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That Good?

Discussion in 'Age of Conan Stratics' started by Lairkingo, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Lairkingo

    Lairkingo Guest

    Is AoC as good as everyone keeps saying it is? What comparable game would you compare it to? For example, ho is it similar/dissimilar to WoW?
  2. AoC is probably the best MMO that's ever been released. The game is 100% flawless.
  3. al-Maroc

    al-Maroc Guest

    except there was that whole "booby issue" ;)
  4. The horse bug was a big problem too. But I still think AoC may be one of the best launches ever. Funny considering AO's launch was so problematic.
  5. Thorstein

    Thorstein Guest

    Lots of flaws, but it's still the best game on the market.
  6. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    True, lots of flaws, but they are not annoying. Game is best MMO what I have played and I have played many. If Funcom does upgrade and put stuff in with AoC like it does with Anarchy Online, it will be superb.
  7. Kunou

    Kunou Guest

    The stuff they've already roadmapped for the rest of the year as free content upgrades sounds amazing. And yeah, it has it's flaws, sure, nothing huge or gamebreaking though. I've participated in just about every MMO launch to have happened over the years, and this was indeed one of the best. And the game has completely shattered my expectations. I went in expecting to like it and it'd just be ok, but I'm loving every minute of it, now just to be able to find more minutes to play it. :p
  8. Zorban

    Zorban Guest

    Except for some "small" bugs and lack of support for ATI cards its great!
    But those things can be fixed and probably will be soon.

    I did not expect so much instances though. I miss the "one big world" feeing a bit.
    It might just take some time to get used to it.

    Some form of player looting would make PvP more fun too
  9. I think it's going to surpass WoW in the next month or two to be honest.
  10. Sizlack

    Sizlack Guest

    I really can't see it surpassing WoW, but it is an extremely fun game and will have a fairly large following.
  11. dp_dropout

    dp_dropout Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    A few extremely annoying bugs or missing features.
    Especially crafting is still mostly broken and full of bugs and unfinished professions.
    And there is hardly a PvE endgame. A huge amount of people can't go into certain instances anymore because of a broken cooldown timer (Oasis of Zaara and Frost Swamp come to mind). Normally you can enter these places once every 24h, it's been almost 3 weeks for me in Frost Swamp.

    Sometimes huge lagspikes, which don't mean there's something wrong with your connection, but means that the server has a hiccup.
    And after playing for 2-3 hours your graphics can get messed up and your game can crash due to a memory leak.

    I'm sure there's dozen of other big and small annoyances, but in the end I'm still having fun.
  12. Finest

    Finest Guest

    This game has a boundless amount of potential, We will just have to see how far Funcom will take it.
  13. Aserian

    Aserian Guest

    Yes its that good I have played wow for 2 years and Ultima for 6 years.....The graphics blow everything away and in time im sure the content will to if funcom keeps up the good work......I started 5 weeks ago and am having a blast and as long as you have the right high power computer i have run into 0 thats zero problems....I think it will blow all games away.
  14. Ironforge

    Ironforge Guest

    The game has great potential and Funcom is working on it. I enjoy the game and love playing it. One of the things that makes me keep coming back is the fact that Funcom is working on fixing the current bugs as well as working on new content to add.

    It does lack a lot of PvE endgame content right now but they also didnt expect people to level as fast as they have i dont think. I have seen people go from 1-80 in about 2 weeks. But once again Funcom is working on the current buggs and they have teams working on the new content.

    With everyone getting close to 80 i think we will see a lot of Sieges and PvP start to take place. I know Funcom is working hard on trying to fix the bugs in the Siege system cause they know thats where the game is heading right now.

    Some people complain and cant handle the bugs but as far as launches go it went well and the bugs are gettign fixed.
  15. UrsusManor

    UrsusManor Guest

    Actually this is the first MMORPG i have ever tried out. I detested playing online, but this game has something which makes me sit down in front of the screen and play every day. I think it is very well made, especially the fighting, which is not getting dull when compared to e.g. Lineage 2, which is played by my friends.
  16. KinG DaviD

    KinG DaviD Guest

    I have played 2 times now... im an old timer UO guy. So far i love the game...i love the pvp scheme...i was a litlle worried about it at first. the endgame content worriesd me a bit...but i am at just level 6 now...so im sure things will have changed by then. I would really really really like to see sometype of housing established. in the beginning city...it seems like there are many building un used. Could the game possibly start out with renting a room or apartment if you will....? and work towards housing or castles... status is a big thing in MMO's./// i know in UO...those that own castles are looked upon quite differently. One thing i liked about vanguard was their housing.

    anyone know if there is even any type of housing in the future...?? is it even a twinkle in the DEV;s eye yet?

    so far...i give the game a 9/10 would be a 10 but i havent played enough yet to say for sure...but 1st impression right now would be 12! Im calln a 9 cuz im sure there are lots of things i dont know about yet...and from stuff i have read here.
  17. Zin

    Zin Guest

    After you get out of the "night" cycle or the single player part of the game I would like you to revisit this thread. Another opinion is always a good thing.
  18. Zokra

    Zokra Guest

    Was a great launch and was a great game at launch.

