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The Beginning (A story...final)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by War of the Roses, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. We thundered across the countryside. Friendly farmers waved from their fields as we road past. A crisp clean breeze whipped through my locks as we rode on. I felt utterly safe and more than refreshed and the ride was most enjoyable.

    Chicken was in high spirits, she pranced gaily when we passed a stable of horses, proudly showing off her now clean dappled coat. Her nickering held a soft joy that I too felt this day. Raynald had said this ride would be short and safe since most of the trek was within the safe boundaries of town, and thankfully they were.

    We rounded the curve of the road, Chicken danced back several steps and I too picked up on what had frightened her. The crackling of aged bones echoed to us, reaching our now alert ears. She tossed her head, whinnying and snorting softly. I pulled my pack forward, digging through it’s meager contents. Finally I extracted a tambourine, one that I had practiced a bit on since purchasing it in Minoc.

    “tch tchnk tch tchnk tch tchnk”

    It sounded well, though I was uncertain of my abilities. I urged Chicken around the remaining bend, the crackling of bones growing louder. There before us stood a cemetery and nestled across from it a large majestic looking tower. I only hoped the residence of the tower were friendly.

    Chicken fought the reins in my hand, the leather chaffing my palms as she pulled her head back again and again. I hushed her and admonished her for her timid behavior. She turned her head toward me and shot me a look of dismay with one gray eye. I felt pity for her, yet knew that we must do something, and fleeing was not the choice I wished to make this day.

    The skeletons grouped near the corner of the dilapidated iron fence, I could see spots where rust had eaten clear through and hoped that it stood strong for a moment longer. I lifted the tambourine, the red streamer billowing in the crisp breeze.

    “tch tchnk tch tchnk tch tchnk”

    I heard a shadowy roar of fury as my attempt failed. My heart hammered steadily and rapidly in my chest. The coming evening dimness was no help to the surge of fear that I felt. I raised the instrument again, steadying my hand and concentrating all my will.

    “tch tchnk tch tchnk tch tchnk”

    Alas! It worked, two of the vile skeletons began to do the dance of death with each other, forgetting me and my mount in the sweet sounds of the music. I was overjoyed. Again I tried, failing and succeeding in turn, though in finality all the bones danced in time with the music.

    I watched the macabre dance of bones with interest, feeling suddenly proud of my little accomplishment. Chicken nickered, throwing her head with purpose towards the tower. I strained in the gloom to hear what she had. The soft laughing and talking of many came from the front side of the massive building.

    I turned her towards the tower, easing up alongside the large stone building. The talking grew louder, interspersed with uproarious laughter. I was curious, as oft I tend to be and pulled up tight with the corner of the tower. I slid easily from Chicken’s back, holding my hand to her to silence her protest.

    Carefully peaking around the corner I spotted a group of folks, sitting and chatting, some looking quite horrifying and others open and friendly, yet here they all talked as if friends. My eyes wandered to the sign affixed to the tower, it was highly polished and upon it the words

    Yew Merry Center for All

    I grinned, for I could not help myself, happy that finally my journey was over. I absently reached for the reins, tugging at Chicken to follow me as I quietly moved out to join the crowd.

    A man, dressed in a rather garishly bright green robe was sitting and listening to the group, laughing and smiling at the jokes that flew freely. He looked up and spotted me, his smile turned warm and I felt a soft blush at being noticed cross my cheeks.

    “Hail and welcome to the YMCA” He said.

    A chorus of welcomes soon joined his and I felt warm and very welcome. Chicken danced behind me, pushing at my back as she impatiently begged attention.

    “You may stable your horse here if you wish.” The man in the green said.

    I smiled graciously and handed the reins to the stable girl who had come out upon hearing the call for her services. Having Chicken securely stabled and taken care of I slipped onto one of the benches that lined the walkway to the Y.

    I talked openly with the group gathered out front, each telling me a little of the history of the building and the proprietor. I listened with great interest, asking questions as they popped into my eager mind.

    I learned the one dressed in green was called Spin. He generously asked if I wished to join the Snits, telling me of their history and their connection with the YMCA. I readily accepted, happy to be part of such a wonderful group.

    After being titled and joining the ranks of the Snits, I got the great honor of meeting Dor. She was warm and friendly, reiterating what many had told me and stressing the values of the Snits and what they stand for.

    The warm smiles and friendly banter that surrounded me this eve assured my return. Knowing that I had found what I so longed to find within the folds of the Y and Snit.

    And so concludes Rose Bush’s journey to the YMCA. I hope you enjoyed these tales, as I have enjoyed writing them. In future times more tales will follow, though due to time restraints and the coming holidays they may not be as frequent. Thank you to all those who have supported me and encouraged me to continue on, you have been a great source of inspiration to me and I think due to all the responses received that I am truly ready to begin my novel. Again, the most sincerest thanks to all.


    <center>The Saga of Auburn Rose~Tale of Britannia</font color=FF3030></center>
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Ye know was just perusing the "library" here and was thinking to meself "Ye know, I haven't heard from that Miss Rose as o' late... I do hope to hear her latest story.. An' lo an' behold! There ye are. Thank ye fer the tale, must admit I'm sad ta' see it end, but ye've done it justice in the telling.


    "Aye, to walk the path o' the virtues is no easy task. Foster the greater good, maintain the Balance. Keep searching." -Windar D'Sal


    <center>((Too true, ol' friend.)) - The man behind the man./php-bin/shared/images/icons/read.gif</center>
  3. Nod of Fire

    Nod of Fire Guest

    Keep on with the stories!

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    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.
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  4. Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo Guest

    Bravo! bravo!
    i loved it, the whole thing!! read each par a couple times :)

    Khal Drogo-Mage/Bard
    Tarik Hellforge-Crafterman!
  5. I am so happy to read another installment, yet so sorry to see it draw to a close. *smiles*

    I so hope that you can grace us with more stories soon! *crosses her fingers*

    (P.S. Sorry to get to this belatedly, but I was sort of preoccupied elsewhere the past few days :)



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  6. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    *claps at the stories* : )

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    Thomas Edison</center>