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Template - help\sugestion etc

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by mardelschneir, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. My Samurai [​IMG]

    120 swordmanship + dread pirate hat (+10swordmanshipi and10hci)
    120 Bushido
    110-120 Parrying or 110 + samurai do (+10 parr )
    90 Healing
    90-100 Anatomy (if parry 100 anatomy = 100, if 110 anatomy = 90
    100 Resisting Spell
    90 Tactics

    = 710 skillcap [​IMG]

    stats : (my mas stats is 240) : 100str/100dex/40mana + 8dex with pirate hat + eventual bonuses with jawelery

    main weapon : zyronic claw (good weapon for samurai?)

    HCI/DCi : HCI (10 pirate hat, 30 zyronic claw, 5 for jawelery) : DCI : (20 fey leggins, 5hci/12dci jawel+ 13dci another jawel (another jawel must have str/int/dex bonus + eventual EP/LMC/RESIST)
  2. I prefer not to use Magic Resist, and the template I have now has worked well in PVE (built for pvp, I cant solo a peerless), so you're welcome to use it:
    Bushido/Weapon/Parry 120
    Healing/Anatomy 100
    Tactics 90, Focus 60
    That is for 710 skill cap. If you have enough mana/stam regen, you could change that up. I just noticed you're a human, so you probably don't want focus 60. But at that, I would suggest you become an Elf.

    As an elf you will get 20 more mana, which comes in rather handy.

    So use 60 focus, and simply cast evade at the right time to avoid magical attacks. If you're attacking a necro or mage, you should be capable of beating them in melee with our without magic resist. You'll use pots to help you cure/heal/etc.

    Your current weapon is very slow, especially with only 100 dex, but it does have good special attacks (mortal and bleed).

    Faster sword weapons good for pvp are: The Bukuto, Butcher Knife, Cleaver, and some like the cutlass and katana. (They're also better in the sense that they are one handed for pot use).

    The best slow sword wep that is good for PVP that need SSI is the Ornate axe. Though I guess an executioner's axe with SSI would be effective.

    You should work a combo of two weapons. One for fast strikes, with HLD to open up an attack for the kill weapon.

    For now, your armor will have to do, unless you have wealth and can afford items like the ring of vile, jackals collar, runebeetle carapace, and mace glasses. Then I'd suggest you round it off with sleeves and gloves that have MI and MR. The pants you use could either be fey or bane. Also dont forget the free 5% dci from Quiver of Infinity. And if you have money, grab a Crimmy!

    So tell me what your budget is, also, if you're on Legends by chance, I could give you a ton of help finding equipment.