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[Magery] Template changes Looking 4 ideas

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by TheGiggler, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. TheGiggler

    TheGiggler Guest

    Current and done Nox Mage
    120 magery
    120 eval
    120 resist
    120 med
    100 poisoning
    100 inscription
    80 focus (crystalline ring)

    70/70/70/70/74 resists 20 mr, 40 lmc, 100 lrc, 55sdi, 9 hpr, +13 int, +5 dex, 6/4 fcr/fc (suit is shared with pally)

    stats 102 str dex 18 int 125 (245 cap needs overhauled)
    im going to eat a 25 stat scroll will have a 255 cap was thinking 100 str 100 int and 55 dex?? your thoughts?

    Was looking for some ideas for a PvM toon.. I dont PvP my HS ISP or so caleed hs (huges satalite net= p+ss poor)
    I was thinking of losing the 120 med for 120 focus i do know that meds passive mana regen is better than focus's but with 20 mr i thought focus was the way to go because the 40 + skill from the ring ?
    Was also thinking about an archer/ nacer mage template any ideas???

    Thanx for your input!!!
  2. icm420

    icm420 Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Your template seems decent enough, however for pvm you can't beat wraith form. Leeching mana back is a big deal and with how a necro works it is hands down the best pvmer around, mage wise. The other thing to consider is mysticism, there is a great pvm/pvp/spawn template that a lot of people are running right now that when combined with a slayer book works amazing.
    120 mage
    120 eval
    120 mystic
    100(120focus)crystalline ring
    40-60 necro (depends i was able to fit bracers into suit so i run 40(w/ the +20 i am 60) however you may want 60 real.

    Now in a pvp situation you will use a mage weapon for defense. spawn situation you run a slayer book and hailstorm. The damage done by the mystic spells/mage spells combined with a slayer book results in enough mana leech that you don't run out of mana very often. Usually you need spirit speak to leech mana in wraith (20% at gm and 24% at 120) but when you do 140+ damage with a hailstorm to the creatures around you your mana doesnt run out often. Another thing to consider is that you can run 40 necro and fizzle a few times going into wraith and purge magic yourself out of wraith if you need to protect a spawn or something. I will say i havn't used this template much without hailstorming so you may find the mana leech to be low against certain monster mobs. I know for a fact i can do a rat spawn non stop hailstorming and a stygain dragon without loosing any mana. These mob both take a ton of damage from slayer books. As for the necro end of the template you will rarely use any spells other then wraith, the corpse skin lasts a very short time, however in a pvp situation vs a no resist character you can blood oath, corpse skin, evil omen and pain spike with decent results. I will also say i am human, which in your case it appears you are elf. I belive i am able to do this due to the 20 Jack of Trades human trait. you get the full power of the mystic and magery end, and while some people try no resist and go spirit speak i think this is a bad idea, I tested it and while fighting non casting mobs you will do great, once you hit 3rd level on a rat you will have no mana to cast and this results in death frequently. The mana drains/mana vampires are very hard to overcome.

    I'm not sure your situation in terms of how you pvm (spawns/navery/essence spawns/lady mels/etc) However for the best pvm mages wraith form is always involved. With 60 extra points on your current template, I do not know a worthwhile skill for a mage to invest in, other then necro or spellweaving. Spellweaving at 60 gives you the lower spells that are more catered towards pvp then pvm, as well as you will NEED a soul stone to stone weaving off, get a JoT focus, then stone weaving back on. Spellweaving without a focus is like magery without eval, it just doesnt work too well.
    I can see at most another 100 points on your template, (20 magery points on ring along with 20 points from lowering poison to 80, lower med to gm) This then opens up a lot of options, however i suggest anatomy if you go this way as you can no longer use a mage weapon. This will give you some defense while wearing a book and should result in you getting hit less often. Parry is another option however you need high dex for parry and without a weapon skill you will see subpar results. Then there is spellweaving once again, in which case you are better situated to get a focus (must be within 20 points of each other and most weavers are 120), and you can Word of Death decently, along with the all the other weaving spells. Note that most of the new mobs in SA are not Word of Death(able..) and may result in you rarely using the skill. Spellweaving offers a lot of benefits to a solo player however, but as I have said without an arcane focus spellweaving is lackluster. Since your suit has 4/6 casting spellweaving mayb the best way to go.

    As for your stats, a mage without parry or a weapon skill has absolutly no need for dex. In that case drop it to 10 and pump your str and int up. I tend to lean towards more str but i pvp so the more hit points the better to me. You may lean the other way and have a huge mana pool.

    As for a tactics mage, this is the hardest suit in the game to make imo, as you need EVERYTHING unless you are ok carrying regs. Your suit needs to be all 100 lrc 40 lmc have enough mr, then you need 45hci and 45 dci with your casting and of course enough resistance that you can take some licks. This is a harder toon to play as well i think, especially now that you can't stack weapon special and cast. A few years ago you would toggle disarm for example and cast all you want and when that pesky dexxer got too close you would disarm his weapon. If this is the way you want to go, I suggest trying 70 fencing/swords, getting a mage weapon poisoning weapon, (dagger/cleaver/etc) and tryin that out. I have not tested this but I know a few people who have and it seems to work nicely. You result in 120 weapon skill but can use your poisoning special. This isn't a tactics mage so to speak however, it is just more of a nox mage that can bite you if you get too close.

    I hope that helped some, if you have more questions or if i missed something feel free to pm me. Good luck