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Template/Suit Advice (mostly suit)

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Atlantic Smith, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so I chose this one since my biggest concern was getting away after stealing something from players.

    Here is my current template:
    120 Stealing
    120 Stealth
    120 Ninjistu
    110 Magery (might raise/lower)
    100 Hiding
    100 Snooping

    I'm trying to figure out which skill would be beneficial to add. I'm considering between wrestling, tracking, resisting spells, or detect hidden.

    -Wrestling so if I'm getting hammered by a dexxer I have the chance to disarm and extra defence (and already have it 120'd on stone), I also thought about just equipping a DCI imbued mage weapon right after i steal the item.
    -tracking for obvious reason's
    -resisting spells is great but you can usually find things like trap boxes, apples, etc to counter most spells.
    -detect hidden (no clue?)

    The suit I was looking at is something like:
    Burglar's Bandana
    Pendant of the Magi
    Imbued Tunic
    Imbued Sleeves
    Imbued gloves
    Shadow Dancer Leggings
    Imbue ring with: 3/1 casting, DCI, and +skill (not sure which one yet)
    Ornament of the Magician or an imbued 3/1 ring with DCI
    Totem of the void
    Quiver of Infinity

    I was considering putting enhance potions on my suit for chugging but not sure if it's necessary. I just have one goal in mind and it's surviving my way out of a champ or wherever I'm at. No real interest in fighting.

    Any ideas on which skill to choose? what would be more important mods on the suit other than LRC, LMC?

    ...sorry for the long post, it's been two years since I played one.
  2. Oh and I don't play siege ruleset.
  3. Dryzzid of Atlantic

    Dryzzid of Atlantic Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hmmm.. let's see.

    These are just my personal opinions, other thieves may tell you otherwise. :)

    I would drop consideration for wrestling and instead go with swords or fencing and use shadow strike over disarm. Disarm takes care of one opponent for only a few seconds (and useless against a mage/necro/mystic), whereas shadow strike puts you invisible. If you can time it right and manage to get one step off to activate stealth, you can then shadow jump away. Plus shadow strike can be chained providing you have enough mana so if you hit with it and are revealed before you can stealth out of danger, you can just hit someone again. If you're like me and you use wraith form, you'll even get some of your mana back.

    Tracking has obvious uses but IMO the skill points are better used somewhere else.

    Resist to me isn't worth it, though it does have uses. If you're hit with a mana vampire you're basically limited to running and praying you can get off a successful hide until you get 10 mana to use smoke bombs. So with resist you have a chance to lessen the mana damage and also you may resist being paralyzed a few times. The only problem I have with resist is that for it to be effective usually you need it at 120 and to me there are other ways to counter para/mana vamp that don't cost 120 skill points.

    I'm not a fan of detect at all and I wouldn't recommend it. When I champ steal, my goal is to remain unnoticed until I strike. From my experience I get the best opportunity at high-end scrolls/artis when the party has NO idea there is someone else present. With detect hidden your passive reveal will give you away more than it will help you. On top of that, the chance to catch a stealther is low, and to catch them before they re-hide is even lower, so the only people you're going to reveal 100% of the time are people using the invis spell. This may seem good and all as a lot of people invis right as the champ is about to die, but the time it takes them to either run or re-cast invis is significantly less than the skill timer between using detect hidden and being able to use another skill. And on top of all that, if you actively reveal an invis'd person they usually realize they're being targeted.

    May I ask what you have magery for? Is it for recall? Or healing?

    Core items for your suit are going to be Shadow Dancers, Burglar's Bandana, and (at least to me) a Cloak of Silence. Having an Royal Investigator's Cloak is handy as well.

    Add all those up and you have +10 snooping, +30 stealing, and +60 stealth. There's an extra 100 skill points you can now dedicate to other skills and still cap out in snooping, stealing, and stealth. I also use +10 Ninjitsu on each piece of jewelry so I can add a whole extra legendary skill to my template (fencing).

    Other than that, my suit aims for Stam and Mana Increase, LRC, LMC, and Stam Regen. Mana Inc. is obvious as is LRC and LMC. Stam regen and stam increase are nice when you're touring the entire Lost Lands for active spawners. You could use ki-rin form for this, but I think its ugly ;). I use 2/6 though if you want to use an orny, 3/6 animal forms are nice. I don't have any problems with just 2/6 though. DCI would be nice, I'm sure, but in my experience if I'm "caught", I'm "caught". As in.. if I slip up and fall into a situation that I am going to die, usually it is one where DCI would not help. Shadow strike and smoke bombs should save you from having to "thug it out" too often.

    My template is (with the item adjusted totals in parenthesis):

    120 Fencing
    100 Healing
    100 Hiding
    100 Ninjitsu (120)
    90 Snooping (100)
    90 Stealing (120)
    60 Stealth (120)
    60 Necromancy
    840 total skill points.

    Necromancy for wraith form. Wraith form is nice because people don't push through you and you can walk through anyone. Disadvantages are if you are caught in wraith form at an inopportune time, it can mean your death unless you can get out of it. I use Talismans of Ward Removal for this.

    I use healing and combine it with pots to heal myself. Healing can be used while you're running while spirit speak and magery require you to stop to cast the spell. With no anatomy you can't cure poison and you're not healing for MASSIVE damage (14-49 with GM healing, no anat), but with high stam and enough running around you can heal yourself up with bandies and pots no problem. As for curing, just carry greater cure pots. Enhance potions is probably a personal preference as far as pots are concerned but I haven't found a need for it yet.

    My suit is:

    Shadow Dancers
    Burglar's Bandana
    Cloak of Silence
    Shadow Rejuvenation Cloak (Can't afford Investigator yet, as a result my fencing is GM and not 120 yet as planned.)
    Imbued Gorget, Gloves, Arms, and Chest for a combined 32% LMC, 80% LRC, 20 Stam Increase, 4 Stam Regen, and 8 Mana Increase
    Imbued 1/3 Ring with 8 LMC, 10 Ninja, and 3 Dex
    Imbued 1/3 Bracelet with 20 LRC, 10 Ninja, and 2% Energy Resist.

    Total mods are:
    All 70s
    100% LRC
    40% LMC
    +8 Dex (+3 Ring and +5 Bandana)
    +20 Stam
    +8 Mana

    And in the talisman spot I use Ward Removal talis to dispel wraith form right before or after I steal (and then I go to wolf form for mounted speed escapes.)

    As I haven't finished fencing I don't use shadow strike actively yet but when I do my weapon will have max SSI, max HCI, and.. well... the rest doesn't really matter, hehehe.

    As far as your original goal to running away there's really 3 options that I've seen:

    1) Get item on last target and then mount your ethy, then steal+run.

    2) Steal then hit animal form + run.

    3) If you get the timing down, steal, arm weapon, then shadow strike. You basically appear for a second then vanish with the item. I'm still working on this method to see what its advantages and drawbacks are and how it compares with my success rates to just hitting animal form and running.

    Aaaanyways, I hope my longwindedness helps you out! Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the help.

    Well without resist if there's a mage they just have to spam paralyze while the others are working on you, even with a trap box your still slowed down tremendously. That's why I had it. Even at 120 resist I carry apples, trap boxes, pots etc.

    I use magery for different things, healing, teleporting, recalling, casting summons, considered using a mage weapon, and when I'm running from a group I like to run through a narrow area and cast a wall of stone behind me.

    I'll consider taking these off. I also really like the necro idea. Can I use the specials you mentioned with a mage weapon?

    I noticed you had stamina regen/increase on your suit. Could I just use refresh pots instead or would it be pretty much needed?

    Thanks again mate.
  5. Nexus

    Nexus Site Support
    Administrator Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Oct 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Been thinking on this, the suit is ok, but I'd not worry about the LRC myself, and tote a few regs (20 or so), and ditch the Pendant and possibly the Orny, keep rune books with charges in them for "emergency travel". Get yourself a Tali for Ferret form even if it's just to keep in your pack for when needed.

    Focus on Resists, people then to underestimate thieves when it comes to that area, and even if they don't having a all 70's suit comes in handy, and yes it's possible even running Shadow Dancers & Burglar's Bandanna with a bit of creativity and luck with finding good deals.

    Tweak your skills, You are showing 670 points in your list that means you have 140 points not counting the jewelry... To start off with you only really need like 75 real skill in stealth to be viable. You can get a modded 120 in stealing with even less than that! This opens you up to a ton of opportunity. Here's my setup for example...

    Stealing 120.0 75.0
    Stealth 120.0 75.0
    Magery 110.0 90.0
    Ninjitsu 101.3 75.3
    Fencing 100.0 100.0
    Hiding 100.0 100.0
    Snooping 100.0 90.0
    Poisoning 80.0 80.0

    Str 105 105
    Dex 96 89 (+7)
    Int 56 56

    If you do the math you'll notice I'm not even capped out in real skill, the remainder is for Ninjitsu, but I have 831.3 modified skill points, and effective cap of 866 skill points due to tweaks, I'm getting 146 extra skill points in my template through creative item use, and if I wanted I could expand on that, I'm running over 120 points in Magery due to items but only have scrolled to 110 for example. Actually I believe I could push the 900 point mark if I wanted. That is almost an extra 200 skill points very useful.

    It may be Gimp but I rarely die, I'm versatile, I have several ways to hide myself (Hiding, Shadow Strike, Smoke Bombs, Invis Jewelry, Magery), I have some offensive capability vs Monsters if needed or Bots (Always Needed), with Magery, and Fencing (poisoning helps with infectious strike), I'm quick with Animal Form, or can hop from dungeon to dungeon quickly via Recall/charged Runebooks without fail, I can mark runes for notable places if I see people gathering there (Idocs, Guild houses etc.). I have several ways to heal! Pots, Magery, and some Animal Forms have healing bonus'.

    I'm not gonna say build my way, but you asked for opinions, and well that's how I roll, and it gives you another view on how to set up a thief.

    I have a second thief that's been on the back burner he's gonna be mainly for RP, since I've replaced some skills with Begging and Herding.