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The Adventure Begins.

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Torr Jerlein, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Let's try something new shall we? Here is what I shall do for you folks, run you all in an adventure. If you want in, PM me, do not respond to this post with character actions or things like that. What I want in the initial PM's?

    1. Your characters name.
    2. Your Stats, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, Maximum of 225 just like UO.
    3. Your skills, Maximum of 700 points, just like Uo.
    4. A brief Bio of your character, include fighting tactics.
    5. Weapons or Magic of choice.
    6. General Alignment of your character (i.e Good, Evil, Neutral)

    I will detail the events in further posts to this thread and will mention actions from you players. How? Because after I detail things, you will one week to PM me with your characters actions. I will then describe to everyone what the people are doing. I will not kill anyone outright, I will always leave plenty of chances for healing or for Running. So if anyone is interested, PM me with your characters Templates and so forth and Next Wed we shall begin the Adventure. Good luck to all.

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  2. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    You are all in the Inn...

    The sun slowly sank into the tops of the mountains, and the firepit in the White Stag was beginning to heat the place to a comfortable level. Smoke billowed upwards into the hole cut into the roof to vent it's choking fumes. The place was crowded as usual, merchants mingled with warriors, off duty guards played catch the barmaid as hands were constantly slapped away. The bartender, Krol, was busy serving drinks and the smell of frsh cooked meat and stews fumigated the place with a nice country home scent.

    The mild clammor of the patrons rose and fell as people laughed at jokes, gasped at ghost stories and even yelled at dice and other games of chance. The on duty guard watched from his small alcove near the doors and eyed each and every patron as they made their rounds and said their hello's to friends and companions from long ago adventures.

    The door burst open and a young man entered, his hair was a dark red, his breath leaping from his lungs in huge gasps as he bent over and nearly fell down.

    Startled the Guard leaned over and grabbed the youth, then cringed as he pulled his hands away from the youth's arm, gore and blood could be seen on his hands. The Inn fell quiet as people turned to the unexpected commotion. The boy tried to speak, but he was too far out of breath, as if he had been running for miles without stop.

    "Woah, Slow down," the guard said, wiping his hand on a towel in his small alcove. "What happened?"

    The youth explained that he was at the church when an undead horde attacked. The clergy were quikly overwhelmed and slaughtered, the undead feasting on them as the citizens watched. More of the foul smelling creatures constantly poured into the place, and the whole congregation were amazed. Clerics attempted to banish the tormented souls back to their rest, but even the lowley unthinking Zombies somehow resisted the effects of their prayers. The youth had never seen undead before and took flight as the massacre continued. He further stated he saw a dark figure hiding in the shadows as he fled the church. The figure laughed evilly as the youth fled. He only saw red glowing eyes, and doesn't know what the thing was in the shadows.

    The youth begins to tremble and sob, his knees buckle and he drops to the floor, crying and screaming that he watched his parents killed by zombies and partially eaten.

    The guard picks the youth into his arms and craddles his head, whispering murmers of consolation to the terrified youth. He looked at the other silent patrons and saw the terror in their eyes. Never before had anyone heard of undead being able to walk on consecrated grounds. This was some un-namable evil that could reap havoc on the Stag community. Small murmers of surprise and fear leaped from the Inn's patrons, people whispering to themselves on what this could mean, others wondering what the local Lord would do, maybe send some Warrior's to find the Vile beasts of Undead and destroy them.

    The guard was still consoling the youth when he instantly recthed. The young man looked back in fear at the half open door and screamed in terror. A beast, within a sickly green skin and lumps od flesh peeling away shabbled into the room. It let out a low moan, and advanced, it's undead mind only seeing more food.

    The small youth tried to scramble away, and the guard began to rise, his hand on the hilt of his sword, when from outside, more low moans could be heard. The Inn erupted in chaos as some women screamed, some men too. And others began fighting to get to the rear entrance.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 04/26/01 04:04 PM.</FONT></P>
  3. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    ...... As the Zombie reaches for the Youth, the Guard's Broadsword slides from it's sheath. He steps in front of the undead thing and readies for the battle.

    The hissing sound as blades leave their scabbards can barely be heard over the screams and pounding of feet as people try and flee out the back. A Young Knight of Virtue that has made a name for himself at the Inn steps forward with a Longsword and his Shield at the ready. Von Fanel is his name, many of you recognize him. He wears gleaming Platemail Armor from gead to toe, his eyes shining bright behind his Plate Helmet. He approaches the guards side, prepared to defend the Inn from these Vile monstrosities.

    The brave Warrior Garrett draws his Scimitar and readies his Shield. He looks at the door, takes a deep breath and bodly dashes out the front door. You hear the moans of more zombies rise in unison as a new living thing is now introduced into their line of sight.

    Another well known person of the Inn, Shadow, takes his Double Axe from his belt and mutters a curse "By Odin's breath", as the first zombie walks through the door. As the wails grow outside from the hungry undead, he mentions something else. "Nay foul beasts, thee shall not have easy prey this night." And with that statement, he charges towards the rear entrance, his axe gleaming in the firelight.

    A new person in the Inn looks on in horror at the sight of a zombie in civilization. Seeing as three people are about to battle the undead, he draws a finely crafted Katana from it's scabbard, the blade immaculately clean and shinning in the light of the fire. He steps next the Young Knight and prepares to do battle. His heart racing with the adrenaline rush of possibly dying.

    The battle commences, and the guard and Knight swing at the same time, each slicing off one of the zombies arms. They fall with a thud onto the Inn's wooden floor. Feeling no pain, the Zombie lumbers forward, oblivious it will die soon. Lynx jumps in the fray, and his clean Katana slice severs the head from the vile beats, which bounces around the floor commicaly, and even gets kicked about a bit by scrambling feet. The rest of the zombie falls to the ground with a wet thud, unmoving.

    At this point, Garrett comes back in the Inn and mentions the horde waiting outside. "There are at least a dozen more Zombies, pretty close too. And I think I saw some Skeletons behind them."

    At this, a Semi-transparent form floated through the open doorway, and screached. Nothing living could make that noise, and Garrett spun about, diving to the side as the Spectre's Icy hands attempted to wrap around his throat. A bolt of pure Enegry slammed into the creature, and a sizzling trail could be seen back to the shadows where Vair Icebane's hands smoked a bit after releasing the magic. The Spectre screached again, and this time a pillar of flame erupted from the ground around it, engulfing the undead creature in it's cleansing heat.

    After releasing the Flamestrike, Haplo stepped from the shadows and spoke, "Should we fight them, or flee?"

    Two zombies scuddled through the open doorway, and immedialty attacked the guard, who was closest to them. One arm clubbed him over the head, while the others claws dug into his skin. He tried to swing his Broadsword, but the zombies were too close and he couldn't get an attack in. The zombies carried him to the ground, and rotted teeth sank into his skin. He screamed at this point, and knew his life was coming to an end.

    The warriors began to advance on the two undead, but a third came through the door, slamming a heavy arm across Garrett's shield. With a grunt, he parried the blow, and sliced into the beasts chest, a sickly green fluid began to seep out, but too slowly to hit the floor. As Garret prepared to swing again, he noticed a Kryss punch through the creatures chest, the tip stopping just inches from his nose. Everyone heard the door slam shut then.

    "Leave it a female to save the day," cames G'hella's playful, quiet voice. The lockbar slammed down after her foot kicked it into place. "Garrett, love, when your done playing, the guard needs help."

    The four of them went to work on the two zombies, they hacked and poked, slaying the fiends in record time, but the guard was too far gone, pieces of his flesh had been torn away, and blood pooled on the ground underneath him. They all saw there was no sense in even wasting a bandage on him.

    The pounding of the zombies began on the door and walls at this time. And they could hear the clacking of bones as the skeletons approached. The Inn is empty except for these brave warriors. They look at each other, chest's heaving with the excertion from battle. Then Shadow returns from the back, "The back is clear." He mentions. His chest heaves too, but not from battle, as his axe still gleams. "We can go out the back and come around and fight them, we can stay here and fight them, or we can flee and gain time to study our foe, maybe learn some more on this strange occurances." He pants, placing his hands on his knees at the force from running outside and hiding constantly. "I may know a Sage that can tell us how these undead attacked a church."

    to be continued......... (PM each other and find out what type of strategies you would all like to do. Then Have someone PM me with it. I will go from there.)
  4. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Haplo quickly responds, "We better decide quick, if we stay here and they come around back, we can get trapped."

    Nods of approval could be seen around the group. And Haplo continues, "I can use my magic to cover our escape."

    Still breathing heavily, Shadow speaks up between breaths, "I agree, staying and fighting can only lead to disaster. We have no idea how many there are, and if that man the boy spoke about is near."

    Von and Garrett both speak up, "We should try and help the Townsfolk escape." They both smile at each other as their words came out in unison. And Von gives a nod of approval to Garrett.

    "WAIT!" And the group jumps slightly as G'hella yells out. "We can lure them inside, and then torch the place. We have plenty of oil around, all we need is one person to open the door and run out the back." Her confidence grows as the plan forms in her mind. "We can block the back door as the 'bait' comes out, then go around front and lock the front door. Then set fire to it." She beams as her idea seems sound.

    Lynx offers to to be the bait and open the door, "I am quick, he mentions, I can outrun them."

    Garrett speaks up then, "After we torch the Inn, I say we all look for this Sage Shadow knows. If we are going to fight this menace, I think we will need each other's help."

