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Test Sosaria & Center FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Guest, Nov 19, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ***Important Emails***

    where to send bug reports/game mechanics concerns/spawn problems/exploit details/etc.:

    [email protected] for normal production shard issues.

    [email protected] for stuff found on test center shards.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    There are two separate housing systems: the normal production system and the test center system. Housing transactions on one of those systems will affect only those houses on that same system. In other words, if you place or are traded a house on a test center shard, that will only affect/condemn other test center houses you have, and it will not affect your normal production shard houses.

    Feel free to experiment with housing on the Test Center shard without worrying about your normal production shard houses. :]

    Keith "Sannio" Quinn
    Community Relations
    Ultima Online (www.uo.com)
    Origin Systems


    The test center housing system sometimes isn't as responsive as the normal production shard housing system. There are sometimes notable delays between double-clicking the house placement tool and the house placement gumps that follow. Placing houses on test center shards can therefore require a little more patience.

    There's also periods of time when housing placement &amp; transactions cannot occur at all on a test center shard, but you'll often know you're in one of those specific periods right away thanks to an immediate system message response.

    Keith "Sannio" Quinn
    Community Relations
    Ultima Online (www.uo.com)
    Origin Systems

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At any given time, OSI will set up a Test Center to test whatever is desired at any certain time. The name of such test center varies - and often so do the conditions : It can be a copy of an existing shard, a clean shard, skill-adjustable, or just for 'fun' (Halloween Shard for example).

    The common scenario is a copy of an existing shard with skill adjustment capability.

    Stat Adjustment

    To adjust your stats, simply type the following :

    set str 10 to 125
    set dex 10 to 125
    set int 10 to 125

    Keep in mind there is a stat cap of 225

    Skill Adjustment

    To adjust any skill, type Set skill xxxxxxxx 0-1200
    where xxxxxxxx is one of the following:
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome to the Test Center Forum here on UO Stratics.Please read and make sure you understand the following before posting here. Test Center Forum is for discussing everything related to the Test Center Shard.


    Please read the Stratics Rules of Conduct to which you agreed to when you signed up for a Stratics account. The Rules will be followed without fail here.

    Do not post bugs or exploits: Posting a "how-to" for any bug or exploit, regardless of how harmless the bug may seem, will result in an insta perma-ban. Also listing bugs and exploits is forbidden.


    No pornography: This goes without saying. Posting pornography or links to it will result in an instant perma-ban.

    Player run shards: Player run shards violate the OSI TOS and may not be advertized or linked to on any stratics forum.

    You are welcome to post your posts in any language you wish, however, please include a translated copy in English, so that everyone can understand your post. If a post is posted without an English version, it will be either translated, deleted, or sent to you as a private message (at the top of the forum "Check Private"), asking you to repost it with an English version.

    Remember this is a forum for discussion and if you want respect shown to you, you need to show respect to others. Everyone is different and looks at things in different ways. Respect that everyone has their own opinion just as you do.

    Off topic means exactly that.. Think before you post an OT thread.. Is it really needed? Having 1 or 2 OT Posts is fine but having 10 loaded on the first page is not. If you post a Off Topic Post, make sure you put (OT) in the title.

    Test Center Forum is not a place for Testing Signature Images. If you want to test your Signature, go to Sig Testing Thread.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    From uo.com FYI on November 20, 2003 :

    Over the years, players have often requested the return of a more persistent test center shard—one that would allow them to establish their characters and a community just like on the regular production shards, while being able to be one of the first to try out new features, improvements, and fixes. Well today, November 20th, at approximately 1pm CST, we'll be introducing Test Sosaria, which will combine some of the more common aspects of regular shards with an environment suitable for testing purposes. Since this will not be like any shard you're currently familiar with, it's important to explain the differences you'll encounter when playing on this shard.

