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The Ashenfold Cartel is recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by shockhammer3, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Home | About | FAQ | Lore | Forums

    Status: Recruiting | Region: International | Apply Here: Join Us

    "We are Thieves, we are Knights, we are Pillagers, we are Protectors. We are the Cartel."

    We are the Ashenfold Cartel. We do not align ourselves with any nation or guild - we seek to survive the onslaught of the Dragons while bettering ourselves in turn. All may join the Cartell; all may earn protection and respect within the Ashenfold...

    Contacts: Shadowedsin, Shockhammer3, Ekuman

    How we are known depends on where you stand...

    To the Law Abider there is a Social Club located in Rurikton. Several locale merchants, nobility and ambassadors from Tyria have gathered here under the support of the local D'Robert merchant family. In an effort to provide charitable relief and quality service the D'Robert Social Club offers a vast array of goods, foods, and activities for those interested in a break from these Dragon-Haunted times.

    In the Free City of Lion's Arch deep in the Hooligan's Route lies the Baron's Gambling Den. To the Criminal the Den is a recent addition funded by local pirates and criminals in an effort to spice up life in the Free City (if it is already not interesting enough). Home to adventrurers and thieves, the Den provides interesting drugs, entertainment and services to those seeking to get dirty work done.

    Finally, if one digs too deep and has come to Know Too Much then they will find the Ashenfold. Only those that seek will find the society and discover the society bent on surviving the Dragon-Haunted times.

    Who are we?

    The Ashenfold Cartel is a guild founded to perpetuate and create enjoyable roleplay in a communal atmosphere. We seek to excel in PvP and PvE while creating unique and ever changing storylines that are created and driven by our membership.

    How do we accomplish this?

    We us a combination of story events and random Roleplay to create an organic basis of storytelling. Every action has a consequence and by mixing in different forms of Roleplay from politics to simple adventure the story is never the same.

    Are you heavy or light roleplay guild?

    The Cartel may have themes and content which would be at home in a Heavy RP guild, but we do not ostracize those more comfortable with Light or Medium RP preferences from joining. What stories and content a player and their character take part of is left to the player's discretion. As such, we embrace the full spectrum of RP, from Light to Heavy.

    General Information

    The Ashenfold was founded as a neutral organization that would hold no alignment except for that created by the membership through their actions alone. For the past two years we have continued to not only iterate our own ideas, but create a guild where members have a full say and can truly shape the In Character destiny of the Cartel itself! We are a community of roleplayers who seek to create and perpetuate dynamic Rp in the Guild Wars Universe in the spirit of Guild Wars 2.

    Our Stance on Rp Styles

    We welcome all styles and forms of character in the RP spectrum. Instead of lashing people to a singular guild storyline we encourage an organic evolution of story through action and reaction. Magically inclined roleplayers, Game of Thrones fans, adventurers, mercs and all the like find a home in the Cartel.

    Guild Features
    • Separate OOC and IC Structure - Our IC and OOC guild structure is entirely separate meaning you as a player can become the IC leader of your own faction if your character can play the game of thrones!
    • RP Hubs and Businesses - Work in the upscale Social Club and Spa, or as criminal in the Gambling Den. Either being completely separate meaning Good, Evil and all in between can exist in the same guild!.
    • Stability and Dedicated Staff - Ashenfold has existed since 2009 and was founded for GW2!
    • Dynamic Rp and Roles - Ashenfold evolves with each choice of the members, and with our Role System you can define your character how you want! Want to be a bartender go for it? A merc awesome! An evil scientist mastermind, bring them on in! Through our diverse cast we tell fantastic stories and see our world evolve!
    • Large but tight Knit - Our community is diverse and large, but we haven't lost that small guild feel! Everyone is welcomed right away, given a seat in our community and welcomed like an old friend!

    General Requirements:
    • Applicants must be 17 years or older. Exemptions are granted upon request and thorough consideration (our about page covers this).
    • We are an ESL friendly guild, we just ask that people have grasp of the basics of English Grammar and Spelling.
    #1 shockhammer3, Apr 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2012
  2. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Hey everyone here is our weekly pre-beta update!

    We have set up a plan for the beta meaning we are moving forward with two events we will be holding. Plus expect a blog and several videos from our news feeds.

    More information can be found here.
    Ashenfold Beta Events
    Ashenfold is happy to offer two events this beta weekend interested in those wish to explore Guild Wars 2 and what it has to offer for the Rp community!

    No Rper Left Behind!
    In response to the event being sponsored by Team Legacy and Tales of Tyria Ashenfold is opening its mumble servers for the April beta weekend! We are calling this event "No Rper left Behind" to signify the inspiration from the "No Fan left Behind" event. However, our event will focus on exploring the game not only from a PvE and PvP perspective, but also from a roleplay perspective. For this reason we are not only opening our mumble servers to our allies, but to all of those who might be interested in the game and those wish to learn more about it!