    The group agrees and the plan get's set into motion. Vair also offers his magic ability to slow down the enemy while they retreat and make sure the Townsfolk are ok. Oil is thrown across the interior of the Inn, and the sweet smell begins to choke the group. They apply moist cloth to their nose and mouths to breath through, and finish the task.The group gets set to go out the back door, Von and his Broadsword leading the way. The group slowly slips out the back, and a quick check shows that no undead are around.

    As the way is clear, Garrett yells inside to Lynx to let the undead in. And a quick few seconds later, Lynx comes running out the back, and they all toss their lit Torches into the Inn. A small fire immediatly startes, and quickly roars to life as it finds the oil as it's fuel. The group quickly closes the back door, and is barracaded with furniture, tables and water barrels.

    The group sneaks around to the front, and notices the last skeleton walk into the door. They see the outline of the countless undead on the ground from inside the Inn, as the fire spreads inside and silohuetts their corpses. The group rushes over, making sure nothing is lurking in the area, and in uniso cast Fireballs into the Inn. 7 fireballs erupt inside the Inn, igniting more of the oil in a small explsion. Undead begin to falter against the Immense heat and growing flames. The door is slammed shut, and barricaded with more Inn furniture. Then the 7 adventurers race away into the night, locating cowering Townsfolk and escorting them out of the town.

    The night sky soon brightens, as the blaze that has become the Inn lights up the night. Flames shoot several dozen feet into the air, and the spectacle is almost beautiful, if not for the dire situation. The group heads away from town, Shadow leading the way to the old Sage's tower he knew of.

    After several hours of walking, and not a single Undead creature spotted outside of town. The group realized that the threat was just in the small town as the Inn. Hopefully it will remain there while they visited the Sage. The Tower rose into the night, a blacker spot on the already black night. A light was visible in the top floors, so it looked like he was still awake.

    The group approached the front doors, two massive wooden bound doors, small metal studs were spread out on the doors, and a heavy metal band held some of the wood together in spots. The door looked very sturdy, and any attacks on the Tower would take some time before breaking through this front door.

    Shadow reached out, and grabbed the huge knocker, slamming it down several times. A dull thudding echoed inside the Tower, and the sound of breaking glass drifted down towards them through an open window.

    "Oops," stated Shadow, a slight smile spreading across his lips.

    Several minutes pass, and Shadow reaches for the knocker again when the sound of the inside locks being removed could be heard. Shadow put's his arm down, and the door slowly creaks open. An old man, age wrinkles covering all of his face you can see. His ice blue eyes sparkle behind his full white beard and mustache. His beard stops as it meets his beltline. He wears a robe, and his slippered feet can be seen poking out of the bottom.

    "Who dares to knock at my door!" The sage squeaks, his voice is old with age, and shakes a bit. With the loss of some of his teeth, his voice sounds like a serpents hiss. HJe squints into the night, trying to adjust his eyes to the gloom.

    "Illumini!" He says, and a small globe of light above the door frame bursts into life, shading you all in a comfortable glow. The light is not bright enough to cause you to squint, but his eyes widden at the sight of so many people.

    "I say, what do you want?"

    Shadow stumbles out, "Griph, it is Shadow, we need some advice."

    "Oh, by the Gods, I nearly didn't recognize you, please come in." With that, the Griph steps back and allows you all entry to his Tower.

    He leads you all to his study, and you marvel at the things he has on display. Full suits of ancient armor that must cost Millions of Gold. Rare Weapons from far away lands, Furs of animals you have never seen before. Heads of creatures and Monsters alike adorn the walls of several rooms, stuffed in poses of attack.

    "Please sit," he beckons everyone, there are plenty chairs for all to sit down, and you do, adjusting weapons and armor to make yourselves more comfortable. "Please, tell me what you need to know, by the looks of you all, I would say this information is urgent."

    He waits patiently, looking at each of you in turn, and you get the briefest feeling, as he stares into your eyes, that he is seeing more into you than anyone could ever had in a look.

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  5. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Von Fanel opens up and asks the Sage the first question. "Who could lead such an attack of Undead, against a Church?!"

    The sage looked across the room, and a book floated to his outstretched hands. He peeled back the cover, and opened the book towards the middle. He looked up, eyeing Von and began to speak, placing his finger along his reading path in the large book.

    "None would have thought that a horror such as this could exist. My men, nearly two dozen strong had heard rumors from the local village folk of Undead raids against their small village. I took my company to the village, it was near the sea, along the Sword Coast. We walked in daylight, and saw the bodies littering the ground. The smell of Blood and Death filled our nostrils, and we used cloth to cover our mouths and noses, lest we retch from the stench. The bodies were everywhere, we had no time to count them, only some time to gather them in the square and burn them. Before they rose to their masters calling.

    The gathering of the dead was torture to our souls. Everyone of us weapt at the sight of women, and even small children, flesh hanging loosley from their gray, dead skin. I myself took a baby, no more than a couple months old, into my arms. It's tiny head was so bloddy and eaten away, that I could tell if it was a boy or girl. The whole company cried as we carried, dragged and pulled the dead village people to the square, and we sat and watched as the fire took their bodies, the perverted part of their existance now, and obliterated their remains. The pile of dead was taller than the locale Tavern, and as big around as a Cloud Giants Leg.

    When the grimmest part was done, and the Fire had burned low, we noticed the sun retreating past the sea. We began to get ready, armor being donned, and weapons readied. The sun finally dipped behind the sea, and the darkness that followed was only light by the dying bonfire from the villagers bodies. Then we saw them, zombies. Dozens of the smelly, ugly, slow moving creatures of pure evil shambled out of a nearby home. Their moans of eternal torment called to us, a sign that they knew we were about, fresh meat."

    The sage looked up, and eyed the gathering, making sure everyone was paying attention. He snapped his fingers at Lynx, and shook his head as the thief's fingers retreated from a fine platinum glass. He bent down and continued.

    "Our six priests, all men of high faith in church and higher beings stepped forward. These six, with powers that have turned zombies like this into dust, began their chants. We were watching all around now, as an army of undead emerged from the darkness. close to 50 skeletons, bones and decaying weapons and armor clicking and clanking together as they walked towards our group. Ghoul's, quick, ugly green monstrosities, leaped back and forth behind the skeletons. Even a Wraith, it's unearthly wail echoing into the night, reached our ears. The priests ended their chant, and all raise symbols of their faith to the heavens, and belowed, 'Begone, Back to your eternal rest, by the power that has been granted to me by my Patron Deity, I banish You from this Earth!!'

    Yet they kept coming. Not even a single Skeleton, the weakest of the undead, turned away. These six priests, the most powerful I have seen in my lifetime, could believe what they saw. I guess our faith faltered at this moment, for the battle begun. My men fell, one by one to the massive undead horde. I have never seen this many undead before in my time as a Hunter. I have many Liches, even a few Vampires have a small undead guard, but Even those of the most powerful Liche I have fought, never excedeed 25 undead guards. We were frightened now, and my men fell, dying to the earth.

    Then I remembered my Sword. A gift from a great King long dead. I drew the bladed weapon from it's sheath, dropping my axe to the ground. The moonlight hit the blade, and lights seemed to leap from the glistening blade, wherever they touched an undead, th beast fell, burned to ash in a matter of heartbeats. With renewed faith, I swung my weapon at the mass of undead, cleaving arms, legs, heads, and bones. Limbs flew to the ground, and instantly turned to ash, as well as the body from whence it came. Me and two others survived that initial assault. At our ground lay 20 of my comrades at arms. Faithful Hunters, and Slayers of Undead. All around us, the ash of the undead I vanquished rose to our knees.

    I held my sword high, and screamed my defiance at the world. I had wone. I had beaten the odds and survived. And that's when He appeared. He was tall, a bit over 6 feet, and well muscled. I could see the play of his muscular arms against the silk black shirt he wore. He looked young, no more than 23 years of age. His black hair was short, stopping just behind his collar. His black cape was several inches off the ground, and his strides were fast. He made no noise moving among the ash, I saw a small cloud of ash rise into the air around him, yet heard nothing. I feared a spell was cast over us, to hide the battle, but then he spoke.

    'Who dares destroy my army?!!' His voice boomed loud enough to make my head hurt. And looking to the shocked and horror stricken faces of my two remaining friends, I saw from Elenon, my Elven companion, blood trickle from his ear. I raised my sword, the one that had slain the whole undead army, and then He attacked.

    I must have blinked, for one second he was 10 feet from me, and the next, he had Elenon in his grasp. With one hand, he raised the Elf into the air, I saw poor Elenons' legs kicking as his booted feet were lifted out of the ash. Then He smiled, and I saw the fangs. They were an inch long, each. Longer than any Vampire I had ever encountered. Dorman ran to Elenon's aid, swinging his Mace at the monsters head, and connected. The creature didn't even flinch. It's head was unaffected by the mace! I knew our lives were over, yet I still held that sword, the one that had defeated his army. So I raised it and swung.

    All my strength went into that swing, and as the sword connected, I heard the faint popping sounds as Elenon's neck was crushed under His grip. And then Elenon's body fell, the Fiend's hand still wrapped around his neck. The arm was severed just above the elbow. The cry from the that creature was horrendous, I dropped my sword and held my hands over my ears, and felt as my ears exploded in pain. I felt blood trickle between my fingertips, and saw the creature turn to flee, holding it's arm. Dorman stood in it's way though, and as the creature fled, I saw Dorman's head fall to the ash and go underneath. His body followed soon after, a cloud of ash chocking my lungs.

