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The Amazing "Who's Where" Chefs List™

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Quiby, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Name: Quiby
    Shard: Europa
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    ICQ: 62974372
    Skill: GM Cooking

    Name: Galatea
    Shard: Europa
    Preferred Facet: Either
    ICQ: 62974372
    Skill: 85% Cooking (50% poisoning)

    "The aroma, yes. The succulent savour. It's weight and marrow. I imaginge the cooling flames of the elixir cascading down my throat, nourishing me."
  2. Charon

    Charon Guest

    Belladonna, master chef
    (also gm alchemist & tailor)
    ICQ: 63440041, AIM: erikcharon


    My newest chef, Fianna Gallimh, has been working hard on Siege Perilous, and can now turn tribal berries into paint.
    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Charon on 12/25/01 11:31 AM.</FONT></P>
  3. roc200

    roc200 Guest

    Name: Salacious Crumb
    Shard: Atlantic
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef
    ICQ: 34066504

    Salacious Crumb - Atlantics GM Chef
  4. WK-PR

    WK-PR Guest

    Name: JP (Gourmet Chef of the Chesapeake BSC)
    Shard: Chesapeake
    Skill: Cooking: GrandMaster Chef
    Taste ID: 75
    ICQ 32425521

    Name: Saman Ioudaios (Caterer of the Chesapeake BSC)
    Shard: Chesapeake
    Skill: GrandMaster Chef, Scribe, Fisherman, Mage, Stoic

    Name: JP
    Skill: Less than 80!
    Shards: Europa, Napa Valley, Lake Superior, Siege Perilous

    <center> JP: Your favorite lil' Musical Cooking Begging Bowyer of Chessy</center>
  5. Vidala

    Vidala Guest

    Name: Vidala
    Shard: Napa Valley
    Cooking: 80.5 and rising
    ICQ: 104069595

  6. Kawaja

    Kawaja Guest

    I will be updating this information hopefully every day in which I gain cooking.

    Name: Gawyn Galdor
    Shard: Pacific
    Prefered Facet: Trammel
    Cooking: 40.0 and rising!
    Other Skills: Fishing, Archery
    ICQ: 114356289

    <font color=008B00>Zeddicus</font color=008B00>
    <font color=008B00>Sorcerer of Justice for the Companions of Virtue</font color=008B00>
    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/magic.gif + Kal Xen = /php-bin/shared/images/icons/monkey.gif<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Kawaja on 08/28/01 09:33 AM.</FONT></P>
  7. Sith Lord

    Sith Lord Guest

    <font color=BF3EFF>Name: Mrs Fields
    Shard: Baja
    Skill: 100.0 - Grandmaster Chef
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Location: West Brit Bank
    </font color=BF3EFF>

    <font color=68228B>I might have to delete this soon....I'm going on vacation, and after that I'm going have to quit UO because of school. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/read.gif</font color=68228B>
  8. Cervaron

    Cervaron Guest

    Name: <a target="_blank" href=http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/my_chars.pl?52616e646f6d4956f0ec099a41cc19a853045620f0d12c3e0eaa95a431c0f88da727d5a7e5ec28990c59fd7cca880f8a026d019222dddc27>Lucilla</a> <font color=00008B>[The Little Blue Chef, SBC]</font color=00008B>
    Shard: Europa
    Preferred Facet: Either
    Skills: Grandmaster Chef | Grandmaster Fisher
    ICQ: 71041611

    [​IMG]<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Cervaron on 12/24/01 02:08 PM.</FONT></P>
  9. Lady_Adriana

    Lady_Adriana Guest

    Angellina Windweaver
    Shard: Chesepeake
    Perferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: 60 cooking and counting/ gm carp,tailor
    ICQ: 54938815

    <font color=purple> Lady Adriana Windweaver: 3x gm warrior</font color=purple>
    <font color=red>Lady Willow Windweaver: Grandmaster Mage</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Lady Angellina Windweaver: Tailor, Tinkerer, Carpenter, & Chef </font color=blue>
    <font color=green>Lady Noeli Windweaver: Archer & Fisher</font color=green>
  10. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    Name: Salty Pete
    Shard: Atlantic
    Preferred Facet: Where ever the free things are
    Skill: Master Chef
    ICQ: Oh no I'll have none of that now.

