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Template Thread

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by The_Traveler, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. The_Traveler

    The_Traveler Guest

    This is an experiment.
    I see questions come and go of what a template needs or how it should be changed.

    This isn't the place to post a template and say "How should I change this?"
    This thread is to be a database of known good templates.

    What would be nice to see here is a list of working templates so new players would have a general idea of what to use when creating their characters.
    Specify if the template is stronger for PVP, PVM, or balanced for both.
    List all skills and their points in the template.
    List your stats for the template.
    List the pro's and con's of the template.
    Also feel free to list strategies that work well for your particular template.

    Please reply just to this post when posting a template incase any moderation is required. I would hate to see good templates lost that way.

    Are you still reading this? Reply and give us a template already. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Strictly PvM bard template.

    My template:
    Evaluating Intelligence
    Magic Resistance

    I benefit from veteran skill cap of 720 (new players have cap limited to 700) so i enhanced the bardic skills with powerscrolls:
    Musicanship - 110, Provocation -120, Peacemaking 110.
    Mage skills are at GM level and Resist keeps whatever points are left.

    Strategy is simple - provoke all i can and if they are too many or i fail - have invis macro key handy or simply RUN.

    This girl can do "crowd control" i.e. keep many monsters fighting at the same time, BUT she cannot let anything within melee range. Peace herself out of hairy situations if necessary...

    Stats - about 100 str and int, dex is not important especially in Trammel ruleset.

    This was my first character in UO over 4 years ago and i still have fun playing.
    To be complete she needs that 120 music scroll and maybe 120 peace too, but these will have to be backed with jewelry *jelaously guards her resist skill*

    I know the advantages of Discordance, as i played a high Discord bard too, but there's really no more space in this template...

    Disclaimer: I am a Feluccan at heart but bard-mages were rendred almost defenceless with in-famous Publish 16 that removed the ability to provoke monsters on players and to kick players out of war more with peacemaking.
  3. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Here's a good mage character that I like:
    Magery 110
    Evaluate 110
    Meditation 110
    Resist 109.9
    Wrestle 115
    Parry 110
    Tracking 20.1
    100 str, 15 dex, 125 int, from a stat scroll
    This char is more PvP oriented, but kills most monsters easily. Inscription can be substituted for parry. If you want a mage to mostly kill monsters with the scroll aren't that necessary.
  4. Sir Joe

    Sir Joe Guest

    This is one of my favorite templates from when I used to play. And now that I have returned I might make one again. Great for PvM and getting any pet(white wyrms and steeds included).


    100(120) taming
    100(120) animal lore
    100(120) vet
    100 magery
    100(0) meditation
    100(120) music
    100(120) peace or provo

    If you can get your hands on skill scrolls for above, I suggest taking music, peace, vet and maybe even taming and lore up to 120. This means you will have to drop meditation. And if have 60+ month account bring magery up to 120 also so don't fizzle on level 8 spells.

    90 str
    40 dex, for the fast vetting time
    95(125) int

    If you can get your hands on stat scroll and you have the AoS +5 stat cap gift then bring int up to 125, that is what I used to have.

    The thing I like about this template is that most of the skills are easy to GM except for taming(use Jewry) and magery(8x8). Great starting char to get monts for other chars and bring in lots of loot. This is of course after you get some powerful pets. Like a wyrm & mare or 2 steeds & a frenzied or 5 frenzies. These are all good pet combos to hunt with. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    [editors note]I just wanted to add this little tidbit: the reason why you don't need med any more when scroll up other stuff is becuase your pets will be your offence and you wont be targeted much and you will use vet to heal pets so won't need to cast much. The main thing I do cast is gate, recal and resurect for other players who died. And one disadvantage is that you won't be able to summon EV's or elementals becuase your control slots will be used up by pets. But peeps used to run to me all the time to rez there pets so that was kinda cool.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Crafter template.
    This is a defenceless total crafter (unless she tosses some explo pots).

    Blacksmithy 120
    Tailoring 120
    Mining 100 (+5 gloves, and sand and stone digging books)
    Tinkering 100
    Carpentry 100 (and stonecrafting book)
    Alchemy 100 (and glassblowing book)
    [edit: no more tinkering twice]
    Magery 80 (because vet account with 720 kill cap allows for 80)

    In alternative my friend has the same template with GM magery and 80 musicianship (instead of alchemy100/magery80) so he can make every carpentry item including musical instruments, but he cannot make glassblowing stuff.