    During the weekend our mumble server will be active 24/7, and anyone wishing to join us is free to join at their leisure! We only ask that you refrain from offensive or violent language and try not to disrupt any discussion going on during the beta. Information about our server can be found here.

    This event will start one hour before the beta weekend begins so we have time to deal with any technical issues that might arise!

    The Aekart Foundation Banquet
    Ashenfold is holding this event on Sunday, April 29th @ 3pm PST / 7pm GMT / 9pm CET on the Tarnished Coast server.

    -Written upon a poster found all over Divinity's Reach-

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    You are cordially invited to an open air banquet being sponsored by the Aekart Family Foundation in the central plaza. There will be drinks and free food to all comers! A time of dancing and merrymaking to be had. Just make sure to tell the bouncers the word "Aekart" and you will be free to join us!

    All roleplayers and those interested in roleplay are invited to partake in one of the first party events thrown in Guild Wars 2!
  3. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Ashenfold Updates!

    -We now have a newsletter called The Ashen Word and the first edition is already out and includes three reviews of the BWE all written by our members!
    -We have a new Dragon Cultist Faction, called the Knazhirim!
    -We have a new Guide written for the Charr as well as These Notes from the Wartower Interview!
    -We have an update on our ever changing active story event, the Night of the Falling Axe!
  4. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Mid-Mady Update
    -Our new update can be found here!

    Our new content includes:
    • New piece of technology, the Signet rings of the Cartel.
    • New secret artifacts, the Rings of Relocation.
    • The ever increasing guide on the Charr by our own events officer,Glaive.
    • New phrases in Ashic.
    • And we've revamped to help unify the sects even more!
    • Finally we are conclude the first part of our ongoing story saga, the Night of the falling Axe!
  5. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    Late May Update!

    We held a few meetings this past week and a few changes have occurred:
    • This thread highlights our discussion from the guild and officer meetings.
    • We have added a Banker / Moneylender occupation to the Crafter's Union operation. This can also include industrialists looking to fund larger ventures.
    • Signet Rings have been simplified.
    • We are working on creating Sect Domains, or places where people can Rp within their sect alone.
    • The second part of our epic story event, Night of the Falling Ax continues with Part 2: Night Wanders
  6. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Pre-Beta Update!
    This is the big update before the June beta next weekend and we have a few things to let everyone know about!
    • First we have released the newest edition of the Ashen Word, our guild newsletter which can be found here[/url].
    Seeing Ashenfold in the Beta
    If you are on Tarnish Coast and you see the [AC] Tag feel free to join up with us or send one of us a PM. We'll be out in force Rping and tearing the game up as we hope to understand all the changes Anet has introduced since the first BWE.

    Ashenfold Events
    We are throwing 2 events this weekend check them out:
    As a response to the original event being sponsored by Team Legacy and Tales of Tyria Ashenfold is once again opening our mumble servers to all those interested in RP, or Rpers seeking to just chill out and have fun on the beta. This is our way of reaching out to the community and offering a service to every Rper who want's to just discuss lore or the game in general

    Lore Discussions!
    New to Tyria, feel free to ask any of our local Lore hounds and get a full preview of the vast history of the world we hope to Rp in!

    RP Events
    Members of Ashenfold and our friends in the Rp community will be actively Rping throughout the entire weekend. Feel free to jump on our mumble and come tell a story with us!

    Joining the Server
    During the weekend our mumble server will be active 24/7, and anyone wishing to join us is free to join at their leisure! You can download the client for mumble at this link and access the information to join our server at our Chat and Mumble information thread.

    This event will start one hour before the beta weekend begins so we have time to deal with any technical issues that might arise!

    Ales and Ballads!
    -A message plastered on a poster with an ale mug plastered on posts from Lion's Arch to Divinity's Reach states-


    Adventurers, smiths and ladies (and gentlement) come one and all to the Maiden's Whisper in Rurikton! For we, the Archer's Bath Service along with the Baron's Pride Service have set up a night of drinking and fun music for all comers! Got a good story to tell, well come tell it. Want to go wenching, we have the wenches!

    This will be an event for fun and revelry. Hard drink will be served and music will be played. If you be charr, norn, asura or planty Sylvari, all are welcome to our fine even of debauchery.

    Ashenfold is holding this event on Sunday, June 10th @ 12pmPST / 3pm PST / 8pm GMT / 10pm on the Tarnished Coast server.

    OOC: OOC: This is a public event all are invited to join us in the Maiden's Whisper in Rurkikon!

    Please remember to not spam spells or as this is a public event! Bouncers will be posted in case someone causes a ruckus ICLY

    Contact ShadowedSin for more information, Jona Vjargharten In Game!

