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[Magery] Template and Questions

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Locker, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Ok I've read some guides and done some research but I still have some specific questions regarding my PvE Magery template and possible changes I might make. First of all my current template (subject to change):

    Evaluate Intelligence
    Resisting Spells

    Additionally I would like to mention that this is a brand new character on a new shard for me and I am not scrolled yet on any skill (100 cap) and do not have a ton of spare cash at the moment to bling myself. I'm also new UO player so please excuse my cluelessness.

    Now the questions, I'm aware that somewhere in all these posts may be the answer to some of these questions but so far I remain confused:

    1. Should I ditch Wrestling for Anatomy? In Ava Stradens guide she mentions:

    Now I'm assuming that there is some other advantage to using Wrestling which is why I don't see Anatomy in many mage templates. Is it the special moves that come with Wrestling?

    2. Should I ditch Parry for something else like Poison? I've read that without a high dex you don't get the max dodge but I believe even at 30 dex you get a 20% chance to parry, which doesn't seem bad.

    3. Regarding Meditation I read this in Ava's guide:

    So, just checking, if I have even one item on that's not Mage armor, Cloth or Plain leather (not studded or horned or barbed or anything) then it completely cancels out the Meditation skill? Is that really true? If it is I have some suit work to do.

    4. Regarding skill caps. If I have a skill cap of 100 on lets say magery and assuming my skill is at 100, can I take it above the cap with an item? Say I put on a +10 magery ring, can I take my magery to 110 with the item even though my cap is 100?

    Thank you very much for any information.

    Best regards,

  2. UO Relic

    UO Relic Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    1> Yes the special moves would be lost if you dropped Wrestle for Anat - may be other factors as well will see if others answer more.

    2> I would personally ditch Parry on a mage have tried poison found it handy somewhat for PvP but still a waste of 100 points for PvM. Your trying not to go toe to toe with a mage so parry shouldnt be a factor try to look for a low -mage wep and as close as u can get to the 45 DCI on your suit instead. Instead of poison maybe look at spellweave (handy PvM not sure about PvP).

    3> Even 1 item can stop the meditative forces from working.

    4> Cap is cap, items will not take you above the cap, you would either need to stop at 90 skill or eat a +10 scroll for the +10mage ring to have effect
  3. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    The ONLY thing why people use wrestling in their PVE templates, is for felucca champ spawn to defend agains PK (to disarm dexxers). If you don't plan that - Anatomy is much better and easier to train. Also parrying on PVE mage quite useless, unless again u gonna CAMP felucca champs, while heavily raided by PKs, so u need means to survive and escape PVP situations.
  4. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Ok more questions on meditation and armor:

    Do barbed leaf gloves prevent meditation (without mage armor tag)?

    If they do then I have another item that's stopping meditation because my rate seems the same with or without the gloves (i.e. five second recovery time from casting bless, meditation at 100).

    Here are the rest of my items just in case:

    Bandana (Cloth?)
    Leather Gorget
    Leather Sleeves
    Leather Suneate (Legs)
    Female Leather Armor
    Verite Buckler with Spell Channeling (Don't know if shield affects med, if there are mage armor shields or if spell channeling does anything to med)
    Barbed Leaf Gloves OR Golden Platemail Gloves (Mage Armor)
    Thigh Boots
    Elven Shirt
    Elven Robe

    Anyone see any problems with my kit?

    Oh and fyi I ditched Wrestling and Parry for Anatomy and Healing, thanks for the tips!


  5. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    Leaf Gloves - medable. Just elven version of leather armor.
    Verite Buckler with Spell Channeling - it mean shield won't fall from hands when you cast spells and allow meditation without penalty.
    So no problems with your suit.
  6. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Kenga thank you for the information. I am wondering, if leaf is the elf version of leather, isn't it a problem that it's barbed? I was under the impression that barbed leather would block med, i.e. you could only use PLAIN leather without studs, barbs, horns or anything.

    Perhaps I misinterpreted Ava's guide as she said:

    I guess I was assuming that barbed and horned count as and affect meditation the same a studded. If this is, in fact, not the case I am very pleased and await your confirmation to plan tonight's shopping spree.

    Once again many thanks for the information.


  7. GFY

    GFY Guest

    If your only going to PVM you could also drop anatomy for a mage weapon -0 or as close to 0 as possible. (you could use + magery on your gear to make up the difference also)
  8. xStrikerx

    xStrikerx Guest

    Plain leather armor made from any type of leather (plain, spined, horned, barbed) is medable.

    Studded leather armor made from any type of leather (plain, spined, horned, barbed) is NOT medable.
  9. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Thank you Stryker for that last piece of the puzzle.

    Oh and if anyone happens to be following this thread I dumped anatomy and healing for necro and ss. Current "final" PvE template looks like this:

    Evaluate Intelligence
    Resisting Spells
    Spirit Speak

    Thank you everyone for all the help.


  10. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    That's quite my pmv build, but instead of resist i have wrestling. I use this char in Doom mostly and wrestling comes very handy when i'm dismounted by fleshrenderers and they hit at very fast rate, or when DF charges me - i get hits like 40 hp, but dodge most. Of course i could use mage weapon, but i like scrappers too much =) Paralyzes could be a problem if you can't handle them. Overall for beginner resist is a better option i guess.