    Stats with 125 STR so you can carry as much stuff as possible /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    To be completed this template requires a LOT of raw materials and time...
    Use of bonded animals and / or beetles eases the need for high magery - no more gating required. In some cases magery can be substituted by chivalry for travel/healing but carpenter without decent magery cannot make abbatoires/pentagrams.
  6. dragon-magi

    dragon-magi Guest

    Strictly PVM template. (gold farmer)

    I'm really liking my Disco Archer, I just wish it wasn't on my 1 year account so I could use an Archery and Peacemake PS. But since it IS only a one year, my skills will cap at GM each.

    GM Archery
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy
    GM Healing
    GM Chivalry
    GM Music
    GM Peacemake

    Since it uses Chivaly it needs a bit of INT for casting buff's, if you get lucky and find a good weapon with Mana Leech moderate INT will work fine.

    STR 95
    Dex 90
    INT 40

    Tactics for this template are pretty simple, Peace the creature you wish to kill, then sit back and shoot it full of holes. The only drawback i've seen so far is healing takes a good long time to raise to 81. This means the only way you can res is with your Chiv skill, this of coarse leaves you weak and unprotected...........a jack-rabbit can kill you with one hit.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Treasure Hunter Template

    Evaluating Intellect
    Provocation or Peace (raise this one to 120 as skill points allow)

    For strategies, see the entire THB site. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. I would have to agree with this template i have the same thing well almost, Here is mine

    Resist Spells
    Peace Making

    I put Resist Spells instead of Healing, my plan was to not get hit, as being an archer i could be farther away, I chose Resist instead to help with those monsters i can't peace and maybe help with some Resisting Poison, and I use the Chiv for healing, but these are both great templates!! Good luck!!
  9. CoolWind

    CoolWind Guest

    My main skills is smithing/tailor-both scrolled to 120(almost there /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif )

    I have added taming/lore/vet...I like to mine in Fel a good bit and if any red wants to attack me has to deal with a dragon (5x GM) and a bonus(to me anyway) is that you get to put "Lady-Lord" before your name when you craft something. Add magery for recall/gates or chivalry.
  10. Sir Joe

    Sir Joe Guest

    How do u recover your mana with out any focus or med?

    I would go with 120 arhcery, music and peace for better chance at the big stuff and 100 tactics and anatomy and 80 chiv and med/focus. PvM 90str, 100dex, 35int and with scrolls/AOSgift 100,100, 55.
  11. dragon-magi

    dragon-magi Guest

    Simple.............i use all enhanced mage armor on my archer, and most of my bows have mana leech on them.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here's my template for a basic tamer/mage with more emphasis on the mage part. It's out of 720 points from vet rewards, but it isn't complete yet anyways.

    100 Taming
    95 Lore
    90 Vet
    110 Magery
    100 Eval Int
    100 Meditation
    100 Wrestling

    It's served me incredibly well over the years, and while I could boost up vet and lore, I just haven't felt the need to for some odd reason..
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I need a good mage template usable in PvP, champ spawn and doom, any suggestions?
  14. xXventruXx

    xXventruXx Guest

    These are all good templates but this is a new player thread so what are some good STARTING stats and such. Knowing what I can achieve after months of playing doesn't help with a new character.

    What would be good starting stats and such for a ranger type character? A paladin?...and so on.........

  15. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Ok, here's an easy to use, not too expensive character good for general monster hunting and Doom.
    Fencing 100, 110 scrolls can be found for cheap depending on the shard.
    Tactics 100
    Parry 100
    Healing 90, all you really need
    Anatomy 85
    Focus 80
    Chivalry 70
    Resist 75
    Str 90, Dex 90, Int 45
    This character easy to train up.
  16. Sponge

    Sponge Guest

    Pure Fighter:

    Swords 120
    Tactics 120
    Healing 90
    Anatomy 120
    Parrying 120
    Spell resistance 100
    Magery 30.0

    Str 125
    Dex 114
    Int 11

    Pure fighter char.. only spells usable are recall (hence 11 int).


    Pure mage:

    Wrestling 100
    Magery 120
    Eval Int 100
    Meditation 100
    Focus 100
    Inscription 100
    Spell resist 80

    Str 115
    Dex 10
    Int 125

    inscription is only 10% dmg bonus to spells but really helps in funding the regs for training this mage up.
  17. Sir Joe

    Sir Joe Guest

    From the makers of tamer/bard and crafter comes <font color=red>crafter2</font color=red>!