    I never saw the creature again. I did live, and penned this story for those to hear. I know not whether this creature is still alive. But the Sword that was given to me by the King was named Slayer. It is a Longsword, and has special powers when fighting the Undead. I am now deaf because of this instance, and no longer am a Hunter. Two Companies were formed after my tale reached the local Town and the Sheriff and his men researched the incident. One is called The Hunters of Undead. They are like my old company, and hunt down and kill the undead wherever they may rise from the grave. The other is called Seekers of Slayer. They are on an eternal hunt for swords like Slayer. There have been rumors and tales of other such powerful weapons arising in the realms. The Seekers do have several of those weapons in their possession."

    The Sage lifts his head, and slowly closes the book. It glides back to the same spot where it came from. He looks at Von, and speaks in his aged voice.

    "I know there is a chapter of the seekers in the small Town to the North of my home. It is many days travel from here. You all can rest here for the night, and be off in the morning. Or you can go to the town now, and camp along the way. I do have one story to tell you of my own. I believe it does have importance here. That book, by the way, was penned nearly 400 years ago. And those two Companies of men still exist to this day. I know, because I was one of them. I had joined The Seekers, and found that book in their libraries. I took it to translate it and re-write it so that it can be read easier."

    The old man settles back into his chair, and begins.

    "About 30 years ago, when I was quiet younger, I was with a dozen of my Companions from The Seekers. We were following up on a report from a village not too far from here, in fact the one I mentioned to you where the Seekers are. The rumor was of an Undead attack in the outskirts of town. The main fear we heard in the report, was that the attack was on a church, and targeted against the Leader of a Group of men travelling through the Town. They were members of a Company called, The Hunters of Undead.

    We arrived, and saw the aftermath. the townsfolk were scared, beyond anything we have ever seen. We had one man in our group that had a weapon like Slayer. It was a Spear though, and had proved to be very usefull against all the undead we had ever encountered. When we arrived, we got the stories from the vollage folk, as well as the men from the Company. The Undead had barged into the church, much like your story states, but killed only the Leader of the Hunters. They harmed no-one else. And for a group of Zombies and Skeletons, mindless undead, this was some interesting news. To be able to identify and kill only one person in a group og a hundred or so, we were shocked.

    We went to the local Tavern, to discuss what had happened, and was approached by a man. He was well dressed, black silk cloths, black cape. And black hair, it was long, to the middle of his back. He had rings along his fingers, looked very wealthy indeed. He even had a small moustache across his upper lip. He asked to speak to the Lore man among our company, which was me.

    I met him in private, as he asked. Our Elven companion already cleared him as human, as well as the fact that he was walking about in daylight. Even though there have been countless rumors of very old Vampires being able to walk about in the light of day, they are easily identified by their pale skin, this man was tanned to some extent. Plus, with an Elf's keen night vision abilities, Undead are, well, Undead. They have no heat to give off, and so look to be cold to the heat sensing eyes of humanoids. And our Elf assured me that this man was human, and very much alive.

    In my private room of the Tavern, he began his tale of when he was a younger man, which seemed a little odd to me, for he couldn't have been more than 25 years of age. He recounted to me his friend, and lifelong companion, that he adventured with and grew up with. They found themselves in a lot of trouble, they had found a way into the pits of Hell, and met with the Dark rpince of the underworld. The Prince stated that one of them would be allowed to live and leave, but one would die a horrible death and be tortured for eternity in Hell. This man i was conversing with stated that he accepted the death, and told the prince to take his life. Expecting his friend since childhood to disagree and offer the Prince his life instead, he was shocked when his companion stated, "yes, yes, take him!"

    And his friend was set free, to roam the world of the living again. Cursing his friends name, this man was then asked what way he would like to die. Upon this he mused, and finally stated, none. I wish the offer to live once more, but to bring to you the souls of hundreds of victims. Grant me power, and the ability for revenge, and you shall have countless additions to your souls here.

    The Dark Prince thought of this, and agreed. He could see inside this man, and he saw the change. He knew this man would be able to give what he offered. And so he changed him, with so much pain involved in the turning, the man's soul was twisted even more. He was granted the powers of a Vampire, with the benefits of being human. And as I looked at this man, I saw his incisors grow, they shot out to an inch in length, and he smiled at me, looking like the Devil himself. As I yelled for my friends, reaching for my silver Dagger I always carried, the Curtains to the private room fluttered, and the man was gone, with his name being carried on the winds and a warning.

    " I shall be back, and the world will know the terror and bow to me, T.J."

    I have seen and ran into this man many times in my career as a Hunter and a Seeker. Each time he looked different, but had an aura of Power preceed him. My advice to you, is to search out the Seekers, and tell them T.J. has returned. He is ammasing an army, and they shall help.

    Again, you all can stay here for the night and set out tomorrow, or you can start now. What shall ye be doing, I shall get drink and bread for us while you converse about it amongst each other.

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  6. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Griph rises and goes to another part of the room. You hear the sounds of pans and glasses being knocked around, and one even breaks, the shattering sending a small cat that was under a chair scurrying for cover up the stairs.

    Haplo looks at the group and starts the conversation. "I don't really trust this guy, let's press on till near sunrise, and then take a break. This guy could be in league with T.J., he is obviously a powerful Magic user."

    G'hella nodded, " I too have my doubts about him. But then again, we may be able to learn something from him."

    Lynx pops in, "I say we stay here. It would be safer to have the Sage, with his magic, protecting us. Those doors were thick, and I doubt we would be in any danger here."

    Garrett nods in agreement. "I agree, the Griph seems powerful in his own right, and if this T.J. is following us, which I doubt, we would be safer with someone that has seen him before and has been battling the undead longer than we have been alive."

    Von and Shadow nod, "That seems like sound advice Garrett," states Shadow. Von yawns, his jaw bones crackling with the widness of his mouth.

    Vair looks at Von. "Tired?" he asks.

    Von nods, as the yawn is carried from one member to the next. A smile spreads on the lips of the members of the group, they are actually tired, and this would be a nice place to sleep. It seems safe, the walls of the tower are thick, and the sage does seem powerful.

    "So it's settled," Garrett says, "we stay here for the night."

    Just then Griph comes back in, a tray of sweetbread and glasses of warm wine for everyone. He places the tray on the ground, and looks towards the door, his brow knitting in concern and what looks like concentration. He shakes his head slightly and says," Eat, drink, we shall chat a little more, unless your all too sleepy." He slowly rises, and heads towards the door, he looks back and smiles, "More company, " he plainly states, just as the knocker on the door makes a loud thudding noise, echoing inside the Tower.

    Two suits of armor, crossbows balanced from their hands to the ground, swiflty, and magically raise the bows. Both bolts are aimed for the entrance. Griph opens the door, and ushers in another guest. Looking back to the suits of armor, they are as they were originally, crossbows back on the ground, the butts held in one hand.

    The guest is a man, standing about 6 feet in height, medium build. He wears bronze scale mail armor, and it glistens in the firelight. No visible weapons are on his person, yet he moves with the grace of a hunting cat. He smiles and nods at the group.

    Griph looks at everyone, and states, "This is Gehad Farland. He travels from a far off land, and seeks shelter. Apparently a storm approaches, and he decided to get inside before he gets wet."

    Everyone settles down for Sweetbread and warm wine, which is spicey a bit, but delicious. The bread is sticky, and sweet, with a touch of cinnamon and sugar for flavoring. Not much is said while the group eats, and Griph studies the book a bit more. The question nagging at him for too long, Haplo asks, "How do you get the armor enchanted?"

    Griph looks up from his book, smiling. They were gifts from a King a long time ago. He had them crafted by his best Magicians, to protect his bedroom door while he slept. Unfotunatly, he was assassinated while he slept. The Assassin came in through the Window." He smiled, and shook his head as he remembered days long past. He closed the book, and stood. "I shall retire, but first I shall make up rooms upstairs. There are only three rooms, sorry, you will have to bunk with some people. You are more than welcome to stay down here and sleep, or go to the rooms when your ready. I only ask that you don't go higher in the Tower than the next floor. I have several things that are fragile and can blow up."

    With that, he turns and walks up the stairs. Noises, the sounds of beds being turned out, pillows being fluffed, drift down to the group. The group finishes with their meal, and begin the introductions to Gehad. They chat for a bit, telling him of their mission and what they are up to. They also mention the danger of the nearby town, and advise him not to visit there.

    The hour turns late as the group discuss their plans forthcoming. Deciding to turn in and get a head start tomorrow and some needed rest, the group rises. And you all notice the two suits of armor raise their crossbows again. Something begins to pound on the door, and with the force of many men.

    Griph appears besides G'hella, he wears a Nightblue robe, with Red symbols sewn into the fabric. He carries with him a gleaming Mace, made of what looks like Silver. His eyes are opened in terror, and he looks at Garrett. "He has come for me."

    With the muttering of those words, the Door bursts open, splintering into many chunks of wood. The hinges being shattered and snapped off the door frame. The two crossbows fire in unison, and two bolts appear in the upper torso of a man. He wears full silk black clothing. He has black hair, cut short. He wears a black cloak, and the only thing that frightens you all are the way his eyes glow a Demonic red in the night.

    He rips the two bolts from his chest, and snaps them in each hand. He takes one step into the room, and looks over everyone. When he smiles, his fangs can be seen protruding from his upper lip and touching his lower one.

