are tamer templates which can do just about anything I can do, better, but I think you would be hard pressed to find one that can do as many different things as this one can, well.

    I do however, have quite a good suit to go with it, and a good suit is important for this template. You will notice that I have 27 extra skill points as well.
  3. how come no wrestling or wep skill ?
  4. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Right, forgot that. I use a staff of pyros, or swords of prosperity for that, and I have around 10 dci on my brace. As long as I don't get surprised I can handle even the toughest dexxers and archers. But I can't emphasize enough how important it is to put effort into finding good pets and learning how to train them. I almost never go into pvp without fully trained pets, and it makes a huge difference. I also recently found a better beetle than my old one, and the difference in my successfulness in pvp was instant, and noticeable. Good quality, well trained pets, do make a significant difference.
  5. thanks allot

    so is it pretty standard not to have any wrestling
    can i drop this without too many sleepless nights?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Taming/Lore/Vet 120
    Hide 100
    stealth 80
    ninja 100
    focus 60-80

    125 str/75 int/55 dex (not crucial)

    Use a mare/beetle, bake/beetle, bake/dragon type of combo because you want pets that cast spells.

    Use petballs. Make a macro to use the petballs. Make a macro to use petball, all kill, last target. Stealth up to someone in llama form, use the macro, taunt their ghost.

    Use smokebombs when people figure it out and come after you.

    Use shurikens when your target runs and to supplement your pet.

    Use pots and dog form for healing - or better yet, make a super HPR suit.