    The end.
  11. OrrickLeynoc

    OrrickLeynoc Guest

    Name: Meldramek
    Shard: AOL Legends
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef

    Name: Meldramek
    Shard: Napa Valley
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: 85 Cooking

    ICQ: 45062978

    <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/bsc> Join the Britannian Society of Chefs! </a>
    Someone's in the kitchen with D.N.A!
  12. _Easy_

    _Easy_ Guest

    Name: Evolution
    Shard: Drachenfels
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: GM Cooking, GM Fishing, GM Archery

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by _Easy_ on 09/15/01 07:45 AM.</FONT></P>
  13. Clodia

    Clodia Guest

    Name: Jael
    Shard: Oceania
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Master Chef, GM Carpenter, Tailor, and Tinker

    Jael in Old Hebrew means: One who is useful. She's trying to live up to her name :)

    <a target="_blank" href=http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/clodia>Imperatrix, Silva a Monte</a>
  14. Rufus

    Rufus Guest

    Name: Jamie Oliver
    Shard: Europa
    Facet: Mainly Europa
    Skill: 89 so far.... (other skills include begging, camping and herding :p)
  15. Ketsugi

    Ketsugi Guest

    Well Quiby made the suggestion but I'll start it off!

    Name: Kelrynh y'Krr'na
    Shard: Lake Superior
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef

    Name: Kryeohla
    Shard: Napa Valley
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: Expert Chef

    Name: Kryynh
    Shard: Oceania
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Adept Chef
    ICQ: 7046060

    These characters are no longer in commission.


    <font color=CD2626>"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."</font color=CD2626>
    <font color=000080> — Douglas Adams</font color=000080><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Ketsugi on 11/06/01 03:25 PM.</FONT></P>
  16. the_wheaty

    the_wheaty Guest

    Name: Mandragora [Soup Knight]
    Shard: Napa Valley
    Preferred Facet: Anywhere!
    ICQ: 58860137
    Skill: GRAND MASTER Chef at your service.

    One bite can slay even a Golden Dragon - Xellos<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by the_wheaty on 12/25/01 02:00 AM.</FONT></P>
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name: Zara
    Shard: Europa
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: Master Chef and struggling...

  18. Aanlok2

    Aanlok2 Guest

    Name: Gourmet Ray
    Shard: Pacific
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: Master Chef (almost GM, have not cooked since they nerfed the cook)
    Master Fisherman
    Master Lumberjack
    Master Bowyer
    Master Warrior
    Master Hiding (old school when you could fish hidden)

    <font color=blue>Achiever 66%</font color=blue>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/biglaugh2.gif
    <font color=red>Killer 66%</font color=red>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/uriel.gif
    <font color=00CD00>Explorer 53%</font color=00CD00>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/clown.gif
    </font color=8B0000>Socializer 13%</font color=8B0000>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/argue.gif

    <font color=green>"BY THE POWER OF NUMBSKULL... I AM HE-GOONIER"</font color=green>
  19. Ceithlyn

    Ceithlyn Guest

    Name: Caitlin Drake
    Shard: Atlantic
    Preferred Facet: Trammel, but I can get to Felucca if need be /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef

    Name: Angelina
    Shard: Oceania
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Apprentice Chef

    ICQ 1848220

    (also have a GM Tailor & Carpenter available too (and she'll be a Smith too if i ever get enough ingots *sigh*))

    Edit: Whoops, forgot Angie! *waves*

    Caitlin Drake, <font color=27408B>Iron Chef LOA GM Chef/Swordswoman</font color=27408B>
    'She slices, she dices, she juliennes!'

    <font color=000080>And you can stay awake tonight/ Thinking up a dozen names/ I can only sleep in your arms/ So when I stay awake/ I'll sail those same oceans again...</font color=000080><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Ceithlyn on 09/03/01 08:35 PM.</FONT></P>
  20. Moff Tarkin

    Moff Tarkin Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 17, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Name: Dread Lady Sy Snootles
    Shard: Baja
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef
    ICQ: 7276819

    [<a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/bsc>BSC</a>]
  21. Dulas

    Dulas Guest

    Name: Old Man (Take a guess, im sure you read the book ;-p )
    Shard: Napa Valley
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: 72 Cooking and rising.

    GM Fisherman/GM Alch/95 Magery/80 Poison/75 Med/40 Taste ID/67 Item ID
  22. Breadmaster

    Breadmaster Guest

    Name: The Breadmaster... you inbisile!!

