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Testing Results - Faction Bandies, quivers, grapes of wrath, concussion blow, honor

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Death Adder, May 24, 2010.

  1. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Hi all,

    I've recently returned to the game and had some questions regarding PvP game mechanics. So I tested them to figure out how they worked. I thought I'd share that info here, and invite anyone else who knows how unlisted mechanics work to post them as well (I'm a bit curious about faction Supernova potions and was having trouble testing them).

    Quivers: Despite the term "damage modifier" on quivers, I detected no damage increase for PvP. There MAY be a PvM benefit but I didn't test for that.

    Grapes of Wrath: These offer a 35% DI increase that is subject to the 100% DI cap. So if you already have 100% DI, they won't help you.

    Honor: When you Honor yourself, you receive an OVERALL 25% damage increase to weapons damage. Unlike GOW, this is NOT a simple DI bonus but an overall damage multiplier.

    Honor duration: Honor lasts for 90 seconds at Follower rank (2nd rank of 3). I didn't test ranks 1 or 3 because I am ALWAYS at rank 2 -- I never get enough honor to hit rank 3 and I never use it so much as to hit rank 1.

    Faction Greater Stamina potions -- these will work for up to 12 seconds or until they refresh 100 stamina, whichever comes first. These are fairly useful when popped near full stamina, as they will keep you there for several seconds, unlike TRs which instantly refresh stamina but do nothing to prevent you from losing it again. I will mix a FGS macro into my normal selection of macros.

    Melisande's Fermented Wine -- could only do limited testing due to lack of materials, but from my initial analysis it looks like these are just like GE potions but with 50% greater damage.

    Concussion Blow -- the new version of Concussion Blow will halve BOTH current mana and max mana. Along with the 10 direct damage this is kind of useful and I'll probably use it sometimes.

    Virtues -- If you rez yourself with Sacrifice, you gain no benefit from Compassion (which is too bad, I would have loved to be able to self-rez in an opponents face, fully equipped and at 80% health).

    Gem of Salvation -- you cannot move your ghost before rezzing, you must rez on the spot. Very limited use in PvP but probably not too bad in some PvM situations.

    Faction bandies -- these are clearly bugged, nor will they work properly with UOA, such that I will not use them. Firstly, they can't be distinguished from regular bandies by UOA (I believe, from a previous test, they can't be distinguished even if separate macros are set for them and neither uses "use item type" but specifies which bandage stack to use), so they are used in alternating fashion. When they alternate, normal bandies will ALSO remove curse. However, once they alternate back to faction bandies the timer is applied -- this caused me to have to go 15 seconds between using regular bandages and cost me a death in PvP. If you choose to use them, however, they will both Remove Curse AND heal for damage at the same time.

    That's the extent of my current testing; as I said, if anyone else has interesting tidbits I'd be glad to hear them.
  2. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Re: Testing Results - Faction Bandies, quivers, grapes of wrath, concussion blow, hon

    Making the old text small since we don't seem to have a cross-out text
    No idea where you're getting 35% damage increase, it's 10%... testing the damages as I'm writing things and it's definitely 10%.
    44 -> 49 damage
    50 -> 56 damage
    (it's 10% when you notice that the first number is a decimal rounded down to an integer)

    Wait a second...

    Ok, figured it out. It's 35% Damage Increase <--- the item property
    It's subject to the DI cap of 100%

    Again, am testing this as I write this:

    Testing on sheep (with a 100% poison weapon (they have 0 poison resist))
    I do 48-54 damage regularly. I'm currently at 100% DI
    I eat the grapes, and the status bar's damage display is the same.
    still doing 48-54 damage to the sheep (tested) if there was non-DI damage increase it couldn't do 48 damage, because that'd be a 0% increase

    However, when i have in-between 65% and 100% DI my status bar's display goes to 48-54 from where-ever it had been at the time.

    So this is definitely the item property, and it does seem to be +35% DI
  3. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Re: Testing Results - Faction Bandies, quivers, grapes of wrath, concussion blow, hon

    I checked your findings and you are correct. My initial test must have been skewed in some way.

    However, I did verify that self-Honor does grant the 25% overall damage bonus, not a 25% DI bonus.
  4. Re: Testing Results - Faction Bandies, quivers, grapes of wrath, concussion blow, hon

    It was always my understanding it was a 10% DI bonus....
  5. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Re: Testing Results - Faction Bandies, quivers, grapes of wrath, concussion blow, hon

    Don't worry about it, so was mine. It's tricky working backwards from the result to find a formula.

    Hm, interesting about the Damage Modifier, will have to check that.

    Oh and to get rank 3 honor you'll need to be fighting high-end stuff, like Para Balrons, or Ancient Wyrms/Balrons/Shadow Wyrms/GDs in Felucca for the increased Karma gain.

    The Samurai guide states 25% (in regular size unbolded print)