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The Cloth Lovers Guide to GM from Zero

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Atreus GL, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Atreus GL

    Atreus GL Guest

    yeesh.... how much time did it take?
  2. pismo

    pismo Guest

    I got to oil cloths in about 3-4 hours of game time. To GM in a few 3 hour sessions over a few days. Pretty painless unless you're in a rush.

    PS. Nice sig. Brings back painful memories, but nice nonetheless!
  3. Atreus GL

    Atreus GL Guest

    well, i don't say this often. but i am impressed. i think it took me longer than 6 hours total to gm tailoring a while back. and i used more leather. heh....
  4. Cornelius151

    Cornelius151 Guest

    Do you remember how much cloth/leather it took you to do this? Im about to start my first tailor, and was wondering if tailoring takes more resources then Blacksmithy does to GM. Thanks

  5. Atreus GL

    Atreus GL Guest

    not sure if you are asking me or pismo but...
    i did it a long time ago, so i can't remember what i used. but as far as which takes more resources, it depends. smithing can take a whole lot if you have no mining skill (thus unable to smelt what you make). but in general, tailoring takes longer to gm because you have to do more transfers of resources (since leather is much heavier than ingots).
  6. pismo

    pismo Guest

    I just did smithing as well, and it took far more resources. 95k ingots from 50 skill. No mining skill. Do smithing now while ingots are cheap.

    As for tailoring, I prolly spent 60k on cloth, and only 5k or so on leather.

    Atreus - I'm sure it was a bit more than 6 hours. Prolly more like 8ish. Still, pretty easy and MUCH less costly than smithing.
  7. pismo

    pismo Guest

    That's one of the big advantages of cloth. No gathering leather, paying for tons of it, or dragging it around all over the place. All things considered, I think it may be faster and cheaper using the method I note above.
  8. Cornelius151

    Cornelius151 Guest

    I was told by someone that gains slow waaaaaay down mid 90s and that you should switch and make some other leather stuff then. But, I am only at 59 tailoring =( started from GM bought.

  9. Aby

    Aby Guest

    That's one of the big advantages of cloth. No gathering leather, paying for tons of it, or dragging it around all over the place.

    Hehe, that's what friends are for... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif

    About tailoring getting slow in the middle 90s... Well, I'm at 93% and it was kinda easy till 91. After that, it raises way slower than before. Now I just tailor a bit and when I get a couple of raises I log of to have fun with my other chars, or do other stuff. Otherwise I'm just wasting resources and money for kinda nothing :/

    See you /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Cornelius151

    Cornelius151 Guest

    Finally made it to 93.0 tailoring. Gains are going MASSIVLY slow now doing Oil Clothes. Should I do something else instead of Oil Clothes now?

  11. Aby

    Aby Guest

    When I'm training tailoring, with leather or clothes, doesn't mind, I've noticed the raises have the same pattern (at least for me), past 92-3s till at least 96% (my current skill).

    - I log in, tailor a bit and get the first gain (the one that comes with a stat gain).
    - I tailor a bit more and I get another gain right after the first (so, 2 gains almost in a row).
    - In 5 mins or more I get the third gain (that happened almost always, except from a couple of times).
    - Sometimes I might get a fourth gain, but that happens occassionally, and kinda late.
    - After 15-20 mins from the start, I get another gain (again, the one that comes with the stat gain). I consider this the first of the next round, which most of the time will work exactly the same way.

    As you might see, that means 15-20 mins tailoring w/o stop, to get all the possible gains of one round (you could always get the first two, then stop and after 15-20 mins start again and get another, but then I think the 2nd round takes more time to start, unless you wait 30 mins or an hour)... If you had to use leather, you would run out of stock very fast. That's why I use oil cloths most of the time. I often start using leather, but mainly to get BS BODs. When I get it, i use cloth, cloth and cloth till it's time to get another BS BOD :p. This way, my leather stock is still pretty high.

