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[Selling] That hard to sell houses now?

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by dizzylish, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. dizzylish

    dizzylish Guest

    Ok I am selling a few houses. A 8x13, a 14x17 and 18x18 in Malas. I have a large tower in Tram for sale on the water too.
  2. i usually dont agree with buying houses from people holding them, but apparently 18x18 are really tough to get these days, how much are you asking for the 18x18 malas?
  3. dizzylish

    dizzylish Guest

    I dont hold houses I have 6 accounts. I am going to be shutting down some so trying to sell the houses.
    Prices are offers now I have no set prices
    8x13 malas
    14x17 malas
    18x18 malas
    Large tower in Tram on water.
  4. Bellator

    Bellator Guest

    ATM the market is crowded with 2-3 professional sellars that are constanly spaming in Luna with max storage houses. If you could hold off for a bit you could sell the large ones later.

    As for the 8x13 I hate to say but those size house have lost most of thier value. If you look hard you could find a open plot at that size.