    Shard: Sonoma, namly known for its wine and amusment. No known for flaming pastry and explosive sourdough.. *muhahah*

    Prefered Facet: Felucca or course. You just can get good Hot Pockets in Trammel you know?

    Skill: Yes, I am skilled, would you like a muffin? *tick* *tick*

    This post is most interesting. Mayhaps if I eliminate all of my other "people friendly competition" I would have more victims. *muhaha*
    Now that I know where you all live... *snicker*

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Breadmaster on 09/02/01 02:59 PM.</FONT></P>
  23. Little Eve

    Little Eve Guest

    Name: Evelyn
    Shard: Catskills
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Adept Chef (81.8 and climbing)

    No sig :(
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name: Kamin
    Shard: Great Lakes
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skills: Grandmaster Creator of Delectable Delights!!!
  25. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    Name: Zenobia Ridpath
    Shard: Sonoma
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Master Chef
    ICQ: Oh no I'll have none of that now. (ICQ is a tool of the devil!)

    The end.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name: Treasure
    Shard: Chesapeake
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: GM Chef (also with GM Blacksmithing, GM Carpentry, GM Tailoring, GM Tinkering and 80 Musicianship she can craft every housing addon and mark her musical instruments. She also has 45 Arms Lore to help during smithing repairs.)

    Scones anyone?

    <center><font color=008B00>Safe journey!
    Treasured Goods Shoppe @ Library (UOMA Approved)
    Trammel facet, Chesapeake shard
    127o 47's, 35o 34'e

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.angelfire.com/rpg/TreasuredGoods/index.html>Treasured Goods Almanac</a></font color=008B00></center>
  27. Joan

    Joan Guest

    Name: Clotho
    Shard: Atlantic
    Preferred Facet: no preference
    Skill: Grandmaster
    ICQ: 3590785

    You ought to also ask if we do catering. (I do)

  28. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
  29. Mateo

    Mateo Guest

    Name: Lizard
    Shard: Oceania
    Prefered Facet: Felucca
    Skills: GM Chef, mid 90's Magery, Med, Eval Int

    Hey Feen, I'm placing a new guild stone called Disgruntled Chefs of Oceania. The idea is for packs of chefs to go out and PK all the anti-chef Infidels (ie. anyone we come across). You should make a PK Chef and join me!!! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disturbed.gif

  30. Name: Anastacia
    Shard: Europa
    Facet: Trammel
    Skill: 98.3...nearly there :) ...Anyone fancy about 30k bread loaves? I'm not sure what to do with them. Sigh.

    Tomas - Ghost Warmaster
    Anastacia - Spirit Chef
    Jamie - Spirit Tresure Hunter
    Frederick - Spirit
  31. LostandFound

    LostandFound Guest

    Name: Lono
    Shard: Baja
    Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Cooking 87%, GM Fisherman


    I fish too! I also cook for my Bar and Grill... ask for rune!


    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/spiny.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by LostandFound on 09/06/01 05:43 AM.</FONT></P>
  32. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    Name: Honeybee
    Shard: Chesapeake
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef!

    Honeybee's the guildmistress of the Chesapeake BSC, and although I have sadly been remiss in my duties lately (I have been playing Europa, Baja, and Sonoma a whole lot), I'm hoping to maybe do something with the guild by Halloween. If anyone wants to join the Chessie BSC just ICQ me 91551413. :)

    Vote for my new horse hue idea <a target="_blank" href=http://uodr.stratics.com/ideas/messages/9970528725653.html>here</a>
  33. Melora

    Melora Guest

    Name: Melora
    Shard: Beautiful Baja!!
    Facet: Trammel - The Loverly Town of Vesper
    Skill: Grand Master Chef
    ICQ: 112071551
    (nickname Alpha Kitty- I have 3 cats who think I'm mom...nuff said)


    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Melora on 09/21/01 01:52 PM.</FONT></P>
  34. Chew

    Chew Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Name: <font color=blue>Paul Bocuse</font color=blue>
    Guild-Title: [Nouvelle Cuisine, T0R]
    Shard: Europa
    Facet: Trammel
    Skill: GrandMaster Chef

    ... I want me Chef-smiley in the database !!![​IMG]

    alias <font color=blue>Paul Bocuse</font color=blue>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://520003808999-001.bei.t-online.de/>Tower Of Roses [T0R]</a></center>
  35. IrmaCamper

