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The Black Company - Order Guild on Ulthuan!

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Vecna, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Vecna

    Vecna Guest

    About four centuries before the first chronicle, the Black Company began, twelve Companies surged out from the mythical land of Khatovar, birthed in blood and fire. Little remains to lend insight into the purpose and identities of these early warriors, and all but one company returned to the Plain of Glittering Stone. The one that remained behind was The Black Company..


    Guild Info:
    The Black Company is a multi-genre, multi-game mercenary themed guild based on novels of same name by Glen Cook. There are numerous guilds of similar name and structure in existence. But we're not new on the scene. Our particular branch was formed in 2003, and is over five years old. TBC has at various times enjoyed a presence in Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Battlefield2, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty4, Age of Conan, and now Warhammer Online. We are currently a medium sized guild of the Order faction in Warhammer and are actively recruiting on the Ulthuan server. Our members are very dedicated and will do anything for each other as well as new recruits - a brotherhood.

    If interested in the Black Company inspiration or lore, pick up a copy of the first book appropriately titled The Black Company. It’s essentially a dark, military fantasy series written from the viewpoint of the company Annalist/historian. They are written in a very informal, gritty style about life in the trenches for this unlikely band of brothers. Our company will pick up this theme in Warhammer, where we will serve the inquisition in the only capacity we know how: as sell-sword mercenaries ready to go anywhere and do anything to get the job done. As a guild, our we like to kick ass and take names. But our directive is always fun first.

    Our guild motto is Of, By, and For. This is our esprit de corp, which is essentially guild before self. Our success in games is built upon the time-honored contributions of individual members working on behalf of the whole. Our ranking structure is generally within the military framework of Cook's novels, with some adaption required to fit specific games. Our leader is the Captain, known simply as the Captain. He oversees all of our gaming units. The second in command is simply known as the Lieutenant. LT's are in charge of our game-specific battalions, as with Warhammer Online on Ulthuan. We generally establish infantry and supply divisions as needed in order to maximize our effectiveness on the battlefield.

    The Black Company cannot be conveniently pigeonholed into any category. We enjoy PvP as well as PvE-based game content. Some of us enjoy roleplaying although we are an all-volunteer force: such is not required. That said, you'll find TBC to be a diverse brotherhood of gamers from all over the world who will be actively contributing in the on-going campaign against the Chaos faction.

    We are therefore recruiting in order to expand our growing army. We will develop the guild in Warhammer in order to ultimately turn the tide of War and crush the forces of Chaos. We require members to be of 18+ years of age and have a mature attitude. If interested in applying, please visit our website at Black-Company.org. To apply, simply register on our forums and introduce yourself in our Applications forum. The more information you can give about your interests, gaming history, and style the more likely you are to be admitted into our ranks. We take pride in our unit – only active and dedicated players will be promoted to Sworn Brother in..

    The Black Company
  2. Vecna

    Vecna Guest

    We are guild rank 10 and active on Ulthuan (Order)!
  3. Vecna

    Vecna Guest

    TBC is currently Rank 12 on the Ulthuan server and are recruiting mature players of all Order classes.