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Template Frustration

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Belshazzar, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Belshazzar

    Belshazzar Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    OKay recently back to game, dusting off old tamer, and looking for advice. Currently she is at

    118 taming
    120 lore
    120 vet
    100 Mage - 110 with ring or bracelet
    100 music
    100 peace - 110 with items
    rest in meditation

    Now i will say i love the bard portion, i use peace cause i am old and slow for taming purposes and i solo a lot. I would love to add disco and provoke and remove peace if its feasible and a good play option. I did play this template on test and had some fun but i had a lot of problems with large mob groups and such until i figured out what i consider sneaky ways to deal with them.

    For taming purposes i still relearning everything - invis and peace are my means of taming animals and doesnt always work out. I was informed honor but my honor lasted me like 30 seconds of peace lol.

    I appreciate your time and help.
  2. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    I have a very similar template where I use peace as well for similar reasons. It works for my playstyle. You can get soulstones and use them to switch back and forth between skills like peace and disco.

    Other methods of taming involve beating the animal to within an inch of its life first. Some animals actually require this its called beating it into "subjugation" (blue beetles come to mind) and must be done before you can even attempt to tame animal. I found that greater dragons were nearly impossible to do this with though because they still hit hard and move fast and heal themselves quickly so honor is particularly useful for greater dragons.

    Your honor will last longer (I think) if you work it up to higher levels by honoring and killing stuff. Succubi work well for this. Make sure your taming is on a macro so that you can get the most attempts out of each time you have a pet peaced or you are using honor.

    Those are just a few thoughts. I'm sure others with more experience can tell you more. They'll probably tell you to drop peace for disco because you can kill stuff faster but like I said, which bard skill is right for you is really a matter of preference and playstyle.
  3. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back!

    Oki, I'm really wary here because it looks like you're going to be chopping this template up a fair bit to squeeze in more barding goodies.

    If you're trying for a bard with music plus two or more other bard skills, the ideal starting point is a really minimal template. Basically you shave all your skills back to the absolute minimum because it's going to be a tight fit. Ideally bard skills cap at 120 with items, or real skill if you were going to use masteries and wanted them at max power. If you aren't bothered about masteries, you can use however many skill increase items you like there. Start with the minimum taming/lore/vet to handle the pets you plan to use. Then slot around 85-90 magery so you can heal/invis but you carry a + magery spellbook for stuff like resurrection etc. After that, the rest is available for your bard skills, along with any skill increase items you have to hand.

    It's entirely up to you which skills you choose, though I tend to have 1 targeted one (disco) and my crowd control from provo. My partner used to run peace/provo because he was often supporting groups and liked his panic area peace button if they got in trouble heh. I wouldn't go for peace and disco on the same template, because I just don't see much fun in stacking those two on each other. Peace and provo would be ok though.

    If those are real skill points on the taming skills you listed, I'd be very reluctant to drop them. My bard tamers have always ended up capped with 110 in taming skills just to be tight on skill points. However, there is another option, albeit not one you might expect... What you could do is turn that tamer into something else - if you want a good survivable template that doesn't need super connection or reaction times, I'd recomend a mage tamer with say stealth and maybe even some herding. I used to run that on 28k dialup and it was a lifesaver.

    So what about that bard template?

    Well...this gets crazy now, but here me out...I'd buy an advanced character token and get the tamer one, put it on a new character and give that newbie your bard skills. Then you don't need to drop taming and you'd have your main template available while you train the extra bard skills. Or you could also train a char from scratch, but if you didn't want the hassle, the tokens are handy. If you really wanted to go nuts, buy another token for bard skills too. You'll need soulstones and ideally spare skill points on the account if you do 2 tokens - the character using the token can't have much more than 200 or so skill points when they use the token. But, that seemingly crazy route would give you a nice bunch of skills to piece together as you want, without having to nuke any of your main tamer's skills.

    I'd have more play time on test center too, barding alongside taming with multiple bard skills takes a wee bit of practice. You'll also find it much easier if you get a really good set of armour for your tamer. Especially if you're going to do some provoking - monsters are going to get grumpy and target you when you fail provo, so this is one tamer template you really want to armour up :D

    As for taming strategy, invis taming does require good timing to pull it off. It does also depend what you're taming. You can tame some pets simply by bringing in a tank pet, beating it down till it's on a sliver of health. Then tell the pet to stop and follow you. It then stops attacking the wild pet, but it should keep said wild pet's attention while you tame. The one thing you'll have to do is vet your tame pet.

    For larger pets I've always just beaten them down to a sliver of health then lead tamed. I precast invis, run up to them and hit my target self button. Then take a deep breath and start taming, spamming invis on myself as much as I can manage. If I take to much damage I back off, heal up and start again. Try to get at least a couple of invis spells on yourself during the process. I setup a macro to invis and target myself and also heal myself and they're lifesavers.

    If you're on TC playing with your template, give yourself a few taming practice sessions too. When I came back from a taming break, I went taming draggies on TC so I didn't lose any insurance gold in the process. Cu sidhe are another great pet to practice on because they won't cast or puff at you. But if you're really struggling and you haven't got a friend to heal and invis you then honor is probably the best option. Peace taming can work too, but it's not as easy as it once was.

    Sorry that was a bit of a novel even by my usual standards lol.