    I'm almost at 96% now (due to work I couldn't train for a week :I), and I guess today is the last day I can use oil clothes to raise. I'm gonna miss them... *sigh*

    Well, I hope this helps you. Maybe you notice a different behaviour, if so, tell us /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    See you,

    P.D. Oh btw, I don't know if this kind of detailed info is allowed on this forums (I guess it is, but just in case...). If this was the case, tell me, I'll delete it. Thanks and sorry!

    See you,
  12. pismo

    pismo Guest

    I was still getting up to a full point an hour or more in the mid 90s with oil cloths. Could be you just hit a lull. Perhaps do a few studded gorgets to get a gain and go back to oil cloths if you're feeling antsy. I checked my records, and I went from 96-99.6 in about 3 hours. So have faith, the gains will come.

    For clarity, I used UOA on a 60 make last macro. I threw 100 cloth in a bag, made the oil cloths, dropped it in my house trash can, and repeated. My char was also a 65 or so skill tinker, so i made sewing kits as I went.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm following this giude and started tossing cloth on my tailor make 45 oil cloths then change to a macro that makes one then cuts it up. I walk around looking for housing spots. i can allways run from most monsters. I have 4 sewing kits and 20 ingots to make more as I go. I'm getting good gains i'm at 92.4 only made 500 oil cloths last night since I found 5 housing spots and stopped to help 2 people place houses as well as placign a 10x10 for my tailors /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok I followed the guide. I used 10104 cloth of Oil cloth this tooka a little over 8 hrs. Then I followed up with 15 min of studded tunics and got the last .4 The only reason for going with the tunics is I had 2 20 count studded bods to fill. After .2 gain filling the first and .1 more on the second I decided to make up a few more total 51 tunics got me to GM. Now to make it To 115. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. beautifulfae

    beautifulfae Guest

    I totally agree with cloth. I purchaced 150k worth of cloth from a vendor (100 gp per bolt), and have completed my oil cloth rampage, with very little to spare.

    Bought up to 28 ish
    made fancy shirts to 41.4 - sold all back, did not cut up
    made cloaks to 53.9 - again, sold all back, did not cut up
    made robes to 74.6 - once again, sold all back, did not cut up
    made oil cloths to 99.5, just set these on the ground... goodies for people who want them :0)
    made studded tunics to 100.00, used about 600 leather, in about 35 minutes

    I think I was lucky with the leather and the time it took, but who knows...
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oil cloths all the way, definately. I put my cloth in a bag and set that bag to recycle and let UOA turn them into bandaids, ill eventually use those 12k bandaids /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  17. bingofeuropa

    bingofeuropa Guest

    great guide. i'm about half way through now.

    thanks for the info, clear, concise and accurate.

    good job
  18. Cookie1981

    Cookie1981 Guest

    Aby hooked onto the right idea.

    Around 90 tailoring skill, oil cloths start yielding slower gains. But stick with them! Around 97, 98 you'll notice a gain about every 15-20 minutes (if you're lucky you'll also still get a "hickup" double gain). At this point or earlier if you like, take a break after each gain! Go collect wool or leather, or do a quick quest on another character. Come back about every 20 minutes, you'll get an almost immediate gain. This saves a TON of cloth. I went from 97 to 99.6 with very little cloth, and luckily got a triple-hickup on studded tunics for a victorious gm.

    Tip: There is a cotton field in Moonglow and one right outside Skara Brae, and maybe others I don't know about. Cotton yields more cloth than wool, and you don't have to kill sheep! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif And yes call me crazy for calling them "hickups" :p
  19. Aby

    Aby Guest

    Wow, I had almost forgot about this.. So it does work for you too? I wasn't the only one? Glad to know.. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This guide is awsome .. Outstanding work Pismo! Thanks for taking the time to post this for all to see. What chances we can get the mods to make this thread sticky? It would make it alot easier for those looking for guides to find if this and the GM + guide where stuck in the begining. Just a curiousity question.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