    Yes you remember we talked about
    <pre> Now there’s
    tamer/bard crafter crafter2

    120 taming 120 black smithy 100 poisoning
    120 lore 120 tailoring 100 inscription
    120 vet 100 mining 100 alchemy
    120 music 100 tinkering 100 cooking
    120 peace 100 carpentry 100 bow craft
    100 magery 100 magery 100 lumber jacking
    60 music 100 magery</pre>
    Crafter2 will get wood for carpenter and make bows and arrows, make potions, make rune books and scrolls and even cook all that meat from dead animals and monsters which sells pretty well to NPCs or can use it to feed your characters. Can also make tribal paint!

    This will complete your self sufficient ness. Tamer gets your monts, PvM to get loot, power scrolls and more, and the 2 crafters make everything you need. These 3 chars can get everything you need except stuff from sunken treasure or treasure chests. That is for next time. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  18. This is my PvM Template:
    105/110 Music
    90/110(110 with jewelry)Peacemake
    110 Archery
    70/110 Chivalry
    GM Tactics
    90/110 Provoke
    72 Locked Meditation for Mana Regen.

    Stats :
    80 Str 90 HP
    85 Dex 80 Stam
    60 Int 60 Mana

    Peacemake just go around Area peacemaking.
    As for Music walk around any City/Town playing the instrument and it will eventually get you to GM.

    Archery just start shooting small creatures like Wraiths and such.
    When you are near 80-GM or even 110,go to Big ones...Artic Ogre Lordz and do Area Peacemake or if your peacemake is around 80's peacemake and shoot and should work Archery and tactics pretty good.

    PvP/PvM Template (Warrior):
    109/110 Fencing
    50/GM Chivalry
    103/110 Tactics
    102/110 Healing
    89/110 Parry
    GM Anatomy
  19. Rylla

    Rylla Guest

    These are my two favorite templates on my characters:

    120 macing (weapon)
    120 resist
    100 anatomy
    100 tactics
    100 healing
    90 med
    90 chiv

    Healing mage
    115 magery
    115 eval
    115 anat
    110 resist
    100 med
    100 healing
    60 focus
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  20. SE murderer (almost done, ninjutsu missing xD)
  21. StegcO

    StegcO Guest



    Strenght: 100
    Dexterity: 25
    Intelligence: 125


    Magery: 120
    Meditation: 120
    Evaluting Intelligence: 120
    Resisting Spell: 120
    Fencing: 120
    Inscription: 100
    Focus: 20

    Ramastan [MALE] [WORKER]


    Strenght: 125
    Destrezza: 89
    Intelligence: 11


    Alchemy: 100
    Blacksmithy: 120
    Tailoring: 120
    Mining: 100
    Carpentery: 100
    Tinkering: 100
    Musicantship: 45
    Focus: 15

    Telemir [MALE] [MAGE - BARD - TAMER]


    Strenght: 110
    Dexterity: 40
    Intelligence: 75


    Musicantship: 120
    Pacemaking: 120
    Taming: 100
    Animal Lore: 110
    Veterinary: 100
    Magery: 100
    Focus: 70

    Ste Sai'ge [MALE] [FENCER - POISONER]


    Intelligence: 30


    Fencing: 100
    Tactics: 100
    Anatomy: 100
    Focus: 100
    Healing: 100
    Resisting Spell: 100
    Poisonig: 100



    Strenght: 100
    Dexterity: 25
    Intelligence: 100


    Magery: 100
    Meditation: 60
    Musicantship: 120
    Provocation: 120
    Cartograpy: 100
    Lockpiking: 100
    Fishing: 100
  22. I started my first character as a Paladin / Swordsman when AoS came out two years ago. Since then he evolved into a Fighter / Mage with the wollowing skills:
    Magery 112 (Scrolled to 120)
    Eval Intel 100
    Medit 100
    Resist 64 (Still working it up)
    Swords 117 (Scrolled to 120)
    Tactics 100
    Anatomy 100
    His STATS are:
    Str 109
    Dex 34
    Int 107
    He wears a 100%LRC suit with 70 Physical Resist
    He can hold his own against most monsters.
    I tried some PvP with him but stunk because of a slow connection. I am trying to work him up to the maximum Magery, Swords and Resist.