    If you are looking for a guild with a dynamic every changing environment. That is an established name and has a fun mature community then seek us out!
  7. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    UPCOMING Podcast!

    Join us on 06/22/12 at 10PM GMT to listen in and participate with the Ashenfold Cartel's pilot podcast! We will be on Mumble at the following address:
    port 25400

    Check out

    for more info!
    We hope to see you all at our podcast debut!

    For more info about Mumble!
    Mumble.com | Mumble Server Hosting
  8. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    Mid-June Content Update: Night Shall End

    Hey guys, this is our official MID JUNE update, and one that was a bit unexpected. We added this update after a thorough review of the guild. After speaking with many members and consulting with the Officer team I have implemented a few changes.

    Accesibility and Removing Intimidation
    Many of you guys love our lore, plain and simple, the issue here is snot everyone wants to read that much lore at once. For this reason we have wrangled and discussed in the Officer Team and I have come up with the follow solutions.

    Rules Update
    The Guild Policy or the Ruleset has been updated with clear defintiions and new rules dealing with communication in public channels.

    We highly suggest you read it and re-familiarize yourselves with it, the new ruleset can be found here.

    The Wiki We Go!
    Everything in the Expanded Lore forum has been moved to the Ashenfold Wiki, this has been done to remove the large stack of lore that once dwelt on our forum. This also means we have a much cleaner organized set of categories to find everything. What this has let us do is then move a few more things around so that it is clearer what needs to be read and what is therefor for fluff.

    We also cleaned up the front page a bit so that things are clearer and links are there. Finally we have added a nice Quick Guide to Join so people aren't confused any longer about the application process :)

    Legality, Sect Animosity and Rituals
    A while back we had a thread about Sect Identification which was a huge eye opener! After that and the following Possible Content changes thread a lot was learned. From this we began a slew of changes sthat we hope will shake things up bit.

    First, the Five Sects are and Secrets of the Cartel are gone. Yup, gone! Secrets of the Cartel is now a expanded read that details a bit more about the level of discovery one can find as they rank up in the Cartel itself!

    Our new Sects of the Cartel has been buffed up with a few new features. Please note that Ashic did receive an update.

    Krews and Troupes
    These are what some might call Squads and Brigades (all Sects have their own Ashic term for them. These are basically groupings of Cartelites witha Krew being a regional population and a Troupe being a group of 2-5. These we hope will create internal competition and the ability for people to form power blocs that require constant diplomacy to maintain (as it should be).

    A thread dedicated to noting your troupes as they form will be posted in the future, so stay alert for the future email with links to said thread!

    Legality and Public Face
    The Cartel is now called the Ashenfold Cartel publicly and please note this is a "pet name" used by some eccentric noble. Why did we do this? Well we wanted to make it so that people who may leave the guild can still Rp with us and this way now we can say that the big evil Cartel is nothing more than some myth dreamed up by someone.

    The new Legality system creates two different viewpoints for the Cartel on the public and Low Tier 3 / Initiate level. One side is the legal point of view and the other is the illegal. With the new Secrets article these areas blend as one ranks up or seeks to discover more. We hope this will provide a much more immersive and enhanced Rp experience as we get into game.

    Sect Entry Updates
    The Sect Entires have all moved onto the wiki, and they include new information. Each entry now includes a more extensive set of links at the top to all worthy sect info (including the origins) and a comprehensive look at the sects business, standings (indepth with more awesome stuff). The idea here is that the information such as holdings, the current dynamics and alignment with other sects will change over time to reflect how the Sects feel towards each other.

    Allegiances and Rituals
    As per request there is now a article on Sect Rites and Rituals which includes information on the Initiation Rites for each sect, a Title gainng Challenge and a honor game of sorts. The new Allegiances article on the other hand has all that good internal information many of you like. This includes the History of each Allegiance, their Culture and their Business.

    We have also updated the Initiation Guide to include information about the final step in joining the Cartel including the new position known as the Contact.

    A while back we began a poll asking if people wished to revive the idea of having a guild podcast. After the poll showed interest in the idea our local IA Officer, Alexandus, began recruiting people for th idea and teamed up with GentlemenOfLeisure. The two are now hosting a new podcast which will be hosted on our Youtube Channel

    If you want to discuss topics check out this thread and to help out check out the podcast recruitment thread.

    The agenda for this weeks podcast held today @ 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10 GMT can be found here. Recording for the event will be happening on our guild mumble server.
  9. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    Late June Update

    So we've been working a bit on our forums a bit. Our aim has been to reduce the at a glance amount of forums while providing intuitive organization. As we near launch Ashenfold has begun to buckle down and start discussing our launch plans. We are looking at setting up weekly general events that everyone can attend (this will be like tavern events). Our infamous, Night of the Fallen Ax ends at the end of next month and so for July we'll be running a series of open mini-events for fun on our new Shades of Gray Forum.

