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Thanks to Terri, Kathy & Ken, etal.

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Pinky Pepperpow, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Who says you can't go sad in the CFO with 5 Robber Barons? Well I can prove that you can cuz I did it today. Of all the Barons (me included) none of us really knew how to crane worth a snap and then there were toons not doing a thing but hiding (so when they went sad I had a secret wicked grin)...but when I kept stomping and dwindling in laff it wasn't so much fun. Alas I went sad while trying to exit out. I was with a friend (not a member here) and she got out before going sad.

    Being a sore loser I called all friends for a revenge.....and that only included Kathy online at the time. Kathy got some of her friends on board, Ken (Kathy's hubby) showed up and then low and behold Terri logged on as we were forming a group.

    THANK YOU to all that helped and my brittish friend (also a pinky) said to pass on the thanks too.

    She said she never saw friends come through like that to help in a TT crisis...LOL! Of course I then went all braggy about Stratics so maybe we'll have a new member!

    Love you guys!
  2. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Well, that was an interesting one! I knew it was bad when you asked ME of all people to help with a CFO revenge. Of course, Bob was at work; I did tell him about it and suggested he needs some time off to help us with our TT issues... But, I brought along Ken (he's doing great for his first week!), Sean I think was there - but he was having computer issues so no crane skills from him! Grr.... Luckily, Al and Sandy (non-stratics) were available so they helped pull us through. That run was a blast - we need to do more of those :D

    Revenge is always sweet!
  3. Congrats, just ask me on skype any time, i'll GLADLY help!