    My second character that I developped on the same shard is a Tamer / Mage and he is now my favorite charcter, mainly because he and his high end pets can go to places that the first guy would have a lot of difficulty in. His skills are as follows:
    Taming 94 (112 with Jewels -- Scrolled to 120)
    Vet 102 (Scrolled to 120)
    Lore 107 (Scrolled to 120)
    Magery 94
    Eval 97
    Medit 95
    Swords 97
    His STATS are as follows:
    Str 107
    Dex 38
    Int 105
    The main reason I have swords on him is because he was an offshoot from my Fighter / Mage and I found it to be a useful skill to have when my pets are involved fighting other foes and he has to defend himself.
    At this level of Taming skills, he can control all of the high end pets and take them to places that very few go to solo. He also wears a 100%% LRC suit with 70 physical resist and can easily make 40 - 50 K GP's in a two hour session of hunting. I use a Bag of Sending to get the gold to the bank, so that I don't have to constantly go out of the dungeon to deposit the gold.
    I was told that Musicianship and Peacing would be good on this character. I am working them up on another character and when they are high enough, I am planning to exchange them via Soul Stones for the Swods and Eval Intel skills on this character. I will then see which template I like better and I can always switch back to the original, again using Soul Stones.
  23. Johne

    Johne Guest

    Spirit Speak

    As for the old 7xGM ideal, I've had more fun and success with this template in PvM than any other. I chose Focus so I could wear heavy armor without having to worry about being able to Meditate in it or not, and at 100 it works beautifully. With all of the useful spells and the life leech from VE form + Spirit Speak heals, I rarely have to use my healing skill at all, but it's good to have around for when I get 10,000,000 spells thrown at me at once or I need to ressurect a dead friend.

    As soon as ML goes live I plan on transforming this character into an Elf for the +20 mana, then lowering my Intelligence 20 and dropping all of those points into Dexterity and Strength.

    (+10 stat scroll used on this character)

    80 Str
    80 Dex
    75 Int

    ...that will be:

    85 Str
    95 Dex
    55 Int

    ...with the same amount of mana. =)
  24. granddad45

    granddad45 Guest

    I just started a Cook (Elf) And I have been looking on the Forms for a Good Cooking Template for her, but I can't find one. [​IMG] I Started her Last night with 50 cooking/50 tinkering, still going but she's at 83.0 Cooking and 76.6 Tinkering. Those are the only Skills she has at the Moment. Anyone have any ideas? (BTW im not very good at PvP just PvM and run a vendor House - I do all my own Resource Gathering/Crafting.)
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm gonna give this template a whirl:

    Eval Int

    What do ya think of this?
  26. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    If you try over on the cooking forum you'll get plenty help [​IMG] I would suggest maybe GMing magery as then you can raise fame by PvMing with summons, this is not essential but its nice to have the appropriate fame level to display your GM Cook title when you get it. Apart from that, do you already have a crafter that mines ? if not, mining may be a nice one to slip in ( the GM magery will help with killing ore elementals if you choose to mine with gargy pickaxes ) not just for oe but also the new gems. Or you could go the " lets work all the neglected skills " route, ie begging, herding, forensic eval etc.
  27. Tifamarie

    Tifamarie Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    What is a good template for an Arcamist? <font color="blue"> </font>
  28. Hey look my first post! Not really new to UO (played back in 98) but i feel like i am now. Just decided to start up agian. My original plan was to make a thief. I read these little web episodes by chad sexington, and it seemed like he did very well for himself (scooping up 30k at a champ on a bad day). Pretty impressive i think. But then some of my old characters i had started to nag at me. One of my favorites despite the fact i didnt make much money was my detective. I was actually surprised to find on my return there seems to be no more detectives! The forums even gone for them [​IMG] . Well i still want to make one, and i believe theres probably been an influx of thieves on napa due to chad. So to napa i shall go, as brittania's newest (older) detective. Ill show ya my template and i have a few questions.

