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The Battle For Paupa (Catskills)

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Soldats, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. The Soldats

    The Soldats Guest

    (Screens Taken From Last Night After the Patch, We Managed to Drive back the Army, and stop the Spawn)

    The Battle for Paupa was long, and hard.
    When Clive had arrived it had been overrun by the enemy, the Ophidian’s had sent not a squad, but a full blown out army to capture the city. A army of ranks, and tactics, not a hord of stupid orc kin.
    Many had come to fight for it, and many would die for it before the eve saw its bloody end.

    Clive fought along side the humans and elves that had came, to save this city, the last free city before wilderness of the lost lands.
    Clive had done much work here, and he would not abandon this city to these lesser creatures
    these sickening snakes.

    The generals where hard, Large creatures, scared from many battles, and scales as hard as rock, Clive found himself more then one time thrown back as his Axe blade failed to break the scaled hides. Only by the grace of numbers did they slay these great warriors.

    The battle was drawing the key point, Clive looked around as he saw the bodies of his comrades litter the streets, his eyes glowing yellow as he faced the next snake. And there it was.

    He tilted his axe into fighting stance, As a body of a mage flew by him, in more then one piece.
    This one was large, he heard a fellow warrior next to him mumble its nature in awe.
    A Brood Queen.
    At first no one dared attack, everyone circling this great creature hesitant to attack.
    At that moment Clive saw a young mage in the back uttering words, words of power.
    He looked to the Queen and see its body tense and freeze, its movement stopped.
    “Bring it Down!”
    That battle saw more blood then any Clive had seen on the field that eve. He and the others managed to take it down, but once again by numbers hand, Clive himself getting in a decent amount of chops at the Snakes next.

    After she fell it was shot work, the army scattered, running to the desert and there Base. The remaining warriors and mages finished off the stragglers.

    Soon after the search for bodies commenced, Clive himself helping personally, lifting the dead out of the marsh and rubble, he walked into the Harbor building and smelled the fresh scent of blood.
    Below in the cellar he found her, a girl. Such a fresh life, gone, gone to the fangs of a Snake.
    He looked to the side, somehow fate was with her in one aspect, the Ophidian lay dead at her feet. A berserker, one of the mightiest of the Snakes. . .

    He left her body, preforming the rights of his race on her body, asking the Noir to take her to paradise.

    He left, Paupa was saved, for now, there would be more he new, they would send another legion to retake the city...

    .. And he would be here when they did, to avenge that girls death, to show them, no one harms a child’s life, under Soldat eye.

    He turned, the Berserkers where all that remained, the only ones foolish enough to stay behind when the rest of the Ophidian army had fled. Though there strength warranted it.

    He turned as two rushed him, Talon Bite gleaming with snake blood. . .