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The Chesapeake Regatta Returns!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Due to popular demand, the Chesapeake Regattas are back!

    The Chesapeake Regatta is a monthly boat race hosted by the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld. Each month, a different course for the race is announced with a map detailing the course as well as the standing official time record for the course.

    Contestants and spectators should meet up at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld at 9:30 PM EST this Thursday, January 29.

    This month's course will be the "Thread the Needle" course:
    Begins off the dock in Jhelom and winds past the southern islands towards Serpent's Hold where it turns up the eastern coast of the island and then "threads the needle" as it passes under the town bridge before heading west towards the walled city of Trinsic where it ends on the docks. Difficulties include some spawn near Trinsic and the southern islands, stretches of open seas and crowded harbor to navigate while threading the needle in Serpent's Hold.
    Difficulty: 4
    Record: 11:14 by Rahvin[*V*] October, 2004

    Once everyone has arrived, we'll gate to the starting point in Jhelom. When the starting signal is given, contestants will start the race grand prix style by placing their boats in the water and getting underway as fast as possible. Contestants must remain on the course and the judge(s) shall monitor the course along the way. Contestants complete the course by arriving at the docks in Trinsic *and* drydocking their boat.

    This month's prizes will be:
    First place - 100k gold check
    Second place - 50k gold check
    Third place - 25k gold check

    After about 20 minutes at the finish line, we'll head back to the Red Wolf Cafe for the announcement of winners and awarding of prizes. This will be followed by a Pirate costume contest with a winner chosen by the spectators and awarded a 10k gold check!

    Official Regatta Rules v1.1:
    1. Any size or type of boat may be used
    2. Contestants may not leave the boat during the race for any reason
    3. Contestants may not attack other contestants or otherwise bring harm upon them
    4. Contestants may not have non-race participants affect the race in any way
    5. Multi-member boat crews:
    If there are multiple people in a boat, one must be chosen as captain.
    The captain will act as the sole representative for the boat's crew
    New record times will be attributed to the captain
    Prize money will only be awarded to the captain
    No crew member may leave the boat during the race or the whole crew may be disqualified
    6. Violating the rules may lead to disqualification from the race and possibly all future races
    7. The judge(s) will retain sole discretion in deciding the winner of the race, the conducting of the race and the acceptable sportsmanship of entrants
    8. The desginated TimeKeeper will track the official time of a race
    9. All judge decisions are final

    The Red Wolf Cafe, located in the player-town of Gyldenfeld near the Britain/Skara crossroads in Trammel is the site of weekly public events. There is never an entry fee and the public is always invited! Weekly events almost always have a gold check or other prize for the winning team or person.
    Map to the Red Wolf Cafe

    The cafe was founded in an attempt to foster more shardwide, player-run events and happenings. Starting off as a small, roadside shack in 2003, it has moved and expanded to a bigger and better location and we hope it will continue to provide a fun and friendly place for the citizens of the realm to relax, meet new friends and enjoy the activities.

    Usual Disclaimer - The Red Wolf Cafe makes no gurantee nor warranty against potential death, loss of property or any other type of loss. All event participants recognize both the potential of danger and loss(if any) and will not hold the event sponsors liable.

    Also, both Gyldenfeld.com and FellowshipOfVirtue.com(where past Regatta courses and records are kept) are currently undergoing renovations to a CMS-based system so some info on those sites may be missing or outdated, please stay tuned!
  2. Just a reminder - this is tonight! :)
  3. Sebrina

    Sebrina Guest

    This is a great idea! The Keepers of Dawn on Moonglow have been talking about something similar. Perhaps we can meld some ideas together and join in.