    Other than that we have a new Lore Article, this one was created as a means to describe the ritualistic basis of conflict in the Cartel. It also provides a basis of intervention and basically is the "Law" of the Cartel itself. You can find out more about the it in the Code of Entente wiki page.

    Finally our podcast, Ashencast, will be recording it's second episode this next weekend. We'll be doing a segment on our friends the White Aegis and we are already looking into inviting other guilds onto the cast for the future.

    Have any questions just send us a tweet @ashenfoldcartel on twitter or pop on our forums ans ask a question.

  10. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    Want to participate in the Ashenfold Podcast or as its called, the "AshenCast"? Ask questions to our hosts Alexandus and Gentleman of Leisure as they speak with officers of the guild White Aegis while they talk about the upcoming Guild Wars 2 release date as well as the upcoming IC rivalry between the two guilds, Ashenfold Cartel and White Aegis!

    Tune in at 8PM EST on the Ashenfold Cartel's Mumble server, info is below!

    Address: ashenfold.gameopen.org

    Port: 25400
  11. hyenaskate

    hyenaskate Guest

    Our newest issue of the Ashen Word is out! The issue itself can be found here.

    Welcome to all of our new members for the past few weeks and can't wait to game with you guys in game!

    On that note we're currently doing some site renovations to add a few features while also streamlining things. This is a great time to join the guild as we will be launching the final part of our dynamic summer plotline, Night of the Falling Ax. So if you want to start off by carving your name in Cartel history this is the time to get in on the action!
  12. shockhammer3

    shockhammer3 Guest

    Ealy Before Launch Update!
    Here there everyone! The lands of Ashenfold are a buzz with the excitement of launch! After finishing up the additions of our last big update titled "The Old Way" we have started moving closer to our full launch status as a guild!

    So this week we have several interesting and fun updates!
    • Our two podcasts return this week! The Fourth episode of AshenMythos starts off covering the changes seen in the Old Way update!
    • Our community centric podcast, AshenCast returns in the fourth episode with new host, A Gentleman of Leisure, at the helm! This episode features one of the co-leaders of the Keepers of the Phoenix, Deks, and myself! We talk about the last BWE and learn a lot about the inspiration behind the KotP guild!
    • Our guild has held a quick donation run and we have made the money for our new forum skin! This new theme will go live this next weekend and will unite our wordpress and forums^^
    • Our guildies have worked away creating art for the guild these include srinnknorei who did a lovely job creating our new sects of the Cartel Flowchart & an image of the Cartel amulets, Morrgaine is creating poser art for the sects article, Kola (who did our guild seal) who is designing emblems for the guild's internal factions. Ashenfold Supports its artists and is glad to have not only physically talented artists but a horde of creative writers!

    If you are looking for an active, fun and friendly guild who immersives you in lore and is newbie friendly check us out!

    See you all next week!

    -ShadowedSin, Leader of the Ashenfold Cartel
    "Survive, Adapt, Prosper."
  13. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Gratz on the growth with the guild. You all have plenty of projects a going.. I enjoyed the podcast :)
  14. The Near Launch Update!
    Hey everyone, it's almost here! Ashenfold has been alive and is furious with Rp in our forum, the Ye Olde Dragon as everyone waits in ancitipation for the Headstart and Launch! Over this past weekend, the Cartel has seen a lot of changes as we finish up our preparations for launch.

    We have:
    • Put up a new theme for our website which unifies the aesthetics of our wordpress front page with our forum. This has cut down on load times and has been a hit with the members. Note we accomplished this through member donation and the work was done via member feedback!
    • We have tightened up the lore so that there are basis for changing Sects, what to expect when betraying the Cartel, and how to return to the Cartel's good graces. All found in the Code of Entente Article.
    • We have posted our future upcoming weekly events on our events page! So look for public on-going guild events to hit the server weekly in the future!
    • We have recorded a new episode of the AshenMythos podcast which discuss the Voice Sect and how to fill out an Ashenfodl Character Biography!
    • Our Wiki is alive and nicely theme as members are adding their characters to it. All of the wonderful work on our wiki was done by our awesome dedicated Veteran member, Sriinknorei!
    • Our Guild Plot has evolved as the Cartel's enemies gather in secret to strike a treasonous deal that could change the face of the Ashenfold!
    • Our Allies and Rivals forum is up so if you wish to discuss an alliance or a rivalry with the Ashenfold you can!

    With launch only five days away (from this post) we are revving up for a hard played weekend of fun and glory! If you wish to game with the Ashenfold during the weekend feel free to jump on our Mumble Server or just look for the [AC] tag in the various zones we'll be playing in according to our Launch Plan.

    "Survive, Adapt, Prosper!"