    First my template ideas for my detective (dunno wich one ill do yet)

    Detective Mage
    Forensice Evaluation 100
    Detect Hidden 100
    Magery 100
    Eval int. 100
    Med 100
    Magic resist 110
    Tracking 30
    Healing 70

    Detective Swordsman (for the mroe traditional style)
    Forensic eval. 100
    Detect hidden 100
    Swords 100
    anatomy 100
    tactics 100
    magic resist 110
    chivalry 90

    Still havnt decided wich template to go with. I dont tihnk these templates would be viable for pvp, but agianst a thief (who already has wasted skill points in his abilities) i hope to do good. Also because i assume ill be running around alot in fellucia to catch the thieves i do need some chance to survive against pvpers. Now for my questions to be answered hopefully, as so much has changed i dont know what i used to.

    Question 1: Are thieves the only ones allowed to use disguide kits. If i purchase a disguise kit with my detective can i use it? This would be nice because itd keep thieves from knowing my true identity. If thieves are the only ones allowed to use disguise kits, what happens if my detective learns stealing up to 60 to join the guild then drops it to replace with another skill, do i stay in the thieves guild? Lol thatd be great the true inside detective, in a thieves guild!

    Question 2: Elves? when did they come along, back in 98 you were human. Anyways what race would be better suited for a detective and what bonus's does each one get? I heard elves had a chance to detect hiding foes, on the other hand with my detet hidden i dont tihnk ill have that problem. Also i heard humans get auto 20 points in each skill? if this is true does that mean my skill will all start at 20? if so then i wouldnt have to train tracking at all, id just have it.

    Question 3: Is there any otehr detectives still out there or am i going to be alone in the fight against thiefdom!

    Question 4: Actually aside from the natural hatred for eachother i think the thieves will like me. See me as a new competition. what are your thoughts?

    Question 5: Any napa valleyers wanna help out a new (old) player to the game? I would really appriciate having someone on the shard i could ask questions to. Also im not really lookin for free stuff but coming back into the game with nothing, it would be greatly appriciated.

    Question 6: And last but not least wich template should i go with an why? Aslo feel free to pot and suggestions or changes to my templates.
  29. Cy4n1d3

    Cy4n1d3 Guest

    since no one really posted the proper answer in this thread (you dont START with GM and Ledgendary skills) here is how I started my Ledgendary Necro/Mage

    I started with 50 eval int 50 resist spells
    15 dex and cap out str and int (i think its 35)

    buy magery and necro in haven and do the "get to 50" quests for magery, necro, meditation and focus all at the same time (you learn to use them together)

    do a ton of the Haven escorts once you get your mage book from the magery quest fill the first 2 or 3 circles (depending on how much money you have and which vendors you go to) with spells and pwn old haven until your getting one shot kills on everything and they all hit 1's on you. then start dungeoning and doing more difficult quests.

    also, some mindless shooting yourself with spells and horrid form over and over again helps get you up really fast.

    my char ended up with 119 str, 25 dex, 141 int, 120 necro, 110 mage, 110 focus, 110 meditation, 100 eval int (skills and stats after jewlery armor books etc buffs)
  30. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I see some old posts are coming out of the woodwork now.

    This one is a good one, as I can make a quick reference to show people what my templates are.

    And they are all on Catskills (all values are intended destinations, not all characters are "finished"):
    Path - human
    120 swords
    120 bushido
    100 parry
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing
    80 chivalry

    stats: str 94, dex 145, int 45 (after items)

    Armor: heart of the lion, jackals collar, mace and shield, fey leggings, runic arms, stormgrip, primer on arms damage, ring/bracelet with DI, poison resist, fc/fcr 2/4 and 10% HCI

    Weapons: varies, mostly soul seeker or an ornate axe with 20% SSI, 50% mana leech, 10% SSI for PvM. This character doesn't actively look for PvP.

    Aneirin - elf
    120 mace
    120 bushido
    120 parry
    120 tactics
    120 anatomy
    35 necromancy
    75 chivalry

    str 107, dex 122, int 25

    Armor: Darkwood for most times, Path's armor for high end solo action (strength issues w/ darkwood and curses)

    Weapon: diamond mace 25%SSI, 50%mana leech, 40% stamina leech, 36% DI

    Meant for soloing peerless, works VERY well for that purpose.

    Dedigan - Necromage (was a bard once) - human
    120 magery
    120 med
    120 EI
    120 necro
    120 SS
    120 resist

    str 110, dex 20, int 110 (looking to be able to afford a stat scroll

    Armor: kasa of rajin, pendant of the magi, heart of the lion, runic legs, arms and gloves, totem of the void, ring/bracelet with LRC, 2/4 FC/FCR and very little else, arcane shield, quiver of infinity.

