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Testing my avatar

Discussion in 'Signature and Avatar Help' started by Lady Mystyka, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Lady Mystyka

    Lady Mystyka Guest

    Just testing.. When i posted on stratics I couldnt get my pegagus to fly like he use to (Ive been gone a long time) Now we see
  2. Lady Mystyka

    Lady Mystyka Guest

    Dabg it he wont fly:(Okay help please.. I see Stratics has changed all the system on uploading sigs and avatars.. anyoen know which link in photobucket to use to get an avatar to post properly??? None i see on photobucket start with http:/www.. so what now? Anyone?
  3. Shari

    Shari Guest

    how big is the original picture? if its too big it is resized and that could be why we can't see it. it won't matter if you link it from photobucket if the original dimensions are above 100x100 it will be resized.

    and you want to use the "direct link" when pasting from photobucket.
  4. Lady Mystyka

    Lady Mystyka Guest

    Thanks even trillian from Stratics tried (I gave him all the links whatever..and he said he cant get it to work either:) So i changed it to my other (guild abbrev) Thank you