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EM Site Feed The Birth Of Ashmedai

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by UO News, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    The birth of Ashmedai is quite a mystery in itself. Legend says he was born from fire and ice, thus giving him the ability over the many elements encased in the multiverse. Many stories have been told to hide the truth because the actual birth gave many nightmares.

    Many centuries ago, there was a young man who went by the name of Zachary. He was a young warrior, like many of you today. He fought bravely along the many knights in the realm and even earned a seat in the Grand Throne room where the royalty dined in the evening. He was respected by thousands of his peers who sought to be just like him.

    His brother, Cassius, despised Zachary beyond belief. He hated being in his presence because everyone was so affectionate towards him. He thought everyone treated Zachary like a King and showed no attention to himself. This brought forth a great distance between brothers – one that would soon bring tyranny to all of mankind.


    On the night of many horrors, now known as Halloween, Zachary was feasting at the local pub. Liquor for all who dared to engulf its richness and food for everyone to gourge themselves sick. Cassius was amongst the crowd – watching his brother closely. Despising his brothers every move, Cassius was consumed of hatred. He made his emotions very noticable, so noticable it had drawn the attention of a young enchantress.

    “What are you so angry about?” asked the enchantress in an accent so thick.

    “What do you care? replied Cassius with a sarcastic tone

    Cassius, at this point, locked eyes with the enchantress. She had his full attention, each gazing into each others eyes.

    “Lissssten young Casssiuss. Lisssten to me. I know what you Sssseeeek, I can provide the very thing you wisssh. But beware, through power is only dissstruction. You must use it with great care. If you don’t, your death walksss hand in hand with what you are sssseeking.” said the enchantress in a snake-like language.

    “I want it! Give it to me, I beg you. Give me what I seek young enchantress.” replied Cassius.

    “Very well….” said the enchantress.

    With that, she gave him a vial and then crept into the darkness of the night. Cassius knew what he wanted to do and took no time in preparing for the murder of his brother, Zachary. In his anger, Cassius slipped the slow-killing poison in his brothers drink, and then sat back as he watched Zachary drink the poisoned wine. The poison would take hours to kill him, however; he would feel treacherous pain until death.

    Around midnight, Zachary had drunk himself to missery, wishing for soberness but obtaining nothing. He longed for the return of morning, but knowing he will have to endure the pain alone. Everyone around him was either passed out or occupied in the many festivities. Zachary was on his knees in agony, praying to be healed. No one came to his aid, he just sat there in agonizing pain.

    After a few hours of intense pain, Zachary slumped to the ground – dead. Cassius was overwhelmed of joy, not knowing that the real consequence lay hidden – lurking and waiting for the right time to reveal itself.


    Zacharies soul had perished to the underworld, lost in the unknown. He wondered the hallowed grounds for what seemed like hours, confused as to what happened. After countless tears have been shed out of grief, he was greeted by someone lurking in the shadows:

    “Greetingssss noble ssswordssman,” the figure said in a snake-like tone.

    “Who are you? What do you want? asked Zachary.

    “I am Zadicusssss the Enchantresssss. I do not want anything a human can provide. I ssssimply want to talk,” she replied back.

    “Talk about what? Stay back!!” Zachary exclaimed out of great confusion.

    “I ssssee you are trapped in the unknown. You were murdered by your brother Casssiussss. I am here to offer you a deal, a new chance at life!” answered Zadicus.

    “What?! NO! This can’t be. He is my brother!” cried Zachary.

    “Lisssten to me young one. Lisssten to me Zachary. I have been trapped in the underworld for centuriessss. I ssseeek to be free. I can only manifest myself on the night of many horrorssss. I have the ability to grant otherssss freedom, but it comesss at a cossst,” Zadicus said.

    Zachary now has a feeming anger built up. His eyes glow red from the many tears that trickled down his cheek. Confused as to why his brother would betray him in this manner.

    “What must I do?” asked Zachary in a tone so evil it would give the average mortal chills.

    “Lissten to me. I can give you life, but you musst ssswear your allegience to me. YOU MUST! Only then can I grant you what you sssseeeek!” exclaimed Zadicus

    “Then let it be done,” Zachary said.

    “Ssssso be it. With thisss new found gift, you will be known as Ashmedai, Angel of Death, and you will do my bidding,” Zadicus said.

    Zadicus instantly transformed from a young enchantress to a Serpentine beast.

    “I am releassssed, I am free. Go, Ashmedai, unleasshh my tyranny amongst those who have betrayed you. I am under your control. I too have a new name. When thosse you ssseeek to desstroy quesstion the very exisstance of such a beast. Let it be known, I am the ‘Serpent of Ashmedai‘.”


    The ‘Serpent of Ashmedai‘ slithered into the home of Cassius and unleashed her vile power onto him. A traitor deserves a traitors death and so shall it be. The ‘Serpent of Ashmedai‘ lashed and had beaten the traiter to a bloody pulp.

    “Now…. you will die by which you have killed with….. young Casssiusss. A traitor in life and a traitor in death!” exclaimed the Serpent.

    The Serpent of Ashmedai started to secrete poisonous gasses into the consealed room, until finally Cassius lay there dead.


    The Serpent of Ashmedai was feared by many, and can be freely summoned by Ashmedai when needed. Currently, she lurks in the shadows awaiting her next victim.


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