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The Adventures of CheezWhiz

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by CheezWhiz, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. CheezWhiz

    CheezWhiz Guest

    I thought since people like seeing themselves in pictures I would start a little running gallary. This is not meant to demean or make fun of anyone, just a little fun, two happen to be killshots but that wont be what makes the cut all the time. Lets see where this goes.

    That was a running in the house killshot that i found funny [​IMG]

    Here is the end of some incredible 1v1 [​IMG]action at Moonglow gate. One TDR got hammered by the dead pot chugging crap talking archer and then a whole pantload of TDR came running out of the gate a few seconds later - being the kind soul that I am I decided to lend a hand as I abhor crap talking [​IMG]

    Here is some poor soul that thought he should get revenge for his friend that I killed earlier - i dont recall the name - unfortunalty this poor soul had no cure for poison and joined his friend in the nether world [​IMG]

    Thats it for now, but stay tuned!!! [​IMG]