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Test results of how frenzied whirlwind attack works

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_athos_uo, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. [email protected] has tested how new Frenzied Whirlwind works. I translate his test results from his web site:

    Cf: the wonderful world of poison

    - This is an area attack, with which you can give 3 times physical damages to all the hostile opponents around you at every second from the moment you hit the target. (The first area damage will be given at the same time of your hit. ) "Around you" means "the place where you can hit the targets with melee weapons", that is, the same attacking area by the normal WWA.

    Area damage doesn't depend on the skill, the weapon or DI of the attacker. It is physical damage and its value will be 20-50 at random. It depends completely on your pure fortune(not luck property) how much total damage you can give to your target. It occured that I could give more than 40 area damage 3 times in stream.

    It doesn't depend on the number of your eminies, and the total damage is not devided by the number of your eminies. This damage doesn't affect the hidden hostile opponents by hiding or invisibility.

    some tips: you can give this area damage to the opponents that were not around you when the first attack hit, if you afterwards moved to near of them, that is, moved to on the next tile of them when the 2nd or 3rd area damage were given. On the contrary, the 2nd and 3rd area damage won't affect the opponents, if you moved and came apart from them. Although the total amount of area damage is multipled by nearly 10 times, the area where the damage affects is narrowed vastly, you must notice.

    The area damage doesn't affect the blue name PCs nor your guild members, because the rules of area attack is applied as usual.

    And you can not use this attack again during 15 seconds after you use this SpM. ( You can set this SpM on, but doesn't fire if you hit the target, and your mana won't be used.)


    This is a result that a player has tested actually on TC yesterday. How about this? Does this work same as what devs think about?