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Template + item help

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    My template ( i have 715 and in 1 month 720 )
    Animal Taming
    Animal Lore



    I need taming ofc, Lore for vet and vet for healing. ( duh )
    I would like to have Disco/peace, becouse its overkill combination but i need those high ( 120 would be best + 120 music)

    I chose magery over chivalry, becouse of rapid heals, cures, gates, recalls, bless and so on.

    Im returning player, so i dont really know, what kind of items could help me with this template. I dont know, if theres artys that give me something i need, if you understand what im saying here [​IMG]

    Money is not realy problem, i could spare atleast 10M on this ( its not much, but its something ).


    Im thinking of getting as much skill from items i can, apart from skill i only need luck.
    Yewels: Atleast 20 skill per piece, i think i could get even 25 easily. So that would give me 50 points already.
    I remember seeing some magery book, with +15 magery, but atleast +10 to someskill from book.
    Is there any other armors or something that i could get these skills in my template? It doesnt matter what skill it is, it still saves points.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is how my tamer bard will look once I finish training her real skills -

    110 tame
    110 lore
    110 vet

    [tame skills are capped at 115 so I can boost up a little when I'm out taming new pets]

    110 music
    105 disco
    105 provo

    [music is boosted with arms that have +10 music (song woven mantle), then I can put on +15 jewels for the other bard skills as necessary.]

    80 magery

    [boosted to 95 if I want it, but mostly I don't bother heh. You can get magery + skill from player crafted spellbooks, tomb of lost knowledge and scrappers]

    Whatever you do, don't twink the taming for control, as it's much safer to fail a barding attempt than having a pet go wild on you [​IMG]

    I find disco is more than enough for pulling down a big critter, which is why I favour provo for crowd control, rather than peace.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for replying.
    I was going to take Taming to 100+, possibly 110, atleast overtime..
    And lore too, i dont wanna lose pets, thats for sure.

    Im thinking of grapping magery from Book, +15, so i can have real magery even lower. I just need it so, i can cast Gates 1/3 atleast ( 80-90 ), so thats 65-75 base magery.

    With Song Woven Mantle I can drop my max music to 110 and those give good luck too.

    Ill try to find yews that give Peace+disco+Music in any combinations of 2.
    So, these could easily let me drop my music to even 90 or some other music skill.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Song Woven Mantle!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For gating, you can also use scrolls to cut down on fizzing. But it's often worth having one of those books for places you need to invis more frequently. I've had some very badly timed fizzles lol.

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are a couple of library talismans. Birds of Britannia has +5 tame and lore, life of a travelling minstrel +5 music and provo.

    I just got the taming one for my husband to give him just a little better control over his dragon. I got it through donating white dragon scales, currently I'm collecting to get myself the music one, taking my music from 115 real to 120 when needed.

    That's going a bit slowly though, what with testing new commands on test and trying to stock Europa zoo, not to mention stocking vendors on 2 shards [​IMG] Who has time to be bored?
  6. In combat situations, Peacemaking is best used when against multiple oponents in my openion. Other than that Peacemaking is only used for Taming, but the duration is so limmited as are the high-end creatures it can effect that I don't use it often beyond taming a big critter. The picture below was the one instance that I was better with Peacemaking than Discordance so far.

    Wish Bake Kitsune would shift into humans when not inside battle, yet retain all their "pet" functions and would revert back into Bake Kitsune when fighting. [​IMG]</center>
  7. I have the same template....
    Taming 100
    Lore 115
    Vet 100
    Music 110
    Peace 120
    Disco 120
    Magery 55
    When I need magery I bring it to 100 with the Alchemist Bauble + the Tome of Lost Knowledge + the Crystaline Ring.
    I have the Birds talasmin and a +15 taming ring. Also the Song woven mantle to get music to 120
    Its freakin rediculous whet you can do.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've tried peace on my chars, I've had it done to me so many times. I have yet to feel it's worth a permanent slot in my chars skills. It wouldn't be so bad if you kept it on a soulstone, then you can swap it out. I know that in my case it would never get used though. Spent too many years without peace, I just feel no need for it. When I did have it, I often got my non-bards in trouble thinking "oh I'll just hit peace", then realising that they couldn't :p

    And the one huge advantage with provo and disco, is that I can kill spawn without my pets or magery. Peace keeps them quiet, but I run my bards with and without their pets, particularly for working spawn before I tame a 4 or 5 slot beast. I don't want pacified, I want dead [​IMG]

    I also dislike peace taming, again by not using it for years, I've found it annoying to gauge how long a particular beast will stay peaced before eating me. It's more reassuring to know they're properly aggro'd than wandering around in a daze before suddenly going *CHOMP*. On dialup I could never react quick enough to that lol.

    So yeah, I know peace suits some folk, but unless I was regularly helping other tamers and wanted to peace for them, I'd never imagine using it again.

  9. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Dont forget the travsty masks +20 to skill. While the taming ones are way to expensive you might consider a barding one they run from 3-8 mill. That as I do with discord I locked it at 105 and swap a ring +15 just for that part of the fight furthering that "yewl"slot by 15 points. I swap it for the cyrstaline ring but thats also a heavy gold item 15-17 mill. But good luck myy brother uses that template alot but he stones the peaceing untill its time to tame!