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Template help?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Dragon Slave., May 16, 2008.

  1. I have a secondary mage, that i really never use or play much. But i was flipping around some skills and by time I got done, my character looked like this-

    105str, 120 int, 25 dex.
    110 magery
    110 meditation
    100 Alchemy
    100 Eval Int
    100 Inscription

    I decided to try out a new skill so I'm training spellweaving on this character right now. I've seen spellweaving powerscrolls super cheap, so I may even work the skill up to 120. I can also drop alchemy onto a soulstone. I just don't know what other skills to put on this char, only thoughts at the moment are resist, wrestling, or focus. I'm not pvping with this char, chances are i'll only log him in to scribe books, or make potions. But i'm trying to make him more viable or playable in pvm. Any suggestions would be great, I intend to keep the character as more of a pure mage type. Thanks.
  2. Unless your using a mage weapon you will need a skill for defense. For example Wrestling, though as you probably won't need the specials in pvm you could save some points by having Anatomy. Anatomy + Eval = defensive wrestle. Depending on how much defensive wrestle you want 100-120 you can work out which skills at which level.

    The formula for working it out is (Eval+Anat+20)/2 (capped at 120)

    So if you wanted 120 defense and have the scrolls 120 eval/100 anat would be best, the cheaper alternative would be 110 eval/110 anat.

    I would also recomend a minimum of 100 resist.

    Depending on your skill cap:

    110 Mage
    110 Med
    110 Eval
    100 Resist
    110 Anat
    100 Scribe

    That would leave you 60-80 points which you could either use in something else or bump some of those up higher.

    The upside to this by the way is that you could still use a mage weapon if you wanted and get a little extra damage out of it but also be able to switch to using spellbooks (such as slayers) and keep your defense.
  3. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Or you could just go the more traditional way. I'm going to assume that you don't currently have access to all the 120 scrolls you want.

    110 magery
    110 EI (maybe 115, it's worth it)
    110 resist
    110 meditation
    110 wrestle (or 120, it's worth it as well)
    110 weaving (unless you have all the patience in the world, 120 weaving is rather difficult to get to)
    And that leaves 60 points for either focus (faster mana regen) or chivalry (better cure and remove curse)
    Or you could add 10 to anything, keep the 100 inscription (worth the extra damage) and use a mage weapon like staff of magi, pyros or swords of prosperity.
  4. Well I can get a 120 spellweaving scroll, see them for really cheap. But since this is more of a secondary character, not gonna spend mills to scroll up any higher than 110 on any of the other skills. I have an awesome ring with +15eval, fc1, lmc3, lrc20. So with that ring I can save some skill points if I lock eval at 100.

    I'm leaning towards this-

    120 spellweaving, gotta be honest never used the skill before, so not sure how hard that will be to raise, or if it's really even worth it.

    110 magery
    110 meditation
    100 eval (110scrolled)
    100 inscription
    100 resist (110scrolled)

    80 focus maybe? not sure how much that helps, with 110 med already. Maybe 80 chiv? or i could do 100 wrestling, and drop resist to 80? if i knew what to do, i wouldn't be asking for help.. lol. Thanks for the imput really appreciate it.
  5. It occured to me that in my first reply I didn't take in to account spellweaving and noticed scribe missing from farsights.

    Spellweaving has many uses but something you will probably want to make reliable with it is the ability to cast word of death. For 100% success on spellweaving spells you take the minimum skill and add 37.5. Word of death has the highest minimum skill so at 117.5 you get 100% success on everything. (2.5 could be used in med but would probably be hardly noticeable.) The reason I would go for reliability with word of death is because it has a fairly long cast time (even with 4 fc) and as your usually casting it as something is about to die any failure of the spell could mean you don't get to land one.

    With what you have said I would suggest this:

    110 mage
    110 med
    110 eval
    100 resist
    100 scribe
    120 spellweaving

    50-70 left depending on your account age, could go in anatomy 70 anatomy and 110 eval would give you 100 defensive wrestle. If you don't have 70 left I would put it in focus until you get scrolls to bump other skills.

    Spellweaving is 4/6 casting speed something you should definitely try to get. With defensive wrestle you will be able to use spellbooks and shields which helps greatly in getting 4/6. Using a scrappers and the vesper 1/2 shield puts you at 2/3 casting, plus whatever you can get on jewlery. There is no cap on spell damage increase (sdi) in pvm and the kasa/pendant of the magi would also be good choices as word of death becomes very powerful with high sdi. (the kasa/pendant also mean your lrc and resists are off to a good start)
  6. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    110 mage
    110 eval
    100 med
    110 resist
    90 necro
    100 spirit speak
    100 inscribe

    Corpse skin then scribe fireballs are insane for pvm maybe explode fs omen if you want to see some big numbers. or drop necro and ss off the temp for alchy and spellweaving and get an enhance pots casting set and throw explode pots while you cast