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Test Center 1 Updated

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Daine, May 28, 2008.

  1. Daine

    Daine Guest

    Test Center 1 Updated

    Jeremy Dalberg
    28 May 2008 18:06:27

    Test Center 1 has been updated with Publish 53.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Added a 15 minute timer for a guild to accept an alliance invite. This means guilds will no longer get stuck in "invite pending" mode. (For guilds in this situation now, once the publish goes live, GMs will be able to resolve the issue.)
    • Vanguards and their allies will now teleport if they are attacked while in unreachable locations
    • Players are able to resize instead of demolish houses by saying "I wish to resize my house". NOTE: This DOES count as demolishing a house and WILL condemn existing houses on grandfathered accounts. (Further note: making housing changes (placing, demolishing, etc) on Test Center does not affect houses on production shards.)
    • Greater Dragons and Dread Warhorses will display properly in trade window
    • Statuette engraving tools will be available, sold by NPC tinkers.
    • Sand and Granite will have double resources in Fel now
    • Creatures will no longer teleport into private houses
    • Snake Skin Boots will no longer say Oak
    • Blood Oath can now be removed by eating an Enchanted Apple or using Remove Curse spell
    • Added a Priest of Mondain to Felucca Prism of Light area
    • Zoo Collection points will now decay more slowly
    • Lady Sylvanis will no longer chase people quite so far
    • Repair Service Deeds now work for a Long Sword, orc, bear and tribal masks, right-facing Black Staffs, left-facing Crooks, and left-facing Clubs
    • Player vendors can no longer hold a shield and a two handed weapon
    • Moonglow blacksmith regions have been updated to use repair deeds
    • Player vendors should now recognize the increased bank storage
    • The spelling of Velocity has been corrected when a player is hit by an arrow with Velocity
    • Taming Text will now appear over the head when pet is tamed.
    • You can now milk a cow (use an empty pitcher on it!)
    • Juka Bow has been fixed to show the correct str.
    • The Vanguard assault has become heavier

    Spring Cleaning 2008, Phase II

    A new set of turn-in items and rewards have been added to the existing turn-in system. These items are in addition to the Publish 52 items, and all points from Phase 1 can be used on Phase II items

    Turn-in items
    • Holiday & Valentine Gifts 50pts
    • Grobu’s Fur 100pts
    • SOS and MIBs 100pts
    • Powerscrolls 105 100pts
    • Treasure Map(Plainly, Expertly, and Adeptly Drawn 100pts
    • Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map 200pts
    • Powerscrolls 110 500pts
    • Stats Scroll +5 500pts
    • Leviathan Minor Artifacts 500pts
    • Deviously Drawn Treasure Map 500pts
    • Paragon Minor Artifacts 500pts
    • Ingenious Map Minor Artifacts 500pts
    • Special Fishing Net 500pts
    • Powerscrolls 115 1,000pts
    • Stats Scroll +10 1,000pts
    • Fabled Fishing Net 1,000pts
    • Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map 1,000pts
    • Ancient SOS 1,000pts
    • Stats Scroll +15 2,000pts
    • Powerscrolls 120 3,500pts
    • Stats Scroll +20 3,500pts
    • Stats Scroll +25 7,500pts
    • Doom Artifacts 10,000pts

    • Virtue Tiles (each) 10,000pts
    • Yucca Tree 15,000pts
    • Bamboo 15,000pts
    • Horse Barding 20,000pts
    • Dragon Head 50,000pts
    • Nest with eggs 50,000pts
    • Fire Pit 75,000pts
    • Beehive 80,000pts
    • Archery Butte 80,000pts
    • Luck Ring 150,000pts
    • Luck Bracelet 150,000pts

    The Luck Ring has the following stats: Luck 150, FC 1, FCR 1
    The Luck Bracelet has the following stats: Luck 150, FC 1, FCR 1
    When worn together, the Luck jewelry gives the following set bonus: Luck 300, FC 3, FCR 6, HP Regen 2, Mana Regen 2

    When the full Knight's Armor set (from the Publish 52 rewards) is worn, it gives the following set bonus:
    HP Increase 6
    MR 2
    HP Regen 2
    DCI 10
    HCI 10
    70 resists in all areas