    The first 20 levels are amazing... after that it's 'meh'... too much broken and missing content and each patch introduces more problems than it solves.

    This is pretty much the only mmo I have played where things get worse with each patch.

    It's a shame because the game had massive potential but that is being squandered... I'd give them 6 months to sort themselves out then have another look.

    Now I'm sounding like a forum whiner! But I was in love with this game in beta, early access and the first couple of weeks the game was live but each patch steadily made the game more irritating for me and I have now stopped playing.

    Will try again in a few months and hope they have reversed the current trend...
  19. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Have to agree with Zokra on this one. Loved the game at first and couldnt get enough of it. Unfortunately after a month I found myself getting bored very very easily and so havent logged in for a while.

    Still have pretty high hopes that things will get better, but overall I'm going gonna give it a thumbs down.....
  20. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Yo Penti!! :)
  21. Porkay

    Porkay Guest

    I love this game, my Demonologist is awesome!!! :)
  22. Thorstein

    Thorstein Guest

    Gotta say, while I'm still enjoying AoC, funcom's customer service is absolutely terrible. There is no excuse why a GM would not yet be familiar with the villa quest problems of the last patch. Reset the mobs, don't tell me to wait until tomorrow...ah well...I'm sure they enjoyed getting a few pages by people who got upset about getting ganked on their way to the villa quests.
  23. dirran

    dirran Guest

    It took away 40% wow players after it launched.. but nearly 3 months past.. many leave and return to wow again.. i think it is one of the best mmog recently.. but it should consider more to earn durative..
  24. Zokra

    Zokra Guest

    Dirran... WoW actually claimed that 40% of the players that left for AoC have gone back to WoW... not that 40% of WoW players left for AoC... that would be about 4 million people.

    At most AoC had 750k players. I certainly get the impression that a good portion of those have left though
  25. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    AOC was good the first 20 levels, but after that, sadly, it went downhill.

    I had great expectations for it.
  26. Zin

    Zin Guest

    I'm taking a one month sabbatical. Try again two weeks from now.
  27. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I have 3 lvl 22 characters and somehow I dont feel like leveling them more right now, I guess its general tiredness for grinding xp or running quests :p
  28. Seridove

    Seridove Guest

    This game is the first game in a while that I've really enjoyed. However, given the trash that's been released lately..it's not hard to rise to the top of the new MMO pile.

    There are some bugs that are truly annoying. Lock out timer issues, broken crafting, pvp (which I'm not a huge pvper...but..still not working as intended), guild management issues, and quests that are left broken for ..well..since release. I'm also going to hit 80 with my character here prob tomorrow..that means that I'm going to be DYING for more and new content.

    Having said that, I enjoy the combat, the graphics, the ability to solo (or group) your way through the game, the detail some quests go into, and the raiding.

    As long as you don't RUSH to 80 and then expect there to be lots to do..this game is something that is fun, social, and enjoyable. But if there aren't some content updates (and soon) you will have more 80's bored to tears.
  29. I still think it has the potential to become really good, but at the moment I'm finding it hard to think of things to do after 80. Yes, I could level up other classes but the quests weren't really that interesting the first time around, and besides, I'm the type of player who prefers to focus on just one character really.

    Thinking about giving it a rest for the next few months and then coming back to see what, if anything, is new.

    And like someone else said, player housing would definitely be a huge draw!
  30. xain908

    xain908 Guest

    I just want to share something.

    I were to have high level characters, I would rather have 1 on AoC rather than 10 on other games. Once we reach the level cap on AoC, the graphics is so sweet that our character would be enough as a worthy trophy for playing the game. I like to get my character to look it's best when I have the time and what best place to do that than here on AoC.

    I can't wait to see my barbarian wear these items:

    barbarian set
  31. molinaro

    molinaro Guest

    Are you a FUNCOM employee? I ask because I can't imagine any other reason for someone to say that.

    The #1 problem with the game is the horrible itemization. Everything looks the same! We get 30 shades of gray and 30 shades of brown to wear. Many of the different armor acutaly have the same underlying mesh, with just different color schemes. The character appearances in this game are horribly repetitive and drab.

    And even worse are the stats on the items. This game could not be any worse.
  32. Ianthe

    Ianthe Guest

    i really agree with u
  33. andyoume

    andyoume Visitor

    Dec 28, 2011
    Likes Received:
    yes ,AoC is pretty good.