    Griph turns to you all yells, "RUN!!" After this he charges the Fiend, Mace swinging in an arc at the creatures head.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 05/31/01 12:41 AM.</FONT></P>
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    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Griph's Mace was dead on target, about to strike the Man in the side of the head. At the last possible second, and with a blinding speed, the Man's hand grabbed Griph's, stopping his arm dead in it's deadly arc. The sound of bones crunching could be heard as the Man put pressure on Griph's arm, Griph letting out a cry of pain. The Man smiled at Griph, his fangs plainly evident.

    Haplo launched a spell, "An Ex Por." And was immediatly frozen in place, his arm outstrecthed to point at the Man.

    Gehad cast a spell, muttering the words under his breath, "Kal Vas Flame." A Pillar of fire seemed to erupt from the ground, and engulfed the Man in flames, both him and Griph crying out in pain and surprise. The man flung Griph backwards, the Old Sage stricking the Stone wall with a sickening crack, and slumped to the ground.

    Von drew his mighty Broadsword and advanced on the man, to protect the Mages, Garrett by his side. G'hella slipped over to where Griph lay slumped against the wall, checking that the man was still breathing.

    Gehad yelled, "We need to leave this place, and fight on our own terms, not his. This is his chosing, we need to go!" Lynx smacked Haplo on the back of the head, breaking the paralysis spell, and began to utter some words for the Gate spell.

    Vair uttered a long incatation, the power making the hairs of the backs of the parties necks rise. Shadow cast an Energy Bolt, the powerful spell stricking the man in the chest, and scorching a hole in his shirt. The Vampire looked down and the hole, and watched as the blackened and flakey skin turned reddish, and began to heal in front of your eyes.

    G'hella grabbed Griph, the gate that Lynx was opening popped into view, the shimmering blue gate crackled with Magic Energy. She hefted him atop her shoulders, bowing under the weight, and struggled for the gate. Von and Garrett began their attacks from opposite sides, both men swinging at the same time. A Longsword appeared in the Vampires hands, and he blocked both swings with apparent ease. He then went on the Offensive, and both men were slowly retreating. They were doing all they could just block his lightnening quick thrusts and cuts. The sound of metal ringing on metal echoed in the Tower, and Shadow took advantage, launching another magical assault on the Vampire. Another Energy Bolt slammed into the Monsters face, and it retreated a step crying in pain and surprise.

    Vair leaped through the gate, already muttering the words for a Dispel spell. Lynx assissted G'hella with Griph, and they both leaped through the gate together, along with the uncoscious Griph.

    Haplo also leaped through the gate, follwing closely behind the two struggling with the innate Sage. Shadow yelled to the two Warriors battling the fiend, "Let's go!" And then leaped through the gate himself. Von and Garrett both turned, just as Gehad released a Stone Wall atop the Vampire, it promptly fell atop him, and the last three adventurers leaped through the gate.

    When the last two came through, Vair dropped the Dispel on the gate, and the shimmering portal blinked out of existance. The party wiped sweat from their foreheads, and Garrett and Von were both shocked at the sheer power and speed the Fiend weilded. They knew they would need more help, it's regenerative powers were amazing, three Powerful Mages cast three Powerful spells at the thing, and it shock them off like a small fly.

    Griph lay on the floor in the back ally of a town. G'hella craddled his head, he was still alive, but would be in bed healing for a long time. The group gathered around, checking who was injured. They muttered a bit about the battle, and what went wrong and what they would need to do next time that happened.

    A Passerby looks down the Ally and yells, "Hey! What's going on there?" He ambles towards the group, taking careful steps. The group rises, and the stranger stops. "Hey," He says, raising his empty hands into the air. "I was just asking if you were okay." He looks like a Teenager, maybe 18 or so, he carries a Broadsword at his hip, and the clinking of armor can be heard under his clothes. "My names Xyon."

    Just then a Woman comes trotting around the back of the ally, and immedialty stops, two knives flashing in her hands at the site of the large group standing over a prone form. "What are you about?" She questions. "I am skilled in combat, and the guards are about. I am a messenger, carrying important documents. If your thieves, I shall call for the guards."

    Von steps closer, trying to calm her down and explain they were attacked and Griph is their friend. Xyon inches forward to hear the tale, and nods in understanding. "I can help you, I have a room at the Inn, you are all welcome to stay there." His smile is warm, and his young face looks innocent enough.

    You accept his propasal, each person keeping their hands in easy reach of a weapon or Reagants. The female joins you, she too is staying at the Inn. "The name's Elisha Teshrin, Messanger. Whatever I can't outbattle, I can outwit or outlast." She smiles, and the group arrives at the Inn.

    As the group goes up the steps to the Inn, a Man walks out of the Inn, an Ale in his hand. "Well, what 'ave we 'ere? A little band o' Travelers." He smiles. He has Deep Brown hair, Dark Emerald eyes. He wears a Dark Green suit of studded Armor, and a Kryss hangs on his belt. He looks like a lady killer, very attractive.

    "Garrett?" He questions, looking at Von. Von shakes his head in bewilderment, and the man speaks again to Von. "Look, Garrett, I was told by a Order o' people that ye would be looking for 'em. Me name is Rimlock Valcite, and me Kryss tis yours."

    Getting to know the new party members, you talk into the night, and then get set to start your trip to find the Order.

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    "Well, first things first," Rimlock intoned. "Ye need to be gettin to the order. I can take ye, 'o course, 'tis gonna be a journey." His smile was warm, and he was a friendly man. He scratched under his chin, a spot of itching getting to him. "We need to be travelling across the land, East, 'tis about 300 miles or so." He takes a pull of his ale, enjoying the liquid as it slides down his throat. " 'Ave you any horses? No I thought not, then on foot it be. They live in an old Castle 'o some sort, and 'twont be too hard to find."

    "Sounds good to me," states Von. He unbuckles his left arm guard and scratches at an itch that is bothering him. He replaces the guard when he is done, and looks at the others. "We can leave Griph here, maybe leave the Innkeeper some gold for food and lodging for him, and maybe to take care of him till he gets better. How does that sound to all of you?"

    "Sounds great," pipes up G'hella. She places her fingers under her chin as if in deep thought. "Maybe we should ask Griph some more questions about the order, wait, who knows when he will wake up. His head was pretty well banged up. I agree to leave Griph here and have the Innkeeper take care of him. I have the funds to give, if someone else wants to offer some, I would appreciate it. Also, I say we ask Elisha, Rimlock and Xyon to join us. Our first encounter with that...that.. thing leads me to believe the more the merrier. So, will you three join us?" G'hella looks at the three new comers to the group, an eyebrow raised to the heavens waiting for the response.

    "I will join you," Elisha speaks up. she looks at the group, many Warriors and Wizards among them, and nods her head. "You all look like the adventuring type, and I am currently out of work. Maybe this Order place, being so far out from everything, will need a messengar to deliver scrolls and the like. This sounds like a good job oppurtunity to me. I am in."

    Xyon looks about, a huge Devilish grin splitting his young face. "Oh I am in!" He looks around at the older folks, "I have been looking for this sort of adventure for a long time, and now that it's here, I am going."

    " 'O course I am goin'! I 'ave to lead ye all there don't I?" Rimlock shakes his heads, taking another sip of his ale. "I be needing to get some supplies in the morning, so I best be off to rest. Goodnight to ye all." With that, Rimlock stands and walks up the stairs to his rented room.

    Vair nods in agreement, "I say we leave the Sage here. He will only slow us down if we try and bring him with us. Here," he hands G'hella some gold, "for the sage's care. Now, I agree, we may need more help, and three additions to our group is great, we have a better chance if we meet that man again. I will be retireing soon as well, what time do we meet down here, first light?"

    Gehad looks as Rimlock goes upstairs, "I agree with you all here, We need to find that Order. I sensed immense power in that fellow back at the sages Tower. Power I have never sensed in a human before." Gehad looked about, his eyes lingering on an Elf sitting silently in the corner. The Elf was watching the group. Gehad could see the Elf clearly, his eyesight better than a humans. "I think we are being watched," Gehad whispered. He motioned slightly to the Elf, and the group sneakily looked in that direction in turns. They saw the figure, but couldn't make out much more.

    Lynx looked up, a smile on his lips. " I will take care of our follower tonight, don't worry about anything." He rose from his chair, and stretched his arms out wide, a huge yawn creeping up on his face. "I am tired, goodnight all." With that, Lynx walked up the stairs. And promptly slipped out a window on the second floor. He made his way around the Inn, and noted that there were two more people, thieves most likely, watching the front door of the Inn from an Alleyway. "hmmm," Lynx thought to himself, "more guests."

    Garrett spoke up then, "I agree, we leave the Sage, here G'hella." Garrett hands her a pile of coins. "Pay for his care with the gold you have now. We need to find out, or lose our follower. Lynx said he will take care of that one, but we need to set up a room watch in case that one doesn't leave. I will take first watch, then G'hella, then Von, then Vair. Jer you take up the final watch. We can sure use the added people to the group, and we will need more supplies. I will be going to the room, you all follow me up in a few minutes so I can get set up for the watch." With that, Garrett rises and strides up the room.

    Haplo nods as Garrett leaves and his duties, then speaks up, "I am going to find out where we are at, I will be back soon enough." With that, he rises and goes out the front door. Haplo walks down the street, checking out the place and the different shops.

    Shadow, left alone, sits quietly in the room, then he melds with the shadows, a gift of his people, and appears at the top of the stairs. He walks to the room and goes in, noting Garrett waiting at a small post to watch the door. He lays on a bed and is soon fast asleep.

    Garrett waited throughout his watch, nobody coming into the room at all. When his time is up, he gently nudges G'hella, and awakens her for her watch. She wakes, and sits in the same spot Garrett was at, listening to the slow deep breathing of the men as they slept. Her watch also goes without incident, and she awakens Von, whispering to him about the plans and the watches. Also describing the person that was watching them in the Common room. He nods and takes up his position, watching the door, and listening to the sounds of the city at night. Some horses clopping by outside on the ground, and the slow breathing on the others in the room.

    Von awakens Vair, and explains what G'hella told him, telling him of the watch and that Haplo will be back for the final watch. Vair sits up, studying his spellbook and looking for a spell that could harm the man they encountered. He figured they all must hurt him, they just need to wear down any resistance he may have. When his watch was nearing it's end, and no sign of Haplo coming back, he decided to wake up Gehad and tell him of the watch situation, but as he was explaining it, Haplo returned, a smile on his face.

    He nodded to the two men, and took his position, the other two shrugging and going to sleep. Haplo's watch went without incident as well, just like the whole night, and the morning sun began to peek above the mountains. He slowly rose, and strecthed his muscles and limbs out. then began to awaken the others.

    When they were all awake, they met down in the common room for an early breakfast. They ate well, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fresh bread. They washed it down with ale, chatting very little, more intent on the food. After breakfast, Garrett spoke up, "I think we all need to go and find some supplies, meet back here in one hour." With that they all began to depart for their respected places. Haplo approached Garrett, "If I am not back, go on without me," he said in a whisper. "I want to have a look around and see if that person is still following us, so I will be around, just not visible." Garrett nodded, "Good idea," and they all went along to gather what they needed.

    After the hour was up, they all met in front of the Inn. Armor and weapons were polished and fixed, reg bags were full again, and the needed food supplies were in everyone's packs. They counted heads and found out that Haplo was not there, but Garrett said it was okay, and told them what Haplo said the night before. They then set off on their journey, heading NorthWest. Along the trip, Lynx spoke up, "I bought a Longsword from a guy and I think it's magical, does anyone have an Identification wand or can they tell me what type of Sword it is?"

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    The group answered that none of them had an I.D. wand or staff available, but maybe the Order could I.D. it for him. The journey would take many days to travel, until G'hella told them to wait. She ran into a forrested area, and then came back several minutes later. She was leading horses that everyone could ride. She also handed out Communication Crystals she had purchased in town, so they could all communicate while over long distances.

    "They were a gift," she said at the questioning looks from the group, a smile turning up a corner of her mouth, and a mischevious twinkle sparkled in her eyes.

    The group mounted the horses, and they began their long ride, a single horse was tied to G'hella's saddle, for Haplo when he returned. The group traveled without incident for the whole day, Von brandishing and checking the new Silver Boradsword he had purchased in the town. Seeing as the thing they are fighting has control over undead, a silver weapon may come in handy.
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    A scream can be heard from behind the group, and they turn their horses about, readying weapons and spells. After several minutes, and some whispered conversations amongst yourselves, Lynx is volunteered to investigate. But before he can ride too far off, Haplo appears from the trees, walking towards the group.

    Upon getting near them, whispers of did he hear the scream, and what was it and such rang in his ears. His response, was to hand Garrett a piece of parchment. Upon the questioning look from the group, Haplo speaks, "read it aloud to us."

    Garrett unfolds the note, and reads it as loud as he dares in the forrest.

    By your description and my man's words, that is indeed Xyon with the Group. The little Thief has returned. I hope he still has what he took from us, for his sake. Follow them and report to me their destination, I shall arrive in the town in a day or two."

    It signed by a signet ring, it looks to be a gloved hand with a half moon above the thumb. **

    After finishing the note, Garrett eyes Xyon. An eyebrow raising in question at him. Xyon looks about the group, a smile parting his lips as he ponders what to think.

    A torent of questions flow to him from all members of the party at once, and he has to quiet them before he begins to speak....<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 08/22/01 11:34 PM.</FONT></P>
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    Xyon raises his hands, trying to silence the torent of questions coming his way.

    He finally speaks when he has silence. "Everyone does things when they are younger, stupid things. Right?" His eyes glance upon the thieves of the group. "I took something a long time ago, and the person seems to have not forgotten it. It was really nothing fancy, just a small Ring. I sold it days after I left that town, and bought some food and travelling supplies to keep myself going." He smiles in hopes of themunderstanding his tale.

    The group looks at him, and a sudden wind wipes across the road. A growing fog creeps from the treelines, and slowly covers the ground about the area. The fog even rises above the ground, creeping up into the trees and in the air of the raod. In a matter of a minute, the whole road is blanketed by the chill fog, and the groups visibilty is cut to about 10 feet in either direction you look.

    Xyon grab's the reins of the spare horse and mounts the creature.

    "I think we should leave, I.." Starts Gehad, then a howling wolf splits the air. The sound of it sending chills up your spines. For the wolf only seems to be at the treeline, that's the closest you can guess from the howl. " I feel the same Power I felt back in the Sage's Tower," states Gehad, eyeing the fog and looking for danger. "It isn't close, but it is out there."<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 08/27/01 07:42 PM.</FONT></P>
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    The group looks about, and two offers of scouting behind the group as they move on are voiced. G'hella and Gehad offer to stay behind the group, stealthing along and making sure nothing creeps up on them. They agree to split the road, one will be on the left, the other on the right side, to cover more ground between them. The rest of the group gathers up, and heads out.

    G'hella and Gehad soon disappear in the fog that has risen, and they seperate, each going into the trees on the side of the road.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 09/26/01 05:56 PM.</FONT></P>
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    The party rides for what seems like hours, Gehad and G'hella can sense the wolves just out of their vision in the Fog, but they never see one. The fog stays thick, making visibility only a few feet ahead of each rider. And the fog seeps under everyone's armor, sending chills throughout your bodies.

    The sun can no longer be seen, and you only stop when hunger demands it. Eating cold cheese and bread, wanting to get to the Order's castle sooner than later.

    After breaking for Lunch, the group rides for another 2 hours before the Fog begins to lift, and the group sees the end of the large forest area. Atop a small grassy hill, in the distance, maybe another half hour ride, stands a Huge Castle, with Gleaming Towers and Pennants streaming from balconies.

    Urging your horses on for sheleter. You approach the Castle, and two sentries stand guard out front of the gates, each wears Chainmail Armor, and carry a Halberd. The two weapons cross in front of the goup, and one of the guards speaks.

    "Halt, state your names and business for coming here!"<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 10/11/01 10:11 PM.</FONT></P>
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    Rimlock speaks first "I be Rimlock and we be seeking counsul with the Order's Leaders, they should be expecting us."

    The guards look at each other, and one turns about, whispering into a dark alcove. Movement can be seen from within, and behind the heavy wooden gates, footfalls echo as someone runs behind it.

    You rein in your horses, the sound of Leather Armor creaking amongst the Clanking of Heavy Plate Armor. Minutes stretch out, and finally the gates begin to open, and the guards allow you entrance. Standing in the middle of the courtyard are a dozen men, wearing black robes with red trim. A silver skull cap adorns each ones bald head. One steps forward of the rest, he is older, probably in his 70's, a gray beard is neatly trimmed beneath his jawbones.

    "Please," he rasps, his voice cracking with age. "Follow me, we have much to discuss and not much time. I will explain as we go." Stablehands emerge from the stable on your left, and grab the reins to your mounts, helpiing you dismount as well. They lead your horses away, towards the stable. You gather behind the old cleric, and the other 11 fall into step behind and amongst you.

    "We have had reports of Wolves attacking caravans in the nearby village," The old Cleric begins, his 11 assistants echoing his words as if trained in the recital of them, so that everyone can hear. "It wouldn't be much to worry about, but they have been dragging off their victims, not killing them. Reports of Zombies and other Undead alos have come to us, some reports indicate the ones the Wolves took have returned as Zombies."

    The group enters the main Keep in the Castle, and the warmth of dozens of fires spread through your tired, weary bones. Lanterns are placed along sconces in the wall, helping to light tapestries that hang there. Most depict the leaders of the Order, some wearing battle scarred armor, weilding glowing weapons with hordes of bodies around their feet. Others are clad in the same robes as the ones about you, with a glowing light behind their heads. One is even feeding a pigeon from his hand. You take note that not a single cleric is female, around you nor in the tapestries.

    "We have set aside a meeting, we have been expecting you. The Council will hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you may have for them." The old man stops at a Large Door, bound by bands of Iron and very sturdy looking. Three clerics have to puch the heavy door open, and you notice that it is at least half a foot thick if not more. He beckons you to go inside, and stays outside.

    Upon entering the meeting chamber, you notice twenty chairs arranged in a semi-circle at the far end of the room. They are all filled with members wearing the same garments as those that led you. However these clerics have red stripes on their caps, some more than others. They range from a single strip, to about twenty-five strips on the man sitting in the center of the circle. The group walks forward, moving about nervously.

    "What do you wish to know?" A Cleric speaks from the left. He is not as old as the one that brought you, but he looks to be the oldest in the room.

    Gehad speaks up, "We seek knowledge of the creature that is hunting the lands. Have you any books or lore on it?"

    A young cleric, perhaps in his early twenty's speaks up, " Tis not a creature that hunts, but a man. We have some Lore on him, though it won't do much good."

