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template help needed

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Tant, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Tant

    Tant Guest

    Ok, I need a little advice. This will be my first pure magic character in 10 years of playing UO, and I am unsure about my final PVM template. I was thinking about going with:

    Necro 105
    SS 115
    Magery 110
    Eval 110
    Poison 80
    Spellweave 115
    ???? 85

    Total 720

    First off I am unsure on what to pick for my last skill. I am leaning towards Med, Stealth or resist (with + to skills to raise stealth or resist to 100). So either faster mana (which can already be gotten from good armor and Necro spells), the ability to move around after casting invis, or the ability to sometimes resist or at least lessen a few spells.

    Also should I raise or lower my target for any of my skills? Or any other suggestions?

    Thank you.
  2. You'll have a hard time getting all that mana back without Med, especially once you cast a few weaving spells.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Also for poison to work, magery + poison skill must equal 200 points, not sure if yur using jewlery to boost one of them but magery 110 + 80 poison = 190
    so your not gonna get the poison level boost. To be honest I tried poison on a char for awhile and then soulstoned it you might want to try on test site before u waste all the time working poisoning.

    And yes your gonna need med
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I need help as well, and i will post it in here since it is relevant.
    I currently have a dexxer with this temp.
    I think that having curse weapon, blood bond, and most especially pain spike would make my character a 10x better pvper. I dont like bushido mostly because i want to use a shield so i am kicking it from my template in hopes of getting a decent pain spike on this character. Only problem is that i tried using a 40 ss pain spike on a friend with 100+ resist and it did 11 damage. Any help on working this out would be appreciated. To set some ground rules i will not be using midnight bracers, and i will not be getting rid of anatomy/healing though i will consider lowering them if completely necessary(keep in mind i am a dexxer tho and aids will be a major trump card). I havent decided on arms primer, void, or bloodwood spirit yet ( i have a 5 nec 10 ss bloodwood and have been donating bucklers).
    I plan on shooting for 130 dex and around 90 total str, rest in int.

    I also have a parry necromage which will be a pvper as well. Wondering how well they fare in pvp, maybe a few pointers on how to gear him and play him, and also if you still need 80 dex to parry well.