    Weapon: scrappers or -22 mage weapon kryss with FC -1 and hit fireball.

    Kei Wa - human
    120 magery
    120 meditation
    120 EI
    120 resist
    120 wrestle
    and either 120 parry or 120 spellweaving. Right now it's parry.
    Stats: working on raising dex. Currently 105/50/100
    Armor: Dedigan's armor
    Weapon: complete set of super slayer spellbooks and the scrappers.

    Farsight - elf
    120 taming (currently ringed up from 90)
    120 lore
    120 vet
    120 magery
    120 med
    120 weaving (currently at 90, thinking of borrowing Kei's weaving to avoid lengthy training sessions)
    stats: all strength and intelligence
    armor: all runic pieces, 500 luck, nice resists, 100% LRC, 20% LMC (with totem of the void). Sacrificing a lot of benifits for the +taming jewels.
  31. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    Salty Pete's template;

    GM begging
    GM fishing
    GM magery
    GM meditation
    GM eval
    GM hiding
    80 stealth
    35 ninjitsu (set to move up as skill points become available)

    120 strength
    10 dex
    100 int

    Armour 100% LRC with crap resists, +3MR, night sight

    Spell book: Tomb of enlightenment

    Tactics are simple.... Salty Pete uses an Ethereal llama when he isn't stealthing. To get to the hardest parts of the game a character with his template has no business being he simply walks in stealthed. Fighting high end MOBs is done with summons and liberal use of hiding/invis. Low end MOBs can be dispatched with direct damage spells.
  32. Curly Jefferson template

    115 Eval
    120 MED
    115 Mage
    120 Necro
    115 Resist
    115 SS

    Strength 125
    Dex 22
    Intel 103

    Have a question on hit though. I only hit ppl in between 25-35 points anyway to increase that without adding a skill
  33. MistChiLum

    MistChiLum Guest

    My template I love it!

    Archery 100,
    Anatomy 110,
    Bushido 120,
    Tactics 110,
    Spell Resist 100,
    Healing 95,
    Chivalry 85
    Str 100,
    dex 125,
    int 30

    Articats used
    Hunter Headress takes me to 120 archery
    Ring of vile
    Jackals Collar
    Leggens of Bane

    Rest armor High LRC High LMC my resist on armor nearly all 70's
    Ring High Hit chance and High Damage increase with fast cast 1
  34. omggrok

    omggrok Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Question on a template (not sure if this is right place to post!):

    I'm just returning from not playing seriously for a course of years (college and whatnot).

    I've got an old thief in the making:
    Stealing (GM already)
    Stealth (decent level)
    Hiding (High already)
    Snooping (around 60?)

    What else should I add with all these new expansions and skills? I would go for fencing and poisoning, but is ninjitsu/pally/necro any better? And if I go for the weapon/poison, should I toss in any tactics or anatomy?

    Thanks for help!
  35. Mythic

    Mythic Guest

    definatly pick up alchemy, apples and grapes are good gold makers and there are never enough of either
  36. death nale

    death nale Guest

    i love this one its on my main toon death nale

    120 focus
    120 anatomy
    120 archery
    120 tactics
    120 healing
    120 swords

    with full siut on hes stats are 138 hit points 148 stam and 92 mana

    he can take any thing one i love it :gee:
  37. Spart

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    May 8, 2015
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    Hey guys, just reactivated my account. I played from 97-01, then again around 05-07. Was looking through the template section and don't see any recent posts. I was curious if things have changed much such that it had a big effect on templates. I've got many characters, but I guess my main would be a pvp mage. Would someone please post the normal pvp mage template that's current now? I have the standard temp from way back, with

    120 Eval Int
    120 Magery
    120 Meditation
    115 Ninjitsu
    120 Resist
    120 Swords
    5 Tracking

    Is that still a viable template, or does it need tweaking some? It's been a while so just trying to figure out where to start.
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  38. Merlin

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    Sep 1, 2014
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    Hi -

    Try looking at the 'Professions' forums for more examples of templates.

    I personally don't find much success in magery + melee weapon templates. I had a mage fencer ninja for some time but wasn't very successful with it. Are you trying to PVP or PVM?
  39. Spart

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    May 8, 2015
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    It's for PVP, I think I'm dropping swords and Ninjitsu for Inscription and Anatomy.