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The ARCHERY thread

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay, the Siege Perilous thread now in the Siege Perilous forum seems to have out-lived it's usefulness here--particularly since it ceased being about Siege Perilous and was hijacked by the thieves.

    So why don't we examine ARCHERY next (thanks for the idea, Grimswind). Discuss any bugs you see with ARCHERY, perhaps along with suggestions for changes, and maybe include BOWCRAFTING, since the two are closely related.

    By the way, notice I keep spelling ARCHERY in all capital letters. That's to give you the idea that this thread should be about ARCHERY and not to be hijacked with some other subject. (Glares at the thieves.)
  2. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I have an ARCHER on SIEGE. Does this make me OSI's whipping boy?
  3. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    -Person with bowcrafting and archery gets a bonus to damage similar to lumberjacking to axes. 35% dmg bonus at gm.

    -When arrow/bolt is firing at a target, it should hit/miss its target even if the target breaks line of sight. Long as the archer doesn't move.

    -Poisoning should work on arrows. Give the normal cross-bow infect strike and remove one of the other combat moves from it.
  4. Morse

    Morse Guest

    * A GM Archer shouldn't miss a Black Solen Infiltrator 10+ times consecutively.
    * Runic bow crafting (That'll happen.)
    * Poisoned arrows
    * Not all crossbows should be 2 handed.

    I don't use the archer all that often, and there's good reason for it at the moment considering Archers have been neglected. Hell, I got an Ljack paladin too, I got all the good skills... haha!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Outstanding! I'll start off the requests for a fix that's been mentioned before....

    Please, fix the archery buttes so they provide scores as they did before. They haven't worked correctly for some time now, and have made the "Best Shot in the Realm" tourneys basically impossible to hold.

    Here we had a great player-run event that has vanished because of this glitch. If OSI is keen on new events and such with the EMs, why not do something to allow this player-run event to be held once again?
  6. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Why do I seem to hit more at 80 skill than GM? I have two GM archers and one at around 90 and the misses are more frequent now.
  7. Poxx

    Poxx Guest

    1) Most important: Runic Fletching kits
    2) I dun care, but many do- spell channeling bow artifact
    3) Do not require archers to sit there and wait for their arrow to hit- just make them sit out the "firing" animation. Waiting for the arrow to hit is bad at the best of times, but I challenge you to deal with it in pvp with a 200-300 ms ping time.
    4) Consider magery before making arguments about bow range and game balance.
    5) Adjust the rate of skill gain. It's way worse than melee skills right now, and considerably more expensive to raise.
    6) Be aware that archery is the only skill that is completely neutralized by 1 kill. Mages have arcane gear that can be insured, and lrc suits. Melees have everything they need as insurable. If you are at a champ spawn, die, and your opponent takes your arrows- you are neutralized. Something like an "arcane quiver" would help balance this.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some changes I'd like to see in archery:

    1) When you fire a shot and move, it cancels the entire attack if you didn't hit before you moved. You lose one arrow or bolt, and your time wasted -- which is frustrating.

    2) There are an GREAT variety of non-archery related weapons, but a mere 5 archery weapons -- up from the previous *3*. It took more than 5 years to get the extra two weapons in the game. While I understand dropping entirely new weapons into the game isn't easy, I'd like to see additional bolts -- bolts based on the new elementas introduced with AOS, that do a small additional boost of damage (2 to 6 damage) based on the element's damage.

    You could give archery weapons a context menu to say what kind of default ammo to use, or something similar.

    3) An Archer's Quiver -- a container just for archers to store their arrows in that can reduces the amount of weight the arrows take up, or at least offer a new magical property for bows for a "Less Ammunition Requirement".

    4) More Interesting Special Moves -- Frankly, moving shot should be an ability archers possess as it is. I'd like to see things like "Targeted Shot" that lets the archer inflict additional damage at small penalty to hit on the basis of trying to hit a vital. Unlike swordsmen, it's a LOT easier for somebody with a ranged weapon to take the time to aim.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Why should anything be wrong with archery? If something wasn't working correct with other skills it got fixed (took a while but it did). Archery didn't get a change for 5 years (or close to that) so there can't be anything wrong. Though I (and probably OSI) could be wrong there.

