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Template whos a what now?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by 5% Luck, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Well If you want to TAME mass amounts of big critters then I`d say the warrior tamer! Now it wont make actual taming easier but, when Im out looking at animal lore sheets for the "perfect" stats/resist/skills I would like to go through more critters per hour. Hence a really good mare and a slayer weapon and chivalry. (note) no gates huh well if you SJ away to the stable log out an in again your new pet will be right next to you unbonded, nice trick!

    120 taming (15 taming ring/15HCI 23 DI) 105 real skill woot!
    110 lore
    100 vet
    100 macing
    100 tactics
    70 chivalry
    100 bushido
    + whatever is left in to focus depending on jewlery/talisman usually around 60
    naked 125/20/110 suited 150/20/130 ELF str/int/dex

    This template can take down the mighty paragon cu side solo in a decent amount of time. In about 2 mins. I tame a fresh cu(making sure it has 80/80+ cold/energy) and grab up my trusty pixi swatter (fey slayer) 100% fire damage. No need for consecrate weapon and it has the most important special move for cu killing MORTAL STRIKE. It prevents the para cu from healing!

    Just doing my part to keep the weald paragon free!

    If your looking to make taming easier(casters) the peace tamer is the way to go.
    120 peace
    120 music
    120 taming
    120 lore
    120 vet
    120 magery
    120/125/10 ELF str/int/dex suited haha who need armor if your a peacmaker?

    Expensive but all together the easiest taming around. Youll get the extra stable slots of a full blow legendary tamer and never get cast upon while taming! This has to be the ultimate template for the lazy tamer in all of us.
  2. My favorite now is the Disco/Tamer. If you can manage to add Peace onto it as well it's even more insane. And it can take down those nasty para cu's solo as well.

    This is my current template (I use frenzied ostards a lot on her. She was built for them) and is a good reason to ban skill items

    100 taming (+13 from bracelet and +5 from Birds of Brit tali for 118)
    100 lore (+5 from Birds of Brit tali and +5 from Ancient Farmers Kasa[sometimes] for a total of 110)
    100 vet (+12 from ring for 112)
    90 magery (+15 from Tome of Lost Knowledge for 105)
    110 music (+10 from Song Woven Mantle for 120)
    110 disco (+12 from ring for 120 total)
    110 peace (+11 from bracelet for 120 total)

    So she has a grand total of 800 used skill points with the items. It is wrong on so many levels....

    I also have a Macer/Tamer(104 going to 120), Archer/Tamer(GM), Stealth/Tamer(120 tame) and Mage/Tamer(100 going to 110)
  3. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Playing a tamer/mage I usually bring along my Runebeetle and Nightmare when I want to beat down a buncha kritters in a short time. The magery of both and the armor corrosion and poisoning of the 'beetle usually take down just about anything fairly quickly.

    I have friends that run disco mages and they beat down kritters quickly as well.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Disco/peace/tamer here. Wouldn't be possible without a ton of items (well I could, but no magery then)

    All finished I'll be

    120 Taming +5 tali, +9 ring, +6 bracelet
    120 Lore +5 tali, +12 bracelet
    120 Vet +12 ring
    120 Music +10 arms
    120 Peace +0 no items yet
    120 Disco +6 ring
    80 magery +15 book, +11 ring

    Magery would be 91 but I'm pretty sure theres a 800 skill point cap, right?

    The ring was given to me by a guildmate, it's like it was made for this character(+38 skills total and fc1 woowoo)

  5. Nope. No 800 skill point cap. I wear stitchers on my char for the lrc and it pushes her to about 810.