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Template4 ninja

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Ivory Norwind, May 21, 2008.

  1. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I don't know how to post the template because there's not a forum for this.
    So i8 post here, then the moderator can moved the post.
    I have a ninja pvm with this skills all real
    120 ninja
    120 fencing
    115 tactics
    100 hide
    100 stealth
    100 chivalry

    And then? I have about 80 with jewels to raise some skill ( skillcap is only 710).
    It's a good template for pvm? And what skill is better raise? I've thought Parry, anatomy or res spell? Or magery ( also if 80 is quite useless).
    Some tricks?
    Or i have to cancel it? :(
  2. Well you could probably drop a few skills a little lower if ya wanted too. Not so sure 115 tacts really gives that much advantage over 100 tacts, same with chivalry you could probably do ok with 80 chivalry, and maybe even dropping stealth to 80 and using shadow dancer leggings or burgulars bandana, or even animal form. Just a few ways to free up some more skill points to add in another skill. Any anatomy that you can put into your template would help with damage you deal out with your weapon.

    Fencing 120
    Ninja 120
    Hiding 100
    Tactics 100
    Stealth 80
    Chivalry 80

    Would give you 110 skill points for Anatomy, or Resist, although if your only gonna pvm i'd take anatomy. Could even do poison if ya wanted, but thats more of a pvp skill as well.
  3. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have another char with 100 poison and i use it to poison weapons.
    I raise anatomy, as you have said. But do you think that it's a good template for pvm?
  4. TheScoundrelRico

    TheScoundrelRico Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Secret Society

    Aug 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Drop stealth to 80, there you will never fail in leather armor...la
  5. Personally, I don't look at the ninja skill as a great pvm skill. I tend to think of it as more of a pvp skill, or thief type skill. In pvm I'd just go get my Bard, Tamer, Mage, or Pure Warrior Type. But I have found that ninja skill does have some uses, like with the current events in moonglow Berserkers would chase mirror images, which was great for luring them away from heavy spawn areas. I guess its all gonna depend on what your gonna use the character for. Sorry if thats not much help.
  6. packrat

    packrat Guest

    As I see it right now, you really don't have a way of healing at fast rate. You can heal with chiv but it takes up mana and unless you have a ton of regen armor you can only heal until you run out of mana. and its pretty slow. You can get in cat form and heal pretty good. But you cant use chiv in animal form.
    I would consider adding healing.
    I agree with dragon slave also. Ninjas are not really that great for pvm.
  7. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Ok, i have many other char, for pvm. I've created this char because i wanted to become red. But it's not for me :(
    Then i want to use it in pvm but i think that i use it very rarely....
  8. you can fix 80 points into poisoning
  9. Ninjitsu is one of the best PVM skills there is, especially as you already have 120 Ninjitsu.

    At 120 Ninjitsu you have a 90% chance of diverting melee attacks, when you successfully divert the monster stands there doing nothing as if targeted peaced while you continue swinging.
    On top of that cat/dog form at 120 Ninjitsu gives you 40 hit point regen. (4 hp per second.) If your character is human you get another 2 & you equip the maximum amount on items 18, then you can have 60 hp regen.

    The combination of mirror images and cat/dog form make you pretty much invincible. However your template could use some tweaking.

    Firstly I would consider switching Fencing for Macing as it has higher base damage on most weapons and you can still reach the swing cap fairly easily with a little ssi.
    If your using Fencing as you just prefer it then I would drop tactics to 100. You can also drop Stealth & Chivalry some. How far depends on how much you use it and what for.

    Chivalry spells 100% success is at minimum skill +50. If your using it JUST for sacred journey then you need 65, 65 also coveres heal/cure/remove curse/consecrate. You can still use divine fury & enemy of one at this level. If your fussed about the reliability of divine & enemy of one then 75 will give you 100% success at divine and 90 will give you 100% success at enemy of one. Most people go with 70 or 75, though I personally use 65 and still use enemy of one and divine.

    Stealth can be at 80 unless your using a non med suit, the virtue suit being the exception as it is stealthable at 80 but not medable. It is also handy as it has roughly all 90's resists blessed & self repair so you can be corpse skin proof, but you lose out on other suit mods.

    I also always recomend resist at 100 minimum in PVM as you can't cast anything when you get mana drained.

    Here is what I suggest:

    120 Ninjitsu
    120 Macing
    115 Tactics
    100 Resist
    100 Hiding
    80 Stealth
    75 Chivalry

    If/When you can get a 120 scroll for Tactics I would drop 5 from Chivalry in to it.

    Poisoning is not worth it on a Ninja as you can use Shuriken & Darts to inflict any level poison that you chose to apply anyway.

    As for your suit it depends greatly on what you can afford but I would personally want 4/6 casting or as close to it as possible to make good use of mirror images, also makes changing forms quicker and you can also use Chivalry heal/cure/remove curse to much better effect. So if you were fighting something that poisons/casts a lot you might want to use Chivalry & images instead of the cat/dog forms, though if you went all out on hp regen items you would probably be able to live fine either way. You will also want a fair amount of lmc and mana regen, I suggest using the rune beetles carapace as the starting point for whatever suit you can build. Ideally an ornament of the magician too.

    Don't neglect to use the other forms and learn how they work, Ninjitsu isn't the one trick pony that most people see it as. You can combine most of these with mirror images to stay safe while using them.

    Serpent form: Everytime you hit something you inflict level 1 poison. (doesn't work with Archery)
    Frog form: Everytime something hits you, you inflict level 2 poison. If you were say working a spawn and wanted to poison everything you could take off your weapon, this means you get hit everytime. If you run through huge groups they all poison themselfs then you can re-arm and change to cat/dog to heal if necessary.
    Wolf/Bake: +20 hp, +20 HCI, mounted speed.
    Ki-Rin: +20 stam regen, mounted speed.
    Unicorn: Immune to low level poisons, mounted speed. Doesn't cure a poison if you go in to the form afterwards.

    You can also use smoke bombs to hide while flagged/fighting, not entirely necessary as you can just use a mounted speed form to run around the nearest corner and hide. You don't need to be wearing a ninja belt to throw stars but you do need to have one hand free, I expect it's the same for darts too though I only ever used stars. Darts are for close range (under 2 tiles) & stars are for long range (everything over 2 tiles).

    Oh and in case your not already using it I suggest making a macro for toggle always run, so you can turn easier when running in mount speed but easily turn it off for stealthing.
  10. packrat

    packrat Guest

    I would tweak it a little and use it. It might work for you down the road. Have you considered archery? You can soulstone fencing and add archery. Then you can switch skills as needed. With the way your template is now healing will be your enemy because you have to melee the creatures. With archery you can stand back and shoot away, in cat form you can heal pretty good against most medium range monsters. I wouldnt go up against a super dragon with it, but you could do pretty good with the event going on now. Berzerkas are easily killed with an archer. Just get on the other side of a fence from one and shoot away with a mystic/vanq/power bow.
    Then if you decide to pvp one day, you just pick up a heavy crossbow with good mods and head to fel.
  11. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    My opinion, unless you plan on death striking your targets i would drop hiding and stealth for healing and anatomy. You dont seem to have a very strong way of healing unless your 4/6 chiv. Monsters aren't overly tricked by stealthing. If your going to run past them thats what embracing your honors for