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Thank you to the ABC XYZ guild picnic

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Thashinel, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Thashinel

    Thashinel Guest

    Thank you to the guild that has an attention span that lasts as long as a bucket of KFC.

    The picnic you ran last night while looting items from WBB gate jumpers was a nice haul...especially when you started putting the uninsured LRC suit and numerous other items on the ground. My stealther with 5 hps was able to pick up your loot right under your noses and insure it for future use.

    Thank you again...you wore out your originality about 3 years ago...why I put up with it for six I do not know :) Actually, the 'old management' did run things better...u gotta admit.

  2. Barbosa

    Barbosa Guest

    Mmmm..... KFC
  3. Malador

    Malador Guest

    Come on picnics have not been origional since the days of the dred lords.
  4. ForTheOcean

    ForTheOcean Guest

    Did we ever once say it was an original idea?!? We were bored we had a pic nic. And obviously if we needed/wanted the armor we wouldn't have placed it on the ground. lol...
  5. Rumpy

    Rumpy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yeh.. Im pretty sure the bag you got, was all the trash. If I recall, the boomstick and shadow dancer leggings were already insured in our guys pack. So enjoy the lewt that was about to hit the trash can!
  6. Barbosa

    Barbosa Guest

    Anyone notice that BC is responding to this anonymous statement? wow what a crowd. Ill out steal... I mean drink any of you... *hic*
  7. ForTheOcean

    ForTheOcean Guest

    lol Yep, BC had a picnic... No one was really outside the loop on that one except for you.
  8. Barbosa

    Barbosa Guest

    Not sure if you ment me but here I go... I wasnt there I just like poking at Wolfs i mean sir barts old guild.
  9. Thashinel

    Thashinel Guest

    It does not surprise me how a group of egos and wannabees feel the need to defend themselves on boards in such a manner. Old management is obviously not in control nor showing any tangible organization unless their goal is to get more stat scrolls for $ or trade-ins for the latest publish.

    Oh yes, I miss the group sooo much. I feel like I am on the outside....outside of a yard with an electric fence!

  10. MagHu

    MagHu Guest

    Come now. We have lots of organization. We utilize BCR, BCF, and any host of blue guilds on multiple shards, not to mention our kids, to help us achieve our stated income. Just because you aren't part of it don't be bitter. Go get your own group of followers to feed your deflated ego.
  11. Shadow

    Shadow Guest

    Sir Bart was forced to retire. After accumalting so much Rl wealth by selling items to monkeys like you he leverage his fortune into a string of KFC restaurants across the mid west. He spends his days arguing with PETA(they don't like how he chokes the chickens).

    He signs autographs every now and then, maybe if you are lucky you can tag one!
  12. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    Good Lord, I wanted to run with that statement!! Damn RoC!:grrr: