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"The Contamination" plotline: Commander Valthos captured!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by EM Kaz, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. EM Kaz

    EM Kaz Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 30, 2010
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    This is a summary of the EM event that took place on 9/29/10

    On Wednesday evening, Commander Valthos had planned to organize an expedition to the recently discovered Arctic Orc cave on Ice Island. Instead, the group of adventurers at the EM Hall were met by The Masquerader.

    After walking through a moongate, The Masquerader appeared on the stage of the EM Hall to a surprised crowd. He claimed that he had captured Commander Valthos and provoked the group into following him through another moongate.

    Once through the gate, the brave adventurers found that they were on Ice Island just outside the Arctic Orc cave and near Dungeon Deceit. After battling through a smattering of poison elementals, the group followed The Masquerader into Dungeon Deceit.

    Once inside, the group noticed more of the unknown greenish substance spilled on the floor of the dungeon. They then had to battle through an army of poison elementals, plague-related creatures and both tangling and whipping vines. Thrown into the mix were various types of infected beasts such as wyrms, daemons and monstrosities that were referred to as plague carriers.

    Finally the group reached the lich filled tombs at the far end of dungeon. After defeating seveal infected wyrms, the adventurers located Aganon the Alchemist; Commander Valthos' associate that had been missing for several weeks.

    After being escorted back the the hall, Aganon explained that The Masquerader had held him captive so that he could assist him with the creation of the mysterious substance. Aganon stated that he has learned that the plant-like substance is susceptible to the cold, which might be the reason that it has not worked on the Arctic Orc Clan. Aganon explained that The Masquerader has been desperately trying to strengthen the substance against the cold, but has so far been unsuccessful.

    Aganon was very weary and stated that he needed to get some rest. Before leaving, he suggested that the group start brainstorming names for the unknown substance since the properties of it were becoming more clear.

    Before long, another expedition will need to be organized in hopes of locating Commander Valthos.