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(RP) The atlantic mage tower memorial...

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Ahuaeyjnkxs, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *Ahu had walked for what seemed years now, his sandals tainted of blood for not caring about the little rocks that made their way in, piercing his skin in the long run*

    *Thirst was worse than ever, and the aversion for anything that look like water was culminating, so much that approaching the mage tower and seeing the vast sea expense made him sick to his stomach. For him it was a drug, empowering his mind to the only weakness he had ; voluptuous woman with a sense of ethics and humor. Just thinking of a few made Ahu's mind wander ; he tought of the simplicity of it and how much trouble it gave him, brigning the analysis to an hygienic meta-scale he once again realised that even what he likes in their physical attributes is mostly rejected by those who would judge men of their word.*

    "Ironic, how can I still stand ; large head, large hips, large belly !" , he tought to himself.

    *Shivers and shakes*

    "Here we are once again, my favorite crime scene." He exclaimed aloud.

    *rubbing his eyes for a moment, stretching his upper lip realising his nose had become cold from the humid air*

    "It's changed again !"

    *Ahu carefully reads the pannel and realises the ownership was claimed by Messana, wondering who this person may be he walks inside, full of aprehension*

    "Not surprising, every crime evidence carefully cleaned up ; gone is the statue of Tiffric or ANY mention to his contribution, gone are the proof that the AMT was held up as the pride of the necromancers victory upon the virtuous mages*

    "There is nothing left, all the people who came throughout all these years leaving messages in the guestbook... erased, all the artifacts and runebooks to points of historical interests... gone ! All those necromancy books, and the blue wisp placed on a sacrificial pentagram surrounded with black rock and libraries full of necromancy books... the eternal flame of mages..."

    "But there is another funny fact, the chests in the backroom were intentionally choosen to be paragon dark wisps chests ; all true mages know that as with the guardian and the avatar, the dark and light wisps are but one. None of the schoolars of the mage tower would have ever killed a dark wisp, especially in the past..."

    *Ahu walks all the way to the top, dosen't look a bit surprised and sighs silently as a white feather passes by pushed by the wind, seemingly alive and coming from the seaside*

    "Forgive them my old friends, for they do not know..."

    *chuckles to himself*

    "If the goal was making this look old school it almost worked, it is back where the powers that be always wanted it to be, a lifeless building, with no community and no meaning."

    *realises he is speaking alone, so he moves to adress god to satisfy his ego's craving*

    "I am sure you can see for yourself, a lesson to learn for yourself ; this place as it was is but an insult to what it was. In my experience and quite vast knowledge of the world, I can't say such a philosophical enlightenment about anything else in life. As ridiculous as it may seem, in a virtual world for a past many would like to forget, at the lowest point of human humility ; a gem."

    "Public, yes I was always public, but never when it was fun to be... maybe with some patience we can prevent much emotional damage, but time grows thin... next time I rant like that, please remind me there are things to be done, people to be told the truth... will you ?"

    *a strong wind manifests and the feather is pushed away from the tower, taking a quick sprint Ahu throws himself off the tower to catch it and then utters the words "Uus Vas Wis Ylem Por Hur" which effectively allows him to fly for a few moments, until he realised he is a returning to britannia n00b without much mana and ends up rolling in the dirt with a few bruises*

    *laughs at himself nervously and looks around for any witnesses*

    "Why is it that I must be so marginal, that I am allowed to mean something but only until it becomes funny to you ?"

    *looks angry*

    "If I was still the Avatar and not a silly overwhelmed companion I'd surre take me boot to yer arse, Guardian."

    "For now you have the benefit of the doubt in my mind, that your presence might be needed, the sosarians have allowed you free reign for how long now ?"

    "Long enough for me to feel alienated, and some people could vouch for me on that one, I am a master at integrity of will... this was my work always and others could vouch that I worked hard."

    *listens to any change of wind direction or natural noises, as if waiting for confirmation that he wasn't talking alone*

    "Thats it I'm crazy... but for the sake of my good mother I will live on and endure this pain."

    *Without turning his back, he walks towards the library...*