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(Player Event) Tentacle Cure (Investigator Mission - Rising Darkness Plotline)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Aryala, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Aryala

    Aryala Adventurer

    Sep 8, 2013
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    Aryala and Dupre watched as the remains of poor Fergus were carried away to be analysed and buried. Compared to war or crime it had been a nearly tranquil death, but the inevitability of it was most shocking. They had been watching, not knowing how to prevent it, not knowing how to deter the creature from its grisly meal. She shuddered at the memory of all the tentacles, the horns, the gelatinous mass that writhed and wriggled. A Wanderer of the Void, a creature from beyond the veil of reality.

    But the idea was sound. A call to explorers and scientists around the world to bring forth their theories. They would likely have a few days until the creature could pass the gate once more. Enough time to prepare, enough time to find a solution.

    And despite all, they did have some clues on where to begin. The Gargoyles and their homeland Ter Mur were intimately connected to the void. In fact, they had been suffering similar attacks for many years now. And they had not yet fallen. Then there were Aurelius and Robert with their ideas about the Abyss and places that seemed protected from evil. And also the musings about substances or items that might counter the void, tokens and trinkets of life, of resurrection and health. All theories might be good, they would just have to be open to ideas and to investigate…

    This investigation mission will run for the next few days. All are invited to participate. The idea is to find a trinket, a potion or item that might help banish the murderous Wanderer of the Void before it can kill and feed again.

    Participate by gathering the item which you believe might help against the Wanderer of the Void and place it into a bag. Add a book with your name to the bag and place the bag into the EM’s mailbox next to the EM meeting hall in Britain. You get an extra point if you explain your theory in the book and explain why you believe your submission will work. The best theories (the ones that work) might earn an extra point after the next event. All points will count towards the final reward that the EM will provide at the end of the storyline, which will be a statue of the most influential player placed in Trinsic.

    Please note: there is explicitly no right answer or theory to this. We are looking for creative ideas that match the storyline. You do not have to discover that one specific item. If your idea and explanation are good then go ahead, it will earn you points no matter what and it will be fun to see the results!

    You can also of course discuss here about your ideas and solutions…
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  2. Stubentiger

    Stubentiger Adventurer

    Nov 9, 2014
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    *you see a shrivelled dried finger bone in a small sack*
    The note in the sack says
    Dear Lord Durpre
    This wishing bone is an heirloom of my mother. Rumours say it is the last piece of a once mighty wizard and if you believe hard enough it can make anything true.
    It has kept me and my family safe as long as I remember, so that means that it works.
    I would consider lending you the power of my talisman to defeat these monsters, though I would expect a proper compensation from such a fine Lord as you are.

    Dame Edna of Cove
  3. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Although by no mean a mage, I have spoken with some of my advisors and friends, who are much more skilled than I am in these things, and the following is a summary of their thoughts on this problem.

    The creature encountered in Trinsic seems to be one of the many life forms comprising the 'Void Plague' that encroaches on the Gargoyle realms of Ter Mur. Although we think these creatures originated in the ethereal void, they also seem to adapt, and evolve, on our planes when they are able to kill and absorb the natural creatures found here.

    As far as we know the Gargoyles have no magic or equipment that is particularly effective against these beings. It is noticeable though that these things are only, so far, present in significant numbers on Ter Mur itself, and not the connected realm termed the the Abyss. If something there repels, or discourages, these things, is not clear. However, given the void creatures kill and then absorb their prey to evolve, it seems tentatively
    possible that the presence of the 'Silver Sapling' in the Abyss could indicate a link there to highly effective 'positive' energies oppositional to the essence of the 'void' dwellers, as that sapling generates such powerful magic conducive to life and health that the apparently dead can be revived by the presence of the sapling or it's seeds. We would suggest these seeds be further investigated, especially as their appearance also closely matches imbuing materials that provide healing and beneficial regenerations when incorporated in items or equipment. The 'silver' element of both might be coincidental, but is also worth noting for future study.

    If the 'void' is mostly antithetical to life – or at least life we understand – that which benefits and promotes life may act either as a counter, or maybe even repellent, to the creatures of the void. Therefore we would suggest experimentation against these creatures with materials, potions and spells that have healing properties, to try find if any are potent at repelling the effects, or maybe even the physical encroachment, of the 'void'.

    Some examples of these seeds are included, for examination and experimentation.