  22. pismo

    pismo Guest

    Leather may be faster, BUT, cloth is cheap and plentiful. I just GMd. Here's how:

    0-29 = Buy it. Don't be silly.
    29-41.4 = Short Pants
    41.4-53.9 = Cloaks
    53.9- 74.6 = Robes
    74.6-99.6 = Oil Cloths
    99.6-GM = Studded Gorgets

    Note: I used 800 leather on female leather shorts at 71-71.5, but found the gains were the same or slower than robes. Went back to robes until 74.3, then used a couple hundred leather on leather shorts for the last .3 skill.
  23. Evil Galad

    Evil Galad Guest

    Yeah, this needs to be at the top of the forum.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have stickied this thread now /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Sorry I haven't done it before.
  25. Lakin

    Lakin Guest

    this works great, made it to 90 in about 4 hours /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I better post my results in here too /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif from this thread.

    0 - 33.1 = Bought the skill from an NPC
    33.1 - 41.4 = Short Pants = 1605 cloth
    41.4 - 53.9 = Cloaks = 6138 cloth - 1 hour total
    53.9 - 74.6 = Robes = 21339 cloth - 2.5 hours total
    74.6 - 100 = Oil cloths = 6418 cloth - 9 hours 10 minutes total


    So that's 35500 pieces of cloth in total, and I used 200 (give/take a few) store bought sewing kits. It took me 9 hours and 10 minutes, but not in one go.
    At some point I ate a 120 tailoring powerscroll, and that's why I didn't make any studded gorgets (99.6-100).

    So now I'm going to make a note of how much I use when I train this character up to legendary, but I doubt you'll see the results before the summer.
  27. Lakin

    Lakin Guest

    i guess i should reply too, i forgot, it took 2 hours from 90-100 so from 0-100 took me a lil over 6 hours, not bad /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  28. Baldguy1

    Baldguy1 Guest

    1) eat a 105 tailor scroll, this will let you gain up to 102.1 ( verified). You can gain from oil cloths to 109.6 as posted in the post pub 21 gain thread if you eat a 120 scroll.
    This should consume about 60k cloth from 30-GM, pls post if higher or lower.

    2) using a UOA macro that looks like this will let you cut each cloth as it is made into a bandaid, consrving room and saving steps on loading / dropping bags
    use item (sewing kit) ( change to 'use item type' w/ right click)
    menu selection ( make last)
    menu selection ( cancel tailor menu, this is a MUST)
    wait 500 insert wait after you are done recording)(adjust due to lag if needed)
    use item ( scissors)
    target ( oil cloth) ( right click, select target type)

    Also, you can elect to not record that last 3 lines, and in the back ground you can recycle cloths as they are made ( this is good until you reach 100%, because you get a long delay if UOA cannot find the target).
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I used the same method as the original poster for 10 Tailors on catskills and all from 50 skill start as that is what my intention was to just make tailors...
    Results ( average) all to GM skill

    10 hours 50 K cloth 1K leather. You can literally gm 2 tailors in one day ...
    yes it took me 1 week for 10 tailors ..... (gotta sleep sometime) LOL

    skills are too easy in this game .. always have been always will
    I also 110 taming in 2 weeks.... from 0
    please dont cry about skill... its overly easy imo as they are.
  30. very impressive /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  31. SJs

    SJs Guest

    i have been using your guide ..and I am getting at least 1 full point an hour. started last monday with skill at 32.4 and am at 94.3. If I get the time I pound it for an hour a day..no more..them greasy cloths start looking attractive after that...You're right on the mark /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif thank you soooo much /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif (((ps i slowed down with cloaks so I switched to fur boots for a bit and got right in the swing again.))) OH OH OH..and Im sooo cheap...Im going to have bandaids for my guild brethren forever....throw oil cloths away...perish the thought! :p
  32. nukem

    nukem Guest

    set a bag to recycle how is this done please?
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You need UOAssist for it to work. If you have UOAssist then assign the bag with the oil cloths as your "recycle bag" (under the "agents" tab), and assign a key as the recycle macro trigger, then you're set. Now make the oil cloths in the recycle bag (place the cloth that you want to work with in it), and when it's full press the recycle key - then it will cut everything in the bag - so remeber to remove the spare cloth (if there is any).

    You can also assign the bag after you have made the oil cloths (or any item that can be cut - works for smithing as well).
  34. Bradhadair

    Bradhadair Guest

    I've followed this method with a brand new character and I'm almost to GM. It's taken a little longer then if I used leather but it does work! Thank you!
  35. I just had one thing to add to this excellent guide: instead of buying bolts of fabric at 100gp per, buy thread spools and make your own cloth. MUCH cheaper.

    Safe travels!
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Or even cheaper: Go to Felluca and shear the sheep (in Jhelom, Yew or Delucia) - then make the wool into thread and then make the thread into cloth and viola - free cloth /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Filling my bag with wool gives me roughly 2500 cloth.
  37. Cellmate

    Cellmate Guest

    Better yet, take your beetle, shear the sheep, have the bug kill em as you go they respawn fast enough for you to just recall around the sheep fields and shear/kill as much as you want..
    oh, and trading in all your dud normal cloth and hats bods at the npcs for low level reward cloth works out at less than .5gp/yard, just buy the parts off the tailor, fill the bod, hand it in, cloth cheap as.

    EDIT: OK, I'm done spinning and weaving..takes too long, here's what I've been doing recently for cloth..shear the sheep, collect it, sell the bales to NPC tailors at 60gp per bale...which, if you do the math, works out at 100gp for 1 bolt..then I buy the bolts at 103 from Tailors...net cost to me..3gp for 50yards cloth(1 bolt) and I save hours spinning and weaving the stuff, lol. I timed 1 hour from the sheep to the cloth and got 14500 yards!! *tosses spinning wheel and loom into the trash barrel*
  38. Cellmate

    Cellmate Guest

    [Cornelius151...and was wondering if tailoring takes more resources then Blacksmithy does to GM. Thanks]

    Smith takes way more resources...no comparison, and the cost difference is enormous too. You can't even get rid of the low end smith bods to help you out a bit either. *shrugs* Tailors leave Smiths for dead, imo.
  39. went from 54.8 to 74.6 using Leather Sleeves in about 2-3 hours. Took another 3 hours on Oil Cloth to get to 96.4 where I am now.
  40. Scooter

    Scooter Guest

    My results:
    Bought to 33
    33-60.3 3 hrs
    60.3 - 74.6 4.5 hrs
    74.6 - 99.6 about 10 hrs
    99.6 - 100 30 minutes (plus an hour finding a leather commodity deed)

    Used the "bandaids for life" approach, used 49k cloth, 1000 leather
  41. ^Jay^

    ^Jay^ Guest

    I Am following this guide and i am up to maken robes, it goes pretty slow and i have spent over 100k gold buying cloith already :\

    All in all it took me from 30-70 in less then 4 hours
  42. ^Jay^

    ^Jay^ Guest

    Ok I Am currently up to leather and it seems i am not gaining as quick and using as much leather as u guys have

    I have gained 0.2 and already used 500 regular leather

    What type of leather should i be using for this i am maken studded tunnic's
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You should be making studded gorgets and then you will gain the last .4 quite fast - the type of leather you use is not important.
  44. Credis

    Credis Guest

    I'm working my tailor up now, and I'll post a good method for gaining materials that I've found:

