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(Question) Template Discussions HELP!!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by ShadowGuardian, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. For those who don't know, I am a returning player, and honestly so much has changed in five years Since I've been gone and honestly I'm a little over whelmed. While the basics still remain, I'm a little put off about some of the major skill changes and a little impressed considering some of the skills I thought I would never venture in, are now must haves. And Honestly it's add some much needed light for me. And, I'm of course a Role player, I think this game is perfect for it. And I made this persona for the, Guild I soon wish to create, Now I know its honestly never good to play two roles in any Role playing guild, But I believe I have the talent for it.

    So I made this character, within mind of being a Lurker of Shadows if you will, But have come to find some of the abilities I wish to tackle are a little off putting, Now, lets get down to what the Template was suppose to be

    120 Stealth, 100 Hiding, 120 Fencing, 100 Anatomy, 100 Tactics, 100 poisoning, and 60 of another skill preferably something now too inclined to max out a mix between ninjistu, spellresist, maybe something like healing.

    So after long, consideration, (Thinking right before bed) I decided lets drop 120 fencing and 120 stealth, and lets try to make a simple 700 character, (Now worrying a about armor buffs, to get legendary status of things.)

    So this quickly flushed down the toilet, After trying to think and rolling around in bed, PS she wasn't happy about it.... plus I snore lol she hates it. I simply cant get the bam!!! I want out of this character.

    So I asking the Help of my much better informed players, Mind you this is a Role playing character and PVP will play a some what of large part in this character life span. (Considering the chaos and Order aspect), But as I said I want this character to be a shadow lurker. I want to hear everyone opinion. But one thing for sure I am literally and completely tired of Magery I have an elder mage and two more GM; I am all MAGED out.:sad4: But If a good template arises for such a thing I will once again dabble in it.

    So I ask you forum reader HELP A NINJA OUT,:sad3: Now I aint asking for a ultimate perfect killer,:gun: Cause I understand dieing :stretcher:is a experience:gee: of getting better at pvp. So some Simple side rules to template design

    Little to no magery, avoid if just possible

    No need for extreme travel I have a bajillion recall scrolls and all rune-books with 20 charges not an issue there

    Hiding is sort of a must, along with stealth, but even a 120 stealth isn't a guarantee of always walking unseen. so I don't care for too high of stealth

    And poisoning if you can, I'm still debating wither or not to even include this base on template wither or not I will even keep it. I figure I can find someone to poison my blade or what gave you.

    titles aren't jack to me, I'll let the victims decide what to call me.
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    I am not good at Ninja type templates so I will not have much advise here.

    I do know that Ninja templates often get very tight on skill points pushing the 700 to 720 skill cap so you will probably want to expand this with +skill points on jewelry...

    Also, there have been some changes to the poison skill and I believe that it is now very limited to a few specific weapons with the poisoning "special move". To effectively use it, you will need sufficient tactics to use the special move.

    Hopefully someone else with more experience on Ninja's and Poisoning will add more info.
  3. Great, For what I do know for sure, There are issues with like tracking hiding and stealth are all must for ninjistu to completely work; So it mean considering there is only like 6 spells for a ninja, its kind of really hard to stay true to it.
  4. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    What are the issues you have heard of with hiding and stealth? I have not heard of any.
  5. Caldwin_DDP

    Caldwin_DDP Guest

    My first advice would be to look through the 'Professions' forums. Be warned extensive viewing has caused bleeding in the eyes.

    Secondly, you might wish to avail yourself of the test shard. Be warned, Atlantic shard is the big leagues. What I mean is this, don't get overly discouraged with your first results.
  6. see i agree with you totally Atlantic is a big shard and i think its really cool to even be able to play there. And I've tried the whole test shard thing is that its has the silly skill limits like gear wont boost me to the levels i require and not to mention the second the players get a wiff of a stealther in the area they all quickly type detect hidden 1000 and what do you know me and some other stealther all look like deer in head lights.

    the issue i discovered even with 120 stealth even with 100 hiding your aren't always able to walk while hiding, i'm not sure if its entirely a bug but on the test realm even while in tram in the middle of no where. I would still fail.
  7. It might be the armor. You'd have a better chance stealthing in all leather than in a full set of plate. I think Mage armor counts as leather for stealthing, too.
  8. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    Aye... the armor can make a difference. I guess there is always a very slim possibility that there is an elf stealthing nearby too. Elves have a natural detect hidden ability.
  9. ahh see this is the informed group i was looking for, yes I forgot the armor issue, and the elf thing i totally didn't even know about it. So I guess the next question at hand is. Is an Elf better at stealthing ,then a human?