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The Bloogeymen

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Aedon Durreah, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    All around the town of Bree
    The people hunker low
    They fear the time of Samhains flight
    The dread inside them grows
    The reason is the ghastly crew
    That wanders round about
    The Bloogeymen were in the Moors
    But somehow they got out.

    Some say they found the secret path
    Once dug by Basterni
    A tunnel delved through rock and stone
    Emerging deep in Bree
    And through this path the Bloogeys crept
    When they at last stepped out
    They looked with hate on Breelands home
    And gave a hellish shout

    And through the streets of Bree they went
    Down dirt and cobblestone
    They peeked through every window
    To find someone alone
    And then the door they did break down
    And seized the frightened man
    And gobbled him down quickly
    With toasted bread and jam

    And in the town of Bree next day
    Both Men and Hobbits said
    How dare these Bloogeys eat this man?
    How dare they eat his bread?

    And all the children there about
    In Staddle town and Bree
    Feared to go to bed at night
    Lest come the vile Bloogey
    And parents bolted fast their doors,
    And shuttered windows tight
    For Bloogeymen they stalk the streets
    When Samhain ‘s taken flight

    And all town guards and Bounders too
    Look for them every where
    Around the Prancing Pony
    And up the scholar’s stair
    From gate to gate
    And street to hill
    They’re searching round about
    Those Bloogeymen were in the Moors
    Who could have let them out

    Tis said the white warg Pouncival
    One chill October day
    Gathered all the Bloogeymen
    And sent them on their way
    He led them from the plains of Grams
    Up to the tunnel’s gate
    And bid them happy hunting
    And here for you I’ll wait
    And watched the Bloogeys enter in
    And handed them a sack
    Go and do your Bloogey worst
    And bring some Hobbits back

    So Pounce, Tailmange and Paliadins
    Close by the gate did wait
    When Bloogs were gone
    With bibs tied on
    And knife and fork and plate
    They dreamed of hobbit children roast
    And cream of dwarf and man
    And elven ice cream sammiches
    Beornings dipped in jam
    While Bloogeys haunt the streets of Bree
    Pounce he had no doubt
    Those Bloogs will bring us back some noms
    I’m glad I let them out

    But day to night, and night to day
    And week to month and then
    The Bloogeys never seemed to come
    Those wargs were growing thin
    And with an angry hungry howl
    They cast aside their bibs
    And vowed to carry hobbits off
    Some freshly from their cribs
    And so the wargs, most stealthily
    Found their way to Bree
    And who did they find sitting there
    They found all the Bloogey

    With sacks in hand, they looked quite lost
    And not one seemed in the know
    They tried to find the Ettenmoors
    But knew not where to go
    They showed Pounce bags of yummy treats
    To make a Gramsfoot feast
    We brought enough for all the tribes
    To feed their inner beast
    And so the Bloogeys and the Wargs
    Departed out of Bree
    Their hunt complete
    With much to eat
    A Bloogey shopping spree

    And still in Bree they speak of this
    And shudder deep with fear
    And dread the days, near harvest time
    When Halloween is near
    And parents check neath children’s beds
    And wake in fear and shout
    The Bloogeyman is coming soon
    And we must lock him out

    And so I warn you here and now
    And do not take this light
    The Bloogeymen are coming soon
    They may be here tonight
    So do not sleep with light turned low
    And do not have a doubt
    The Bloogeymen were in the Moors
    But now
    They can get out.