    For cloth, buying is the quickest way. For newer players who don't have millions of gold to throw around, check the tailoring buildings in all cities. If you check prices, you'll often great ways to make profit easily, with a little recalling (or sometimes without it). This could come in various forms. For instance, an NPC over in Britain might be selling bolts of cloth for 110 GP, and an NPC over in Moonglow might be buying cut cloth at 5 GP a piece. Or, an NPC might be selling spools of thread for 18 GP a piece and buying bolts of cloth for 130 GP a piece. It's an easy, zero-risk method of getting the funds for your tailor (though it may take a few hours and some searching, as well as changing vendors since the prices will eventually be affected). Sometimes you'll even get really lucky (once found an NPC with bolts for 110 and another NPC buying cut cloth for 14 a piece!), and it's by far the best way to go for people who don't have the money to just go "buy up" your way to GM. Be careful with this method, though. Only sell about 200-250 at a time. This will keep the NPC funded much longer, and will also prevent unforeseen circumstances (such as spending about 15k on bolts and then going to sell the cloth, only to find that the NPC has now dropped its prices to 2 GP per cloth). Alternatively, you can spend about 20 hours fighting brigands at the brigand camp and have a skilled tailor cut all the clothes up for you (30 minutes in the brigand camp will yield about 2k cloth if you have a tailor that can consistently get half the materials back, plus they're mostly undyable colors!) if you can't find good NPCs to work. If you're REALLY having trouble making money, make a new fletcher character with 50 lumberjacking. Spend a couple hours getting about 2000 boards. Buy 2000 feathers at 6 GP a piece and make crossbow bolts out of them, which will sell back for 14 GP a piece. You'll get your 12000 GP spent on the feathers back, plus 16000 GP profit; not to mention you'll now have a functional fletcher/lumberjack!
    Now for leather... Get a combat character; if you don't already have one going, a paladin template will work just fine. Get a pack horse and go to Despise (lizardmen level). Leave your pack horse outside the cave (in a nearby house, if one's available). Go kill off lizardmen and collect the spined hides. Use scissors to make them into cut leather right way, to save weight (if you don't, you'll be running to your pack horse about every 4 kills). If you do this for about an hour or two, you'll be stocked with enough leather to take you to at least 105 tailoring, free of cost (except tithing points and a pack animal)! Not to mention that if you give yourself about 350 luck while hunting, you'll find at least 1 good keeper item (yesterday I found a great leech weapon [42 stamina, 31 life, 24 mana] with just 381 luck on one, along with other various items) and you'll be at least 15k richer (use to buy additional leather!). Also, if you want to work with regular leather to make leather sleeves instead of robes until oil cloth time, barrier isle outside of Trinsic is a great place to go. Hinds, great harts, llamas, and cows spawn in abundance there. Sheep do as well, for some occasional cloth. Just be careful of the brigands; luckily you can call the guards from the northern/southern parts of the island.
    Hope this helps someone, if I'm lucky I'll be a GM tailor by tomorrow. But then I'll have to work on carpentry, and lumberjacking takes so long. *sighs*
  45. pismo

    pismo Guest

    Wow! I just bumped into this thread and had totally forgotten I'd posted it! Given the number of views it seems to have been some use to folks and I'm glad to hear it. Sew on!
  46. Lady Velvet

    Lady Velvet Guest

    I havent read through the whole lot... but with SE... you can throw in a few other items for better gains... kasa's, ninja hoods, jin-baori's etc...

    As soon as I have 50% chance to make an item.. I switch to it..

    You can speed up your gains if you add in the SE items.. particularly in that huge stretch from 53.9-74.6.. there are a couple SE items that are 60 and 65 skill and I believe even one that is 70...
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've added quite a few SE items to the Tailoring FAQ, so it looks like below, but if there are more items to be added please let me know.

    29-41.4 = Short Pants
    41.4-50 = Cloaks
    50-60 = Fur Boots
    60-70 = Kasa
    70-74.6 = Ninja Tabi
    74.6-99.6 = Oil Cloths
    99.6-GM = Cloth Ninja Hood
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> Wow what a great idea! I am just hitting that level now, and I think it will save me a LOT of resources.. ty so very much!!! </font>
  49. Ramis

    Ramis Guest

    If you have ML, make elven shirts after oil cloth slows down. Same difficulty as ninja hoods, but costs 3 less yards of cloth per...