    "Hush!" Another Cleric speaks from the right side. "You speak to frankly, should we trust these people?"

    The cleric in the middle speaks now, "One of us has trusted Rimlock, and I trust him still." He looks at each member of the party, his brown eyes piercing into your inner being, seeing what lays in your heart, "Some of you will die when you meet this man, others will be feared by your own party as to what you become. We have weapons of great power that can harm this man better than any magic known. But beware, they take a terrible toll on the lifeforce of the weilder as well."

    He walks down from the three step dias that the chairs are on. He walks towards the group, and smiles. "I will answer any specific questions you may have now," He looks at Gehad. "An assisstant will bring you the scrolls we have on this man so far, feel free to read them."

    Several minutes later, another cleric arrives in the room, he holds in his hand several scrolls, rolled up for safe keeping. He hands them to Gehad. There are four of them. The head Cleric speaks again, "I have a favor to ask you all. My nephew has sent me a young man to care for, he wishes to join your party in this grand quest. I have tried to advise him of the dangers, but he refused. He states he is an excellent scout, what say you all?"<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 10/29/01 09:14 PM.</FONT></P>
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    Gehad gets the scrolls, and looks them over, three are from very old parchment, the fourth is rather new looking. He tucks them under one arm, and the party looks at the Cleric, questions on their faces...

    "I want to hold the Weapons!" squeals Xyon, obvious excitement about becoming a hero evident on his young face. "Please?" He ask's, barely able to control his excitement.

    "Maybe.." Is all G'hella says. And the look Xyon gives her, as if his whole world had just exploded stung her heart.

    " I wish to meet your brother's nephew Cleric," Ghella states, almost spitting the last word out.

    "What about these weapons you speak of?" Ask's Von. "What risks do they pose to their users, and could someone die by using them?"

    The Cleric looks at Von and answers, " The weapons are powerfully enchanted and from an age lost to normal men. They were forged when the world was young by the greatest of Smiths, and heavily Enchanted by the most powerful wizards. The weapons are sentient, they communicate with their wielders via a mind speaking. They warn of danger, and sometimes even give battle advice. Some users have been known to go quiet mad with the constant babble of some weapons." The Cleric looks about, to each of the members as he speaks the tale, " And when the weapon is used to slay Undead, a portion of the wielders Lifeforce is used up to aid in the killing blow, not allowing the creature to be brought back by any means. The more powerful creature slain, the more Lifeforce is used. There have been tales of a couple of wielders dying while killing a powerful foe." He smiles now, " But you folks look to be strong and will no doubt be able to withstand the draining power."

    " How do we kill the man hunting us?" Ask's Von, seeing as the Cleric looked finished with his tale.

    " With the Weapons lad." Was the Cleric's smiling response.

    With no further questions forthcoming, the Cleric bids you all a well evening, and retires. He promises to see you all in the morning and answer any more questions that may arise from the scrolls, or his recent tales. You all watch as he ambles off.

    The group heads to their bedchamber, which is a large room fit for them all to lay down. Comfortable cots are set up for everyone to sleep on, and a small curtain hangs around a portion of the room, where another cot is, along with a hair comb and a mirror sitting on the cot. You close the doors and gathering about a fire in the east wall, to talk.

    " I don't trust these 'clerics'", and G'hella does spit the word out this time, " any farther than I can throw one. Why haven't they used these weapons before to kill this man? Why wait till we come along? What are we, lambs being led to a slaughter?"

    You all noticed G'hella seems upset at the whole situation. " I need to speak to that nephew's son. He probably knows what the clerics aren't telling us about this creature. We should go get him." G'hella looks towards the door, and appears to be ready to follow her mind, but a word from Gehad stays her, for now.

    " First let me read the scrolls to everyone."

    Scroll #1

    <center><font color=red>' We have been searching for nearly a month now. Our supply's are nearly gone. The horses are frightened and dying of starvation, we shall too after we eat them, if we can't find shelter. I write this down so that others may find my journal and know what happened to our group.

    Three days have passed. John died last night, he was so weak, he fell off the moountain. We have struck a rich Gold vein, and will remain here till our horse meat runs out. We are sending Thomas back, he is only 17 and does not need to be here. We gave him plenty of supplies, he promised to come back with more help and food.

    A day has passed since John's death, and we found another dead. It was Jacob. We awoke to his screams, and when we got the fire stoked up and blazing, his lifeless eyes stared at us from the dark corner he was in. His throat had been ripped open, and a growing pool of his blood formed next to his body. We share the mountain with a beast, probably a great cat. The way his throat was torn.

    It is no beast! I saw it two nights after Jacob's death! It is a man. He is young, maybe in his mid 20's. He is well built, surviving in the moountains like a beast. He wore the clothes of man, but had fangs like a wild dog. The glow of his eyes as he peered at me from the dark sent shivers down my spine. When I brought the lantern up to reveal his face, I saw the dried blood all about him. On his mouth, clothes, even his hands. He had, Tymora bless me, Jacob's head in his hands. He apparently dug up his body to feast on. I yelled, and must have scared him off, for he was gone the instant I looked back to where he was. We are now arming ourselves and keeping a guard at night.'</font color=red></center>

    " The scroll ends there, nothing more written," says Gehad. " There is still what appears to be blood stains on parts of it."

    Scroll #2
    <center><font color=red>' I saw the beast last night. It walked among the largest Wolves I have ever seen, as if it were one of them. It turned around and I saw Red glowing eyes, peering at me in the darkness. I turned and fled, never looking back. I left Phillip's body there. I was too scared. Sometimes, at night, I still hear the howling of the wolves...'</font color=red></center>

    "That one ends there also."

    Scroll #3

    <center><font color=red>' Guard Baston stated he stood guard at the West Tower till Dawn. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, except Master Mantells bedchamber light on all night. He thought it odd, but failed to see any alarm in it. He was astonished to find the head of Master Mantell stuck to his Spear as it sat against the wall on his last trip around the battlements. He is deeply disturbed still at the sight. Being his Watch Captain, I beleive he had no knowledge of the killer.'</font color=red></center>

    "There's a second writing, below this one, newer," says Gehad. And he reads on.

    <center><font color=red> 'He didn't know that I was lurking in the shadows, waiting to feed. I was hungry, and my hunger demanded a Lord's blood....'</font color=red></center>

    " If I am not mistaken," Gehad says, " It is written in blood."

    Scroll #4

    <center><font color=red>' Knowing the Fiend was about, We hunted him. For now we know it is a man, and not a Vampire. Though it acts like one. Our Elf friend, LLayown has verified that man gave off heat in his lovely Elvish vision. We have the Cleric's War Mace with us, our strongest warrior, John Ironfoot weilds it. He has seen what it did to Flavon, nearly made the young man die. When the Priest struck the Vampire in the Castle, the fiend exploded, and Flavon fell to the ground, his hair now stark white like an old man. Wrinkles appeared in his face, and he stumbled about as if confused on where he was for several days.

    I write this book, so that others may understand what we hunted, in case we cannot kill him...'</font color=red></center>

    " The Writing here is unreadable, let me find something I can read," states Gehad.

    <center><font color=red>' The Beast killed John today! It was an amazing battle, our battle wizards threw every spell they knew, some even causing smoking holes in the ground at the beast, and he shrugged them off! We have begun to hunt the thing by day, it's Undead minions cannot aid it as well during the daylight hours. John struck the fiend with the War Mace, right in the chest. Oh how the thing yelled! In it's range, or pain, it tore mighty John limb from limb, finally smacking his head clean off his shoulders with one blow. Even hurt, the creature was powerful. After John's death, we gave him the final burial, for the creature fled when John hit it. We chopped off John's head, stuffed his mouth with holy wafers, and burned the body. We have fought our own warriors that this thing has resurrected as Zombies too often not too know.

    We know it is a cross between a man and a Vampire. It actually feeds on the Blood of it's victims. We only thought, at first, that it was some Evil Necromancer. But it never cast's spells at us, always with it's hands it does it's evil deeds. Plus the Resurrecting of some of it's victims. We thought it was a Necromancer. But just last week, we found a friend of ours that had been killed several months before. He was now a Vampire. It was terrible for the men's morale to kill him. That is when we figured out it was a mix, and no Necromancer. For Necromancer's cannot create Vampires, only other Vampires can.

    Today was a surprise. John must have wounded it badly with the Mace. We have been chasing it for nearly two weeks now. And just this morning, we found it's latest victim. A Young Dragon was slain, puncture wounds at it's neck, drained of blood. It was all of 15 feet long, the Dragon. It wasn't a baby, but the creature, still wounded, brought it down by itself. Can nothing stop it?

    Our search has come to an end, Priests. We have all been killed, including myself.....But.. as you can see, I have arisen again to walk the earth....And the joy of being this free. The sights, the sounds, the smells of immortality are amazing. I hope that those that read this book decide to join us as well....we can enslave the mortal races, use them as labor and food.'</font color=red></center>

    " That's it," says Gehad. His face seems a bit paler in the light, as if he was disturbed by the scrolls. " I have a tale too I heard many months ago in a far off Tavern. I took the old man telling the story to be crazy, until I just read that." Gehad looks into the fire, a look of longing creaping into his eyes.

    " The old man told me of Dragons, not baby's, or younf adults, but full grown Dragon's, being found like that young one was. Puncture wounds on their necks, and drained of blood. I dismissed the tale, as I told you, for it seems like pure myth that anything could take down Adult Dragon's. Most people I have heard of that do that aweful act, killing Dragon's, always used their scales for armor, or teeth for daggers." Gehad shudders now, as if chilly.