    [*]You won't be able to set your stats or skills as you can on standard test centers, but you will be able to use Advanced Character gates (similar to the ones used by our PowerUp! service) that will give your stats and skills a little boost.
    [*] New characters will start out with the normal sets of items available on regular shards. No extra resources or gold will be placed in your bank box.
    [*] Houses placed on Test Sosaria will not affect houses placed on regular shards.
    [*] Veteran Rewards picked on Test Sosaria will not count against the number of choices you get on regular shards.
    [*] Development team members will be using this shard for testing purposes, so you may run into them from time to time. All UO Live Team members will have "OSI" as part of their names.
    [*] Game Master support will be limited. Only physical and verbal harassment issues will be addressed by GMs.
    [*] Test Sosaria will be brought down for daily maintenance with the East Coast shards.
    [*] While it's considered to be a permanent shard, Test Sosaria will be subject to periodic resets—all characters and items will be deleted from the server. However, these periodic resets will not be as frequent as those on normal test center shards. [/list]

    As with other test shards, any bugs that you may discover on Test Sosaria should be reported to our Quality Assurance team by emailing [email protected] Keep in mind that if you post a bug to the forums, it can easily be lost in a sea of other posts. To make sure these bug reports are seen and addressed, please send them directly to our QA team at the aforementioned email address. When submitting a bug, remember to include the following information:

    [*]Your UO account name (do not include your password)
    [*]The time, date, shard, and facet of the occurrence
    [*] What steps you took that led up to the bug
    [*] Whether or not you tried to repeat the bug, and if you succeeded

    This information will help our QA team reproduce the bug and take the
    appropriate steps to correct it.

    We're hoping this new test shard will more closely simulate a regular production shard, allowing us to catch issues that are often dependent on having a stable community and an environment that follows normal game play rules.

    You can read more about this new shard by visiting our Playguide here. Keep an eye on your shard list for the new Test Sosaria—we look forward to seeing you there!


    <center>The Advancement Gates</center>

    The gates include : Paladin Gate, Necromancer Gate, Bard Gate, Tamer Gate, Alchemist, Mage, Blacksmith, Treasure Hunter, Swordsman, Fencer, Macer, Archer Gates. They are located in any city you start in...just have to look around.

    Many Many Thanks to Illithreal for posting the following to our forums :

    • 85 Necromancy
    • 85 Spirit Speak
    • 85 Resisting Spells
    • 70 Fencing
    • 70 Meditation
    • 80 Strength, 70 Dexterity, 75 Intelligence

    • 85 Chivalry
    • 85 Resist Spells
    • 85 Swordsmanship
    • 70 Tactics
    • 60 Focus
    • 85 Strength, 85 Dexterity, 55 Intelligence
    • Title set to trustworthy

    Treasure Hunter:
    • 85 Lockpicking
    • 85 Cartography
    • 85 Peacemaking
    • 70 Magery
    • 70 Musicianship
    • 100 Strength, 100 Intelligence, 25 Dexterity

    • 85 Magery
    • 85 Resist Spells
    • 85 Evaluate Intelligence
    • 70 Inscription
    • 70 Meditation
    • 80 Strength, 110 Intelligence, 35 Dexterity

    • 85 Swordsmanship/Fencing/Mace Fighting/Archery
    • 85 Tactics
    • 85 Anatomy
    • 70 Healing
    • 70 Resist Spells
    • 110 Strength, 80 Dexterity, 25 Intelligence

    • 85 Blacksmithing
    • 85 Mining
    • 85 Armslore
    • 70 Tinkering
    • 70 Tailoring
    • 100 Strength, 90 Dexterity, 25 Intelligence

    • 85 Provocation
    • 85 Musicianship
    • 85 Peacemaking
    • 70 Discordance
    • 70 Resist Spells
    • 85 Strength, 55 Intelligence, 85 Dexterity

    • 85 Taming
    • 85 Animal Lore
    • 85 Veterinary
    • 70 Magery
    • 70 Meditation
    • 80 Strength, 80 Intelligence, 55 Dexterity

    • 85 Alchemy
    • 85 Poison
    • 85 Taste Identification
    • 70 Carpentry
    • 70 Tinkering
    • 50 Strength, 44 Dexterity, 111 Intelligence (?)

    You can only choose ONE, so choose wisely.
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