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template still viable ?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Snake Plissken, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Hi I have just reactivated my account after quitting since around pub16

    I haven’t got much idea of what is going on but my template is,

    Fencing- 110
    Anatomy- 100
    Tactics- 100
    Hiding- 100
    Poisoning- 100
    Stealth- 80
    Magery- 41.5
    Healing- 80.3 (edit- forgot about that [​IMG] )

    stats- STR80, DEX101, INT44

    what would be you opinions on this briefly? the account is 43months old don’t know if that makes a difference to skill caps etc?

    is this template now obsolete?

    as mentioned i have little knowledge of uo much past pub16 so I have no clue as to these special move things or anything like that

    am also pretty penniless what’s the currency atm? what would you suggest a PK do/concentrate on these days concentrate on to make a living, power scrolls?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, it's still viable with a couple of changes...

    First of all your human so you get the benefit of JoAT (Jack of All Trades) basically 20 in every skill. You can read more about it in the FAQ.

    But with 20 magery, you have a 95% chance to cast heal.
    Recalling is now 100% with scrolls for anyone, so you can drop magery.

    Specials are determined by your weapon skill and tactics skill (70 of each for primary & 90 of each for secondary). While anatomy will help you hit harder, I think you will find that for those 100 skill points they might be better invested else where.

    For instance your fencing could use a bump 120 is preferred, 115 would do till you can acquire some more gold.

    You also might investigate ninjitsu, your template with the hide and stealth is perfect for it.

    Here's some information on Weapons & Special Moves. If you click on one of the special move icons, it will take you page that describes the effect of the special move.

    Take a look thru the templates thread at the top of the forum. I'm sure you will find something interesting.

    Power scrolls are always a good way to raise cash quickly. Perhaps a local guild on your shard can help you get up and running again.

    Hope that helps,

    PS I'm hoping some others chime in with thier view points.
  3. thanks very much will do a bit of reading around what you suggested

    the ninjitsu thing looks interesting so think will try and get that in somewhere as you suggested

    can't really rember why I have healing in there but I guess that would be something I could drop along with the magery which I never really needed anyway was just more of a convenience than anything

    I can only assume I have healing due changes with heal potions or something? and again as more of a convenience really to be able to res people.

    I have never really been interested in earning my way in UO doing anything other than PK'ing I used to make most of my bread and butter hanging around the gazer room and various places like just picking on easy tamers and things

    But with this insurance thing I assume this wouldn’t really work anymore and given the fact that on UO auction everything seems to be in the tens of millions sort of price range I thought sulking around champ spawns people are doing might be a good way to go given that they aren’t insurable? But they don’t seem at first glance to be as valuable a they once were
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ahhh ... all depends on what you were used too. I didn't see that you had healing on your template. I have the similiar template on one of my guys. He is pretty hard to kill as I use pots to keep stamina up and heal too. While you can't use the special moves in Ninja Forms. There are still few advantages to having that skill (smoke bombs & shurikens).

    He also hits pretty hard. You can make a fair living off of insurance. Heavy day of fighting 100k +. The power scrolls aren't worth what they used to be. The money is in the 120's. Most folks have scrolled thier chars to at least 110. It seems most 110's are just thrown away.

    Your idea of killing the spawners for the scrolls would work for the solo player. Just will take some time and patience. The nerf to the bags of sending greatly decreased the gold farmers that were easy pickins for your template.

    You'll need to acquire a stat scroll and get your weapon skill to 120, then make any adjustments. Then you'll need to work on your suit. That's why I suggested joining a guild before. The suits and items the Pkers of today use cost alot of gold. Most of thier revenue gets put right back into thier chars.

    Most of the data on stratics is dated. I think you will find the forums hold alot of accurate information and folks willing to share thier knowledge.

    Good Luck and Welcome back,