    Jer looks up from the floor, as the door clicks shut quietly. The group turns towards the door, and Lynx is standing there, looking at the group. "Hi." He states. "I was hungry and went to the kitchen for food, sorry if I startled anyone." He walks into the room and sits back down by the fire.

    " What about the Cleric's nephew's son. Should we allow him into the party?" Ask's Von. " I am all for it, I beleive we may need a lot of help with this man."

    " I agree," says G'hella. We can also get any information that the cleric's aren't telling us about this man."

    " I also agree," states jer. " Also, I think I should check out the Castle, maybe listen in the shadows for rumors or something. Plus I too am getting hungry."

    With that, jer slips out of the room to get some food. You all inform Lynx what he missed.

    <font color=blue> OOC: Even though this part was done in Private Messages, I wished to let the other's that have read the story and are following along to see some of the things that happen 'behind the scenes' so to speak in my stories. There are several actions that have taken place via PM's that the general public hasen't seen. Though they weren't this complex, I just took off with this one /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif. Please, enjoy, and praise is always accepted, so if you are enjoying the story, please, send me a Pm and let me know. I can not safely say how much it is read by the view count, as it is over 1200 now, but many are from myself re-reading, catching up and editing my own posts. Thanks for watching with us.</font color=blue><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 11/30/01 12:39 AM.</FONT></P>
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    Von speaks after Jer and G'hella leave.

    "These clerics, however you trust or distrust them, can help us. For this reason alone, we should stay our tongues and do nothing to make them stop helping us. We need our rest. Let us accept their hospitality and enjoy the warmth of these cots they offer to rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul."

    Von then removes his armor and carefully lays them in a pile next to the bed. He offers a silent prayer and readies
    himself for sleep. You hear him mumble the words two, then three, as if asking himself a question. Then he is asleep.

    The discussion soon turns to how to deal with the man hunting your group. You have heard that the weapons you will be receiving are powerful, but will they be powerful enough?

    30 minutes pass as your group sits and whispers softly or falls off to slumber in their cots, like Von did. The dorr openes and in steps G'hella. She is dressed in a form fitting black and grey leather catsuit, Garrett's eyebrows rise at the shapely curves of the woman's body.

    Behind her steps Jer, back from his wanderings as well.

    "We need to sleep," stated G'hella, weaving her way about the groups possessions to her cot, she had just sat down when a knock sounded on the door.

    Garrett rose to answer, but Xyon beat him to it, pulling it open. Two Clerics walked into the room, followed by three Acolytes. The three younger folk carried wrapped bundles in their arms, and the group gathered about the two Clerics. G'hella snorted in derision as she looked at the clerics. A smile spreading upon her face. She slinked over to one, her hips swaying seductively.

    "Mikal, do you really think these toys will kill that man?" She purred, pouring on her female charm. Her fingers touched the Cleric on the side, and she gasped, pulling her hand away, though running her fingers along his waist in the attempt. " Oh I am sorry" She said in surprise, not realizing she was so close to the man. As people looked at him, his balding head was as red as a turnip, and heat emenated from his body. He tried to speak, but stumbled and sputtered incoherent words out. Flustered, the cleric turned on his heels and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

    A sly smile was splayed across G'hella's face, she looked very proud of her work.

    The second Cleric spoke then, "We have brought you the weapons we have. There are only 6 that have been recovered." The three Acolytes then opened their bundles. And the group gazed at the weapons lying in the cloth. 4 were Maces, some had small spikes protruding from them, others just plain looking. The other two were Swords, Longswords by the look of them. As the group looked at the weapons, which appeared to be Light Black in color, writing could be seen on the blades, heads and handles of the weapons. The writing was in a language too old for anyone here to read, but as the group watched, the writing shifted along the weapons length, seeming to change every 30 seconds or so.

    Xyon reaches for a weapon and picks it up, the weapon warm in his grasp. He hefted the Longsword, admiring the shifting runes on it's surface. It seemed heavy, heavier than any weapon he held before. The group alternatly picked up the weapons and looked at each one. They all got the same feeling, warm and heavy in their hands.

    "I wish to speak to the Cleric's nephew," G'hella said to the Cleric. All business back in her voice. For all could feel the weapons reaching out. It was almost tangible.

    <font color=blue>"Watch what you do with me!"</font color=blue> Squeaked in Xyon's head as he held a Mace in his hands. He nearly dropped the weapon then, but the voice spoke again, allowing him to grab it in the air before it hit the ground. <font color=blue>" Don't drop me!"</font color=blue>

    Some others experience the same sensation, one of the weapons speaks to you in your minds.

    "I will get the Cleric's nephew Ma'am" The Clerics says, and leaves the room, along with the three Acolytes. You are all left to examine the weapons.

    After several minutes, you all find out that the weapons are indeed alive. And some wish to kill Undead rather quickly. Their thirst for the foul blood that flows through Undead hasn't been quenched in dozens of years for some, hundreds for others. The weapons speak little about their abilities, they just keep insisting on killing Undead, the sooner the better.

    You place all the weapons on a cot, to determine who will carry what. And when the weapons are out of your hands, their ramblings go silent to your mind.

    Several minutes later Gehad looks troubled, and he peers about as if anxious for something to happen. And then the weapons all begin to glow a bright Blue in color, then the voices appear, not in your heads, but out loud now.

    <font color=blue>" Danger, they come! Many of them, Undead, with a powerful master at their back! TO ARMS!! TO ARMS!!"</font color=blue> The weapons begin to yell, and then you all feel the power that you felt at the Sage's tower again, though it is a ways off, it steadily grows more powerful, as if it were coming nearer.
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    Gehad speaks first, his face grim. "Friends it is time to fight and there can be no holding back, this is a fight for our lives, and the possibly a fight for my kind. I advise you step away from me. I can not hide my true form any longer, for this beast knows what I am. We need to move to the courtyard to make our final stand. It is them or us now, grab up the weapons and any other gear you wish to take." Gehad moves forward, openeing the door.

    Von Fanel picked up one of the many Maces, "How hard could it be?" he mumbled to himself. He looked at the others, "Think fast, we don't have the luxury of time. Pick one and ready yourselves, the battle will be upon us soon enough."

    The rest of the group scooped up weapons, those that could handle a mace did so, those that couldn't had to argue over the only two Swords available. As each member touched a weapon, they heard the weapons chanting <font color=blue>"TO ARMS!! TOP ARMS!! THE BEAST APPROACHES!"</font color=blue>

    As the group, and several scared looking Clerics scrambled about to the courtyard, the feeling of Evil and power slowly increased. Out in the open space, they heard the clacking of bones on bones as an unseen skeleton army shuffled towards the Tower. They heard the far off moans and groans, followed by the shuffling of perhaps thousands of dead feet as a Zombie Horde approached as well. You even hear the wail of Wraith's, Spectres and Ghoul's as a Legion of them came towards the Cleric's Tower.

    Gehad looked to each member, sadness in his eyes, then his eyes seemed to melt, turning a reddish brown, and his nose and mouth elongated, looking grotesquely inhuman. He arched his back, which was growing longer and begining to shimmer, as if made of tiny fish scales. His hair receded, replaced by dorsal fin looking plates. A large tail srpouted from his rear, and he released a roar that never could be made from a human throat.

    Looking at him in horror, some Clerics fled screaming something about Werecreatures. Gehad had grown in size, he was now massive, nearly 12 feet tall, and still growing. The tiny fish like scales were now looking more and more like plate scales, they were a dull red in color. As the group of adventures looked on in shock and horror, their travelling companion named Gehad slowly turned into a real monster. Within a few seconds, a Massive Red Dragon stood in the courtyard of the castle, and he swiveled his serpentine neck about to gaze at the humans around him, some standing with their mouths wide open.

    "It issss time." Gehad stated, his voice, although trying to be quiet, boomed in the courtyard. Gehad turned and leaped, his powerful hind legs propelling his 40 foot long body into the air, his massive wings unfolding and spreading out to catch the air currents about. With one mighty beat of those wings, which nearly knocked everyone over with the force, Gehad was atop the battlements of the Tower.

    He tilted his massive head back and roared in defiance at the undead horde. "COME BEAST! COME MEET YOUR FATE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY KIND."

    Gehad swivelled his head back and looked to the party again, his voice rumbling over the courtyard. "I will try to take out as many of his minions as i can. You go for him as soon as possible. I will then help as much as i can, I am one of his goals. I do not know his other fiendish goals at the moment tho."

    With those words, Gehad leaps of the Battlements, and readies his breath weapon for some undead strafing runs.
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    The Dragon that was Gehad soared through the air, he reared up in front of the Undead Army, his wings beat powerful strokes to keep himself held stationary. He pulled his neck and head back, the sound of air being sucked into his lungs could be heard, and those on the battlements felt the air warming with the fires that lay in the belly of the mighty Dragon. With a roar that nearly deafened everyone, Gehad shot his head forward, flames spouting from his mouth. He snaked his head back and forth, the air sizzling with the heat of his internal fires. Undead were vaporized in front of him, Skeletons Bones shattering then melting in the heat. Zombies flesh was first burned from their bones, then their bones exploded in the heat. For nearly two minutes, Gehad kept this pose, his head moving back and forth as he covered the first several rows of Undead in his blistering flames.