    IrmaCamper Guest

    Name: child laborers
    Shard: Pacific
    Facet: Trammel
    Location: East Bank Brit
    Skill: GM Cooking, Tailoring, Camping, Spirit Speak
    ICQ: 12020881

    <center><font color=436EEE>child laborers Grandmaster Chef of Pacific</font color=436EEE> </center>
  36. anahera

    anahera Guest

    Name: Anij
    Shard: Baja
    Preferred Facet: CandyLand... errr, Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef, Grandmaster Pickpocket (stealing)
    ICQ: 24951858

    Name: MadEarl
    Shard: Baja
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: GM Chef/Bard/Mage (6.99x GM ... peace at 99.9 so Chef Title will show)

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/lick.gif <font color=red>Some People's Children!</font color=red>
    Anij - /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gifGM Chef, GM Thief/php-bin/shared/images/icons/eyes.gif
    Tykira - GM Tinker, Carpenter, Tailor and Smith
    Anahera - GM Mage/Bard
  37. LadyHawke

    LadyHawke Guest

    Name: Betty Crocker
    Shard: Europa
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef, Alchemist, 95.5 Poisoning

  38. ladyvic

    ladyvic Guest

    Shard: Atlantic
    Perferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: GM Chef/GM Fisherwoman

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/queen.gif"My heart shall bleed for eternity"
  39. mystique

    mystique Guest

    Name: Sia
    Shard: Oceania
    Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Master Chef [also GM Fisher, Magery, Medi, Master in Item Id and Eval.]
  40. Hail, the names Haire Beedan.
    71.9 chef

    *nuff said*

    "You better not hope ... you better know."
  41. Name: CrAzY cOoK
    Shard: Lake Superior
    Preferred Facet: Felucca
    Skill: In the high 70's.

    Of LS
    Tanis Half Elven [Tanker]
    Robin Hood [Dexer]
    Gambit [Disarm Thief]
    CrAzY cOoK [Fisherman]
    hmmm....I really need to make a mule.

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biglaugh2.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/arcade.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/rainbow.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/jestera.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/monkey.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gifahh it's good to be a slacker./php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/monkey.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/jestera.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/rainbow.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/arcade.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biglaugh2.gif
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name: Doc Brown [Crafty Chef, BSC], A.K.A. "The Angry Villager".
    Shard: Oceania
    Preferred Facet: Prefer Felucca, currently living in Trammel
    Skill: Inept Chef, but I only ever burn pizza.

  43. Huh

    Huh Guest

    Name: knowall
    Shard: AOL Legends
    Perferred Facet: Trammel (PK's scare me)
    Skill: Not much but workin on it

  44. Ubara

    Ubara Guest

    Name: Finalia Flame
    Shard: Atlantic
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Expert Chef, Grandmaster Fisher
  45. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest

    I guess I might as well ... since I have a "Great Chef" guild title to my ...er ... chef ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Name : Solace

    Shard : Formosa

    Facet : Trammel

    Skill : Adept (but presently can grind potions with the best of them and whip out a mean energy vortex when irritated by dire wolves)

    <font color=blue> It's not just a game. It's OUR game. </font color=blue><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by citizenKane2 on 10/19/01 09:37 PM.</FONT></P>
  46. XGod

    XGod Guest

    Name: Alice
    Shard: Oceania
    Skills: Adept Cooking, GM magery, tinker, blacksmith, tailoring, adept carpentry.

    Cooking stuck at 84.1 REAL, can't get it up in 5 full PH tries. Not even 0.1
    So i gave up.

  47. Mynks

    Mynks Guest

    Name: Honey Cake
    Shard: Catskills
    Facet: Enjoy Tram most but play in Fel also
    Skill: Adept Chef
    ICQ: 57833853
  48. Folair

    Folair Guest

    Name: Thor Hammerfel
    Shard: Chesapeake
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef

  49. Name: Zema
    Shard: Great Lakes
    Preferred Facet: Trammel
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef

    The Newest GM Chef with Carpel tunnel....
  50. Shampoo

    Shampoo Guest

    <font color=000080>Name: Shampoo
    Shard: Great Lakes
    Preferred Facet: I'll cook anyone, anyplace, anytime
    Skill: Grandmaster Chef</font color=000080>

    THB member since Jun '99 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/egypt.gif