    Any melee weapon can hit on the run. An arrow will miss unless you do a special move when you run. Don't see why it has to miss but it does.

    Can't enhance bows though it was advertised (over) 9 months ago. Almost slowest implemention of a feature that got advertised. Due to this archers are one of the hardest classes to get to 1200 luck (in case someone wanted to get that). Another feature not really working due to an advertised feature not being implemented.
  10. Silver_Blade

    Silver_Blade Guest


    Have bows no longer fire automatically. Instead, once the bow is ready to fire, a targetting cursor appears. If you wait before releasing the shot, your probability to hit goes up (you "aim") and perhaps damage goes up, too.
  11. Thank you.

    I would just like to know why what was listed as part of AOS & archery/bowfletching has never happened.

    Who is in charge of this and have they ever addressed it on these boards or anyplace else?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here are a some issues I have with archery. Archery is pretty underpowered when compared to everything else, and it could easily be beefed up by just making things more in line with real life.

    1. Arrows, as in real life, should be "fire and forget." Once the arrow leaves the bow, it should be on its own way and not require the archer to stand still so it's "guided" to the target. I mean, come on, mages can fire a "corp por" and move on to do something else. I was once chased by an ebolt from outside Skara all the way to Britain.

    Think about the American Indians who could fire arrows accurately from under the belly of a galloping horse.

    2. The speed of archery is pretty slow. Once an arrow flight begins, in RL a person could nock and fire the next one, often before the first hits.

    Think about Samurai archers who could get three arrows flying at once.

    Granted, the Indians and Samurais are master archers, but then, what kind of archers do we have in-game? Novices only?

    3. Target selection. When I select a target to shoot at, I don't want it change arbitrarily. I want that target to remain my target until it's either dead or I deselect it (or select another).

    4. deleted because I was operating on ancient knowledge

    All for now.

    Okay, some fun things I'd like to see:

    5. Poisoned arrows (tinted green in the quiver?).
    6. Flaming arrows.
    7. Accuracy or speed bonus for having Bowcrafting.
  13. Caretaker

    Caretaker Guest

    - Archery gains are very very slow compared to macing/wrestle/swords/fencing. Going beyond 100.0 seems like a neverending job, not to mension the cost of arrows.
    - Archery weapons cannot be enhanced or made runic.
    - Spell channeling bows (paralize shot) are overpowered in pvp. The right template can cause over 130 dmg to a 70 resist player in one combination (no joke, and you are parlized in the process so you cannot counter)
    - Pure archers want some more ‘loving’, they suggest fletching skill should increase their effectiveness as an archer. 35% dmi as suggested before is too high imho, i rather would see something like hci.
    - Orc bows are worthless compared to crafted bows.
    - Shadowstrike would be a nice feature for the roleplaying elfs, maybe it could replace paralize.
    - Shoot, oops move, shoot again, first arrow canceled, but 2 arrows used...
  14. Poxx

    Poxx Guest

    "The right template can cause over 130 dmg to a 70 resist player in one combination "

    what combo is that? I have 110 magery, 110 eval 111 tacts and 110 archery, and I never do anything REMOTELY similar to that (especially since 1 in 4 or 5 lands on a player with 120 melee/wrestling). I really think if this were true, the fields would be littered with archer/mages one-shotting everyone, and there would be a big gripe thread about this appearing elsewhere on the board.
  15. OTTnMIA

    OTTnMIA Guest

    Wonderful thread, Cynewulf, thanks! *smiles*

    We had compiled a list of Archery issues we'd like to see addressed on the Society of Archers Forum. I'll see if we can get them neatly compiled and post it here.

    My main concern right now, as corgano mentioned, is fixing the Archery Buttes so that we can once again hold the "Best Shot in the Realm" Archery Tournament. I created a thread here at the Hall in hopes of getting some sort of response from the UO Team regarding whether or not a fix has been planned or is being considered.

    Here is the thread about the BSR Archery Tournament that we can no longer hold. Please take a moment to read it, as the BSR event was truly a unique, non-profit, player-run event that all of the Bow were able to enjoy. Thanks!


    **EDIT: Sannio was generous enough to take the time and respond to the BSR thread mentioned above. He said that they are currently looking at a way to fix the buttes and hope to be able to do it rather quickly, perhaps even as early as Pub 21. Great news!!**

    Thank you for the response, Sannio, most appreciated. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  16. Archers are numerically inferior in two ways that are hard coded and cannot be circumvented:

    1. Without Fletchers being able to enhance all our bows are "less" than the enhanced counterparts for other weapons. Either make ours spawn with more beef, like an enhanced item, or give fletchers a chance to enhance.

    2. We are the only skill that cannot put an item in the shield spot. I can understand the two handed thing, but having one less item slot in postAoS PvP is a major disadvantage.
  17. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Weren't the last archery threads archived by EA to be inspected for further improvements?
    Weren't those threads a few hundred posts "long"?

    You are either trying to keep all archery threads in one long one or are hopelessly optimistic.
  18. I play Siege and am an Archer/thief. I get the triple nerf. Please help Siege, stealing and Archery!
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cynewulf of Napa, number 4 on your list is repairing bows. Not only can you repair them but you can make repair deeds. As a board admin I expect you to know this.

    My suggestion was mentioned earlier:
    ---Make a "quiver" item to carry arrows and allow the quiver to be insured.
    ------A new quest to get this item could be nice. Ooooooh a crafting quest imagine that =)
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest


    According to the dev team before AoS was launched, bowyers would have the ability to enhance bows/crossbows. This has yet to be introduced. Blacksmiths can currently enhance armor/weapons with colored ingots. Tailors can currently enhance armor with colored leathers. Both of these tasks can be done with a regular smithy hammer or sewing kit (neither require runics). Fletchers already have a skill-specific tool, yet they do not have the enhancement abilities they were promised.

    The only hold-up I can fathom here is the fact that the dev team doesn't know with what item(s) bows should be enhanced. Using existing items, the quick option would be to use colored ingots. The more difficult choice (but one that would affect multiple skills) would be to introduce a wood variety system, simliar to the ore variety for mining/smithing. It's been posted many times before, but as of yet, hasn't received one response from a dev team member as to feasability. (If it's downright impossible, someone just say so... if it's just difficult, but do-able, lets hear that too).

    The tree types I've located in the forests to date are: generic "tree", Cedar, Cypress, Oak, O'hii, Walnut, Willow and Yew. With 8 types, that would place it on par with the 9 ore varieties. Each wood type would have it's own color and stat modifiers (as the ore currently has). A lumberjack would need to attain a certain skill level before being able to obtain any wood from these specific trees, just as a miner needs a certain level to obtain colored ore. This would make the lumberjack skill a viable profession again, and not just a side-note for a combat bonus. The wood varieties would help in the implementation of a bod system for bowmaking and carpentry; as well as make it possible for runic fletching kits. Just as blacksmiths can get runic smithy hammers of verite, or valorite; so a fletcher could get a runic fletching kit of oak, or yew.

    Some have mentioned that this idea is too big and would take too long to implement; and have suggested instead to have creatures (like reapers or corpsers) drop different wood types, but leave the trees as is... While this may be easier to do, it's not an equitable fix in my opinion. Only having creatures drop specific wood, while the trees just give plain logs would be akin to smiths only being able to get colored ore by killing ore elementals, and miners only getting plain ore from the mountains.

    Take the time to make a substantial improvement that will affect many skills and have a greater positive impact on the game.
  21. Lady_Morwen

    Lady_Morwen Guest


    Think about the American Indians who could fire arrows accurately from under the belly of a galloping horse.

    I think that I know rather well how to ride a horse in real life and I know how to handle a bow in real life...

    I can ride a horse with free hands, even at some speed... but I see no way hanging with one leg at the side of a horse, handling a bow with both hands and hit a target

    *shrughs* But then again, I am no indian /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif
  22. Balthasor

    Balthasor Guest

    I have an archer with 110 archery
    110 anatomy
    110 tact
    I still miss ALOT, but better than if I were only 80 I suppose
    I really like that we can now repair our bows, my chests were always full because i would have to change my bow hourly.. depending on what I was fighting.
    A feature I would like to see is enhancement of bows, every other weapon found on monsters can be enhanced, only the archer is left out.
    Also I would Love it if we could poison our arrows. I think the best way to do this would be to poison the bow, then the arrows shot from it would be poisoned. That would make it so we would not mix up poisoned arrows and normal ones
    I too think that a fix should be put in so that a shot made and then you accidentally..or on purpose move, the arrow wont be lost.
    Thats my 2 cents worth. There is probably more, I just cant think of them right now...maybe later
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A better approach for enhancement would be to have special woods or materials for bow enhancement drop off creatures. A corpser,reaper, swamp testicles(ooops) I mean tenticle is just a few simple ones. Pair this ability with alchemy(I know you archer/bowyer don't have the skill but...) and make alchy be able to make different saps/tans for bow contruction. There are many ways to accomplish the enhancement but I think "valorite trees" will never happen and take too long to impliment. I would like to see a quest involved or a loot drop accomplish this.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok guys you asked for it. lol I'm gonna go right now and sit down to do some planning, plotting and heavy thinking. I want to come up with a few suggestions on this idea for different woods for bowcrafters. (maybe dip into it a bit for carpenters as well.) If we hand OSI the options then just maybe...... well we'll see......

    Expect a post from me in about 3 hours!
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Like I said, only have creatures drop specific wood would be like only having ore elementals drop colored ore. It may be an easier way to do it, but it's not a fair system.

    New craftable:

    Currently, training dummies and pickpocket dips can be crafted by players. All combat skills except archers can use the training dummy to build up skills at low levels. How about giving players the ability to craft archery buttes as well? With the advent of customized housing, it's possible for a player to build an archery range on their property. The player crafted archery buttes should work just like the ones located in towns (of course, those still need to be fixed, as noted previously). The buttes could be crafted by bowyer/fletchers, perhaps using a few sheaves of wheat, some wood and cloth. This may not have some big impact on archery, but it would be a nice little addition to the game.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What's not fair about it? If not a drop then make it easy and "fair" and have bowyers sell the items necessary to make them. The easier we suggest this on the developement side the more likely it will happen before publish 30.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    &gt;"What's not fair about it?"

    Ok, try this... all the mountains from now on will only give plain ore. Miners will not be able to get any colored ore at all. The only way to get colored ore will be by killing ore elementals (dull copper/shadow/verite/etc). Implement that and see how many miners get up-in-arms about it (and rightly so).

    That's what isn't fair about it. It takes zero combat skills to get colored ore. Why should it take any combat skill to get colored wood?

    &gt;"The easier we suggest this on the developement side"

    The easy way isn't always the best way.... unfortunately, patience is a virtue that is in short supply around here. I say take the time to implement a system that will impact multiple skills, and not just throw out a bone to pacify the grumbling masses.
  28. Rosaline

    Rosaline Guest

    Before I list what I feel to be the issues with archery as it stands compared to other weapon skills, and what would be nice additions, I'd like to take a moment for this special message:

    Thank you for letting us repair bows! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Archery issues (rather than additions):

    1) Archery needs to be "fire and forget". Still have to be stationary during firing (length determined by stamina and perhaps SSI), but can otherwise move whilst arrow is in flight. Some stationary period is needed for balance purposes. This change is needed mainly to allow Archers to PvP.

    2) Subsitute in a new property in the place of UBWS on bows.

    3) Archery-related client crashes. Could they be fixed, please?

    4) Archers have a single source for magic weapons - loot. All other weaponskills (bar wrestling) have runics to help them also. To correct for this, either increase the probability of archery weapons spawning (really a quick fix to be able to ignore the problem for longer), or add in the much-wanted runic fletching kits.

    5) Archery weapons cannot be enhanced, and hence are normally stuck at 100% physical, and a maximum of 100 luck. Effectively makes being a palidin required to be an archer. We should be able to enhance bows (short, quick fix is with ingots, proper solution is via wood types).

    6) Arrow and Bolt supply. Ratman archers and Juka Lords both spawn with a good ammount of arrows, and don't cause you karma problems for killing them. The only 'monster' that I know of which spawns with an equivalent ammount of arrows is a Meer Captain, the problem with them being that they lower karma when killed. To me, this is a supply imbalance that should be corrected.

    7) Weapon diversity and limitation. Only five (5) options for what weapon to use, and all of them are two handed. I don't mind about the lack of weapons, but in these post-AoS days, the shield slot is invaluable. Either add new single-handed weapons, or make the regular bow and the regular crossbow single-handed weapons. An alternative would be to simply not allow a second item to be equiped, but for the purposes of healing and pots you count as having a hand free.

    8) Archery Buttes are not working, and do not publically display the score. This needs to be fixed.

    Archery additions:
    (some previous points may be relisted, due to not being the only solution presented above)

    1) I personally am not bothered about this, but others seem to like the idea. Make Fletching count the same as Lumberjacking, but with respect to bows. GM Fletching gives you 20% damage increase.

    2) Runic Fletching kits!

    3) Wood types and enhancing bows!

    4) More bows availible. Especially "an assasin's crossbow" - small crossbow with infectious strike and shadow strike as the special moves.

    5) Reduce the cost of moving shot, or if archery is made "fire-and-forget", replace this with another special move - "ranged shot" (no range limts), or "hail of arrows" (hits adjacient targets also, akin to whirlwind blow).

    6) Same as point 6 above /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    7) There is a need for a "lower amunition cost" property, or make lower reagent cost count arrows as reagents. We archers are physically incapable of combat untill we aquire arrows once more, and have to burn through a lot of costly and high-of weight amunition.

    8) Poisoned, flaming, apple pie arrows, whatever, we want them. Especially apple pie arrows, it will gives chefs something to do* /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    9) If the reagent seller in doom does not sell arrows, how about we get him to start? Essential to allow archers to continue fighting upon death.

    10) More monsters that use bows and crossbows!

    11) Make archery buttes player-craftable by carpenters.

    *The apple pie thing is a joke... but I know chefs would really like it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  29. OTTnMIA

    OTTnMIA Guest


    How about giving players the ability to craft archery buttes as well? With the advent of customized housing, it's possible for a player to build an archery range on their property. The player crafted archery buttes should work just like the ones located in towns (of course, those still need to be fixed, as noted previously). The buttes could be crafted by bowyer/fletchers, perhaps using a few sheaves of wheat, some wood and cloth. This may not have some big impact on archery, but it would be a nice little addition to the game.

    That's a GREAT idea, corgano!!
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok try this. The time it would take to impliment a broad idea like you propose will be lengthy. Also, do you hear chefs complaining about fairness when they got to make tribal paint because it required a drop? They were happy someone remember cooking was still a skill. I'm not trying to put down your ideas and am sorry if you got that impression but dev time is a valuable thing and if you ask for the same systems mining has you will be waiting a while.
  31. PsYcHoCloWn1

    PsYcHoCloWn1 Guest

    "They" know all the good suggestions from players. Talking about it anymore is just a waste of time.
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    &gt;"2) Subsitute in a new property in the place of UBWS on bows"

    perhaps an accuracy/hit-chance increase?

    just to combine posts: phantus, what I'd really like is to actually get a response from someone on the dev team who can comment on these ideas. If the wood variety I suggested is just not possible at all, that's fine... then we can look at other options. However, if it's possible to implement, but will just be a lengthy wait, I say so be it. Make that the major project to work on. If it takes awhile, so what... as long as we get the benefits in the end.
  33. MYUO

    MYUO Guest

    For Archers:
    1) Insta Hit/Miss. Depends on computer configuration and internet connection speed, the arrower shooter and the target could see the same arrow reaching the target at different time. This has nothing to do with the Theory of Relativity.
    2) Find an alternative for Use Best Weapon Skill attribute. Archers got short changed when the promise for bow enhancement was not kept, plus there is no runic bows avialable, plus the crash bug, plus this UBW bug. How can they keep quiet?

    For Bowyers:
    1) Runic Fletching tool
    2) colored wood for enhancement/special bows.
  34. Here is the wishlist of my archers.

    1. Different sorts of wood to make bows with different properties. Yew, Ash, Oak, etc. should make bows that behave differently, longer range, harder hit, better durability, etc. Different sorts of wood should be able to be used as a 'laminate' for enhanced properties.

    2. Arrows are not wire guided missiles. The anchor for their trajectory should be to the spot where they were fired, not the person who fired them.

    3. Fire arrows, poison arrows, soft pointed (shorter range, more damage to unarmoured opponents, less damage through armour) and hard pointed (armour piercing) arrows should be craftable. Make them equipable so that the archer can switch between types.

    4. With GM tactics and anatomy, elder archery, and 110 dex archers should hit more often than miss.

    5. Target size should be taken into consideration. The chances of missing an ettin should be less than missing a rat.
  35. Not to sound TOO sarcastic but...

    Why not ask the DEVS to cut and paste the 400+ post archery thread that they "archived" over 2 years from the defunct UO Boards 2 years ago because they wanted to refer to it.

    I'm sure that the responses are similar. Unfortunatly, so will be the outcome.. Ignored as usual.

  36. For now, I will just be happy when the archery bug is fixed that causes client crashes. I know its pretty sad that I would be completely content with merely that, but damnit I am sick of losing insurance money because of a bug that should have been fixed long ago.

    The only other thing I am going to mention right now because I think its important enough, is: Archers should be able to move and still have their arrows/bolts hit their target. Giving us this possiblity as a special move is just simply lame. We should have infectious strike or some other special move instead of moving shot (moving shot is something we should be able to do all the time without having to use some special move!!).
  37. staffkill

    staffkill Guest

    Fixing the client crash bug is kinda essential imo - as above as far as the moving shot is concerned - even if u have to be still and shoot and move while arrow is in the air, at least that would be something. Lotsa window dressing with runics can be done after the basics been sorted. Been thinking one way of making archers better pvp would be to have parry maybe 1/2 the blocking rate it is now vs arrows only - maybe nice and simple to implement - would give archers a role in pvp vs mages with parry (just an idea and archery aint exactly overpowered is it so that one change aint gonna make em uber)
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd also like to see fewer arrows lost. If I hit a creature 10 times I'd like to retrieve more than 1 or 2 arrows from its body.
  39. FIX......CLIENT.......CRASH......BUG........NOW.........ARRRRGGGHHHHH..........OOOooOoOOoOoo
  40. jat

    jat Guest

    And put a fix in for that dang bug that makes the client crash every so often. I get it on my archer all the time. Drives me up the wall!
  41. Cosis

    Cosis Guest

    1. instant hit or miss-ASAP, like yesterday
    2. able to wear buckers-ASAP
    3. repeaters made to be one handed-ASAP, like yesterday
    4. able to poison bows-ASAP
    5. craftable archery buttes

    6.able to enhance bows-ASAP
    8. Repeater able to do Shadowstrike and Infect instead of moving crapshot and double strike
    9. Different Wood types
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Special Woods. The trees for this already exist in game, would just need to add the coding for different types of wood. (see post below)

    Things I"d also like to see dealt with.
    1. Client crash bug. (graphic related?)
    2. Change UBWS to something that WORKS and is useful. ( Lower arrow cost?HCI?)
    3. "standing still" until your arrow reaches its mark is not a good idea. As someone stated earlier, once free of the bow the arrow is on its own. If the archer moves, it should have no effect on if that arrow strikes home or not.
    4. Runic bow crafting
    5. Fix the archery buttes (Id love to compete /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)
    6. Give bowyers the ability to enhance bows/crossbows
    7. Take a look at the "accuracy" of GM and GM+ archers. They are missing way to often.
    8. Target size should be taken into consideration. The chances of missing an ettin should be less than missing a rat. (personally I like this one but I know the swordsmen/macers/fencers etc would be crying for the same thing lol)

    Most of these ideas are just ones I've read in other peoples posts. (great ideas! thanks guys). I just thought it was a good idea to have them all together in one post.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <pre>Wood Type Oak Willow Cedarr Maple Cypress Walnut O'hii Yew

    Fire Damage 40% 10%
    Cold Damage 20% 30% 20%
    Poison Damage 10% 30% 10%
    Energy Damage 20% 20% 20% 20%
    Durability 100 50
    Luck 40
    Lower Requirements 50 50
    Lower Arrow Cost 20% 35%</pre>

    Physical Damage Always Takes Remaining Damage % From Physical

    By Jove, I think Ive got it! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nice chart.... are there any maple trees in the game? If you've found some, let me know where at... I've been through most of the forests around the mainland with my lumberjack and have only found the other 7 trees you have listed (along with a generic "a tree").
  45. Kra'Za'Li

    Kra'Za'Li Guest

    Let me first say that I do have an archer so I am not an "Archer-hater".

    Having said that I don't agree with the unlimited one-handed bow idea. It just doesn't make sense. You need 2 hands to draw a bow/xbow. I do however think you should be able to drink pots with a bow equipped with maybe a slight time penalty *Pulls potion bottle cork out with his teeth* (waits for cries of outrage from pvpers)

    I also don't believe that you would be able to equip a heater shield while drawing a bow. Maybe limit archers to a buckler or create a new piece of armor specifically for archers? A set of bracers to wear over existing arms?
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm looks like I may have to rename that one. I thought I had seen them before but I'm running around in the woods outside Brit right now looking and I dont see any! lol The ones that "look" like maple trees are willows. Go figure.

    I'll keep ya posted!

    Well I just did a running tour and found not one single maple tree. I guess I was imagining them. lol So we need another tree for that one I suppose. Any ideas?
  47. Sir_Gallant

    Sir_Gallant Guest

    Just to add to the number or responses to this thread.
    But I agree with 98% of everyhting that has been said.
    Runic fetching tools, Bow crafters being able to enhance bows. Archers should be able to move as soon as arrow is fired and not have to wait till it hit the target.
    More bows spawning as loot(good Bows)
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I know what you mean... some of the trees that you'd think were one type end up being something completely different (or, in most cases, they're just a non-descript "a tree").

    The only other type I've found besides the Cedar, Cypress, Oak, O'hii, Walnut, Willow and Yew would be the Tuscany Pine. Of course, I think I've only seen one of those so far, just outside the bridge of Britain, so I'm not sure if they'd even be worth including in the wood varieties.

    If there are no others, you could always shift the Luck factor over to the willow, and maybe move the cold percentage to the oak... something like that...
  49. Cosis

    Cosis Guest

    Could finally give a use for dead wood to 'enhance' with too
  50. Caretaker

    Caretaker Guest

    Poxx, im not giving away the tactic and template for that because i want to avoid ppl powerleveling to that template (which is rather easy) and imbalancing pvp even more. But it's not so much archery that does the damage, its the combination of spellchanneling, ranged and 3sec paralize that allows combo one to death.

    Shiva was the one who showed me and killed me 18 out of 20 times, so it's definatly a killer template. The only thing that went wrong those 2 times was her timing.