    Finally his breath ran out, and the mighty Dragon swooped forward, grabbing two of the Ogres from a rear column and rising into the sky. His wings beat with powerful strokes as he swooped upwards, several thousand feet into the air before releasing the screaming, whimpering Ogres. They fell to their deaths, small puddles of redish brown as their bodies impacted with the ground.

    Gehad swooped back in, some arrows flew towards him as the Orc Archers finally broke from their Fear. The arrows just bounced off his scales, like a twig against a Knight's Plate Armor. He had his breath weapon ready, and scorched a long black furrow in the gound as he passed, his flames igniting from the back of the Armies Column, Orc, Ettin, Ogre and Troll's were burnt to black husks, they fell, most not even given the time to utter a death scream. Gehad Roared as he passed over the Army, his claws reached down and plucked two Orc Mages from the ground, he squished them in his powerful grip, the blood leaking from his claws and dripping onto the heads of the undead army.

    Finally Gehad landed in the middle of the undead Army, and their Rusted Swords and undead limbs began to hack and pound on his Scale's, though he felt none of it. He began to tear into the horde, his teeth crunching bone and rotted flesh. His claws sending groupd of undead flying across the battlefield, to smash or lay broken upon the ground when they landed again. His tail twitched back and forth, smashing bone and limb as it decimated the Undead behind him.

    With the Powerful attack of Gehad, It appeared the creature's army was busy with trying to stop the Dragon, Archers further helped by sending volley after volley of arrows and bolts into the mass of Orc's, Ettin's, Troll's and Ogre's as they approached the Castle. Warrios on steed's poured from the front gate, which was quickly shut behind them. They charged into the mass of the Humaniod Army and began their assault. Onlt to be surrounded quickly and killed. Archers and Mage's sent Arrow's and Bolt's of magic into the mounted warriors, toppling them from their steeds. Orc's and the other Humanoid's then crushed those that survived still.

    From the Battlement's, Magic was cast forth, column's of Fire rose into the sky as the ground seemed to erupt from the magic being cast about. Humanoid's screamed as their flesh burned, and dozens of them dropped dead. A second charge sped out of the Castle, followed by a group of adventurer's weilding powerful weapons, they were in search of the Armies Master. This second Horse charge proved to be much more effective, and the Humanoid lines broke, The mounted Warrior's began to fell the beasts whenever they had a chance. Soon, the entire Humanoid Army was in full flight, panic written in their faces, and on their muttered and gutteral voices.

    From atop a Hill, a lone figure stood surveying the battle. A cloak billowed in the wind created by Gehad's wings. And he removed it as the party approached. Gehad would keep the Undead Horde busy, while the rest of them took out Torr.

    "So it comes to us again," Torr spoke in his calm voice. He looked amused as the group approached, and he pointed to Lynx. "Come to me," His voice carried with it the powerful suggestion of a Master Vampire. And Lynx obeyed, as if mesmerized. "Give me the reagants." Torr held out his hand, and Lynx dropped a bulging pouch in it. Understanding light up on G'hella's face and she searched through her pack. Her Reagants were missing, as were everyone's. Lynx was an excellent thief it appeared when commanded by a Master Vampire. "Very good my child," Torr spoke soothingly. Lynx stood next to Torr, and Torr wrapped an arm around him. With a quickness that none could see, Torr had Lynx's head tilted to the side, and was drawing the blood from the thief's body, his fangs sunk deep within his artery.

    Wondering if Magic would help them anyway, the group decided earlier that an all out attack from all sides with the powerful weapons should be able to hit the beast, so they charged. Some heading to the sides, other's trying to circle around to the back. Torr dropped Lynx's apparent lifeless body to the ground and charged towards the two people up front, Von Fanel and Vair. Von wielded a Mace, Vair a Sword. In Torr's hand's, two Longsword's appeared, the glow of two rings on his finger's begining to fade. Torr beat back both Men with vicious slashes and cuts. Both men doing their best to parry the blinding speed of the Vampire.

    G'hella and Garrett came at Torr from the sides, and he ceased his attack on the two men up front to defend against the two that apprached. His swords always seemed to appear where they needed to and to block each blow from the two adventurer's. Torr's left sword broke through Garrett's defense on a repost and cut a 5 inch line across his left forearm. Blood oosed out of the wound, but it wasn't too painful or serious.

    Rimlock approached from the rear, with Elisha at his side. Both newcomers had yet to see Torr's full abilities, and they would pay for that with their lives. Torr turned and faced them, leaping over their charge to put some distance between his back and Garrett and G'hella. When he landed, he spun about and blocked both Elisha and Rimlock's attacks, he then swung low, slicing deeply into Elisha's leg, sending the now screaming woman to the ground. He focused on Rimlock now, and attacked in earnest. His blades continually going higher and higher, making Rimlock's defensive parries higher and higher. Finally Torr cut his sword down at Rimlock's knees, and the agile man leaped over the blade, and into Torr's second Sword, which bite deeply into Rimlock's side, sending the dying man to the ground. Torr walked over and put his Sword into Elisha's gut, her scream increasing in volumn as the cold steel cut into her belly.

    Von and Vair charged, Shadow appearing next to Torr, all three men swinging at the same time, Torr blocked two of the blows, but Von's Mace smacked into Torr's left arm, and an explosion of light erupted from the wound, Torr howled in pain, along with Von. Von felt his life fading, his knees buckled and he dropped to the ground, his hands wen't numb, and he began to shiver, as if he were in the snow. His lips turned purplish/blue and his hair changed to a stark white color. Wrinkles seemed to sprout from his face, and he appeared to age 50 years before everyone's eyes.

    The adventurer's charged as a group, their weapon's striking the Injured Torr at the same time, his left arm hung loosely against his shoulder, the Longsword lying on the ground near him. The groups weapons struck the Vampire Man simultaneously, the resulting explosion and burst of light rendered the group blind and unconsious.

    As the group awoke, they looked about. Gehad stood over them, Rimlock and Elisha were sleeping peacefully, bandages and water near them. Gehad smiled as everyone roused, and tried to stand.

    "Relax, my friends." He stated. "The beast was destroyed, and save for Lynx, everyone is still alive." On the ground where Torr had stood, a crater a dozen feet deep was carved from the landscape. It remained blackened and charred. And nothing grew near the spot for hundreds of years afterwards. Von's aging was only temporary, once Torr was defeated, he was returned to normal.

    The battle being won, the party and celebration was about to begin.
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    Hey, just noticed that this thread is one year old. Happy birthday, "The adventure begins"!
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    tip my hat sir "good story"

    only Thing i dont get is how torr became a vampire?
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    Very nicely written Torr. I thought it was very good.
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    only Thing i dont get is how torr became a vampire?


    Just saw this question.... sorry for the lenghty delay in it's answering.

    The Torr you see in this story was based on the Original Character Torr Jerlein, which I created over 15 years ago as my first D&amp;D character. His rise to Immortal Vampiredom is an actually account that has taken place while adventuring with the character among friends in the AD&amp;D world. He was originally born a Fighter, and soon left that class to peruse the advantages of Paladinhood. In an adventure with friends, his power became too much for a particular Wizard, and was set for Assassination. Half a dozen actual players in my gaming group took part in the ongoing adventure that took nearly 4 months to complete. In the end, Torr was killed by a low level thief and a lucky bow shot in the woods. Torr had been fighting two Barbarian brothers in the level ranges of 15 to 20 (Torr being a 20th Paladin at the time) when he managed to slay one of the Barbarians and began to flee, low on hit points. The thief, his arrow hitting Torr in the back and killing him, tried to claim the prize. However, a Ranger of some questionable morales swooped down from the trees where he had watched the whole battle and snagged my corpse, swinging back up into the canapoy and safety.

    Torr's body was then sold to a high level assassin (the one originaly contracted for his death) and then a Helm of Opposite alignment was placed on his head, after his resurrection. Being a Lawful Good Paladin, he was immediatly turned into a Chaotic Evil Fighter. He then joined the Assassin and his guild in laying siege to the Wizards castle that had contracted his death, using a Bow to kill the Wizard with a dang lucky shot through a tower window where the Wizard was casting magic and decammating the Assassins laying siege to the castle.

    From there, Torr began to journey with another Fighter of my own, John Ironfoot, where they both decended into the pits of hell (forgot the Module name) and he met with the Demon Prince Demigorgom (or something like that. From Ad&amp;D) The prince told them that one of them would survive, while the other would stay in hell and be tormented. John quickly stated he would leave, leaving Torr to burn in hell..... And so Torr made a pact with the Prince. He achieved Vampiric Powers, while maintaining his "Mortal" body, not being undead, he showed up on Demi-humans Infravision as a heat giving human... and so nobody suspected him of his goals. Through his blood draining bite, his victims would be sent to hell, where the Prince would have souls to torture, hence Torr would achieve the promise he made to be set loose on the world.

    At that point, he became a NPC character only used in my own Adventures as the "Villian" who opposed others. I have used his once in a Module called "Undermountain" and if you haven't seen it, it takes you back into the pits of hell, where at one point you fight against a City of Demons, over 100 of them I believe. And ever since then, he has grown in his power, adding Magery to his Fighting abilities to become a Duel-Classed human.

    So... in short. Torr actually is a Vampire in all aspects of my life. Although when I started UO, I used his name as mine, since he has been a part of my history in gaming. And UO doesn't allow Vampires... though now with the tribal paint, and a Vampire guild, I guess he could become one.... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif