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(Player News) The Daily Sausage Brings You: Today's Campaign Speeches!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
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    If you can call them that! Here at the Daily Sausage we've not heard such rot since we got locked in a cupboard with an anarchy-syndicalist sect of lesbian benefit scroungers! But never let it be said that Sausage readers don't have the facts in front of them!

    So political facts coming right up! After these boobies on Page 3!


    PHHWOOOARR! What a pair o'birds!

    Right then, here's what hoity-toity, elitist liberal intellectual Lord Irvyn said;

    "Blah blah blah, I will pass lots of pointless regulations, making fishermen throw away half their catch every time they dock for those fishing quests, and then pass a 90% tax rate on the rewards, turning a 120 fishing scroll into only a 108 scroll."

    Actually, here is the complete public debate with Lord Irvyn - EFE

    [11/11/14][20:00:48] [Irvyn]: We should make a start ... I do not want to cut into Escaflowne's time.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods* Go ahead Irvyn
    [Irvyn]: *looks round at everyone*
    [Irvyn]: Well, this is the first of the campaign speeches,
    [Irvyn]: so I must set the standard for everyone ... a heavy responsibility.
    [Irvyn]: *slight grin*
    [Heimlich]: *nodnod*
    [Irvyn]: I will do my best.
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Tilts his head slightly*
    [Irvyn]: *clears throat*
    [Irvyn]: People of Sosaria, I humbly stand before you today
    [Irvyn]: as someone who has long dedicated his life to serving the Kingdom.
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Irvyn]: *speaks seriously and with sincerity*
    [Irvyn]: I will offer you no bribes, no false promises of health, wealth or happiness.
    [Irvyn]: Nor can I promise that all my actions and decisions will please everyone.
    [Irvyn]: I can only promise you that I will dedicate myself entirely
    [Irvyn]: to serving Britannia as I have served Trinsic.
    [Irvyn]: For many years I have held Trinsic as securely and safely as possible.
    [Irvyn]: I shall not deny that there have been troubles,
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Irvyn]: wars and attacks by both human and non-human forces,
    [Irvyn]: but Trinsic has withstood all of them,
    [Irvyn]: often with assistance from many of you, for which you have my thanks.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Irvyn]: If we can work together for one city, we can work together for all.
    [Irvyn]: Today, despite everything, Trinsic endures,
    [Irvyn]: a strong city, both peaceful and prosperous.
    [Irvyn]: You all know me, and my record is plain for all to see.
    [Irvyn]: On occasions ... when my guards would let me ...
    [Irvyn]: *eyes Iljian briefly*
    [Irvyn]: I myself have even fought alongside you.
    [Irvyn]: I have also always done my best to send Trinsic’s support
    [Irvyn]: to any attack on the cities of Britannia, or indeed Sosaria as a whole,
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Halt sir, more approach
    [Irvyn]: *looks to the door*
    [Irvyn]: Welcome ... please find yourselves a seat and I will continue.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles politely*
    [Chernyaev Ivan]: hello)
    [Irvyn]: *waits a moment longer*
    [Irvyn]: I think there are still some seats left.
    [Miroku]: I am good standing.
    [Irvyn]: I will continue then.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Irvyn]: I have tried to support other cities in times of trouble,
    [Irvyn]: whether by force of arms or by sending food and medical supplies.
    [Irvyn]: *gestures around*
    [Irvyn]: We have often gathered in this place to prepare for battle.
    [Irvyn]: Some times more successfully than others.
    [Irvyn]: *rueful grin*
    [Irvyn]: But we have worked together and have never given up.
    [Irvyn]: If we failed on one occasion, everyone put even more heart into it the next time.
    [Irvyn]: This gives me great hope for Britannia.
    [Irvyn]: I have worked and will work with anyone for the good of Britannia,
    [Irvyn]: people of all cities and none.
    [Irvyn]: This world is more important than petty rivalries and ambitions.
    [Irvyn]: *flickers a few glances around the room*
    [Irvyn]: All of us should support each other.
    [Irvyn]: *considers for a moment*
    [Irvyn]: I will not seek to impose my will on any person or city.
    [Irvyn]: A monarch has the right to command; a protector only to request.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods in agreement*
    [Irvyn]: As Lord Protector, my requests will be only for support
    [Devante Stirling]: *jumps trying to get a better view*
    [Irvyn]: and protection of Britannia and the greater realm of Sosaria.
    [Irvyn]: But I will seek peace and friendship between all cities,
    [Irvyn]: and strive to encourage unity and mutual support.
    [Irvyn]: Finally, I will say that I love Britannia, and my desire is to care for it.
    [Irvyn]: If you ask it of me, I will serve you with honesty and honour,
    [Irvyn]: and do my best to deal justly and compassionately with all people.
    [Irvyn]: Thank you all for listening.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Escaflowne]: *CLaps*
    [Moira]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *warm applause*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Applauds*
    [Fargo]: *applauds warmly*
    [Egan]: *claps*
    [Maleachi]: *claps*
    [Iljian]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: Would anyone like to ask a question?
    [Midas]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Jessica]: *Applauds*
    [Miroku]: *claps politely*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *puts up hand*
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: Yes Aron?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: One issue I am concerned with is the ability of a Lord Protector to personally cope with the role; I know I worry about it for myself
    [Aron Swordmaster]: How emotionally will you deal with the difficult, and the mercenary that occasionally frustrate our actions?
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Irvyn]: The same way as I have done for many years in Trinsic.
    [English Pitbull]: selling bratwurst hot bratwurst
    [Irvyn]: With as much politeness as possible.
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Irvyn]: And a long hot bath and a few glasses of wine at the end of the day.
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods approvingly*
    [Heimlich]: *smiles*
    [Devante Stirling]: *raises hand*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *quirks a brow*
    [Irvyn]: *looks over*
    [Devante Stirling]: *waves*
    [Irvyn]: Ah... Devante.
    [Irvyn]: What is your question?
    [Fargo]: *turns to listen with interest*
    [Devante Stirling]: How will you deal with the ever present threat of Kaldorians ?
    [Jessica]: ....
    [Devante Stirling]: they are amoung us....
    [Iljian]: *blinks*
    [Devante Stirling]: *shifty eyes*
    [Isidore]: i don't see any
    [Irvyn]: We have at the moment quite a satisfactory relationship with them in Trinsic.
    [Isidore]: do you ?
    [Devante Stirling]: Bah...
    [Irvyn]: I believe I can extend that to the rest of Sosaria.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Irvyn]: Does that answer the question sufficiently?
    [Devante Stirling]: i suppose
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Devante Stirling]: basically, you ain't
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *raises her hand*
    [Irvyn]: *nods to Anira*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: Do you have any plans to do something against the hypocrites from Yew? Talking about the guardsmen of course.
    [Fargo]: *raises an eyebrow*
    [Irvyn]: What do you mean by "do something"?
    [Irvyn]: *looks at her enquiringly*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: Well, there is a prison ain't it?
    [Iljian]: And?
    [Devante Stirling]: Yew lovers...
    [Iljian]: *looks puzzled*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: I mean, will you let people, who even raise their sword against children, stay in freedom?
    [Irvyn]: As Lord Protector, I would endeavour to persuade everyone to work together for the good
    [Boo Boo]: *raises hand*
    [Irvyn]: of Britannia and Sosaria, but I have already said that I will not seek to impose my will
    [Irvyn]: on other cities.
    [Irvyn]: I have no intention of attempting to stamp out law breaking in Vesper either.
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: Thank you. My inquiry is answered.
    [Devante Stirling]: Woo!
    [Irvyn]: *looks to Boo Boo*
    [Boo Boo]: I think you may have just answere this
    [Boo Boo]: answered*
    [Kimi]: *raises hand*
    [Boo Boo]: but do you agree that
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *has a look of intense concentration on face*
    [Boo Boo]: there is a place for opposing views
    [Boo Boo]: such as order and chaos
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Boo Boo]: and different ways of life
    [Irvyn]: Yes, I do believe that, to a certain extent.
    [Irvyn]: I have always maintained a policy of free speech in Trinsic -
    [Aron Swordmaster]: To be fair to my honorable opponent, it would help if we had a clear document detailing the Lord Protector's roles; he may not have the right to act as some would wish
    [Fargo]: *looks a little thoughtful*
    [Irvyn]: if people want to stand on a street corner and shout "Irvyn is an idiot" they may do so,.
    [Irvyn]: *looks to Aron*
    [Irvyn]: A good point.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Devante Stirling]: and so i will
    [Miroku]: *chuckles*
    [Kou]: I was wondering if I'd missed that memo, myself...
    [Irvyn]: *looks back to Boo Boo*
    [Heimlich]: i concur
    [Boo Boo]: *nods*
    [Kimi]: *raises hand*
    [Irvyn]: I believe that we must learn to tolerate each other.
    [Devante Stirling]: never!
    [Irvyn]: *looks at Kimi*
    [Boo Boo]: Thank you
    [Kimi]: How to you propose to deal with the forces of chaos and evil......
    [Kimi]: the orcs...the Drow...brigands..pirates and criminals
    [Devante Stirling]: Chaos ? thats Vesper
    [Escaflowne]: Sometimes folks mix up the meaning of chaos
    [Irvyn]: If they attack us and endanger Britannia, they must be opposed.
    [Irvyn]: But, as I understand this role, it is not to act as the policeman of Britannia.
    [Irvyn]: My role would not be to seek out criminals, but to bring us together to combat external threats.
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods at Irvyn*
    [Kimi]: Thank you
    [Irvyn]: However, as Aron as poointed out, we do not yet have a ... hmm... job description.
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Irvyn]: Anyone else? We have a few minutes before it is Escaflowne's turn.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Another question for me
    [Escaflowne]: Aye i'll head to Castle Blackthorn to prepare
    [Kou]: Um.. *Raises her hand*
    [Irvyn]: Aron first, then Kou.
    [Heimlich]: *raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: How will you handle the organisation of tactics for our battles? Will you be a hands on commander? (ooc: will you want to get involved in taking the load of EMs at events?)
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (communication in Event channel etc)
    [Irvyn]: I will lead, but I will take advice from those with tactical experience.
    [Irvyn]: I would certainly not claim to know it all.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Jessica]: *Raises hand*
    [Forbrak]: *mutters the Duke leads his battles from the rear*
    [Irvyn]: Kou, you were next.
    [Kou]: Not really a question, but I wondered if you wanted to clarify for those with concerns about you
    [Kou]: holding the position -and- being duke of Trinsic
    [Irvyn]: Ah... yes, thank you for reminding me
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Moira]: *nods*
    [Irvyn]: In the event of my election, I will immediately abdicate as Duke of Trinsic.
    [Jessica]: *Blinks*
    [Fargo]: *looks thoughtful*
    [Jessica]: Then looks at Isi*
    [Irvyn]: As I said in my speech, I will dedicate myself entirely to serving Britannia.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: A surprising development...
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Irvyn]: But a logical one.
    [Kou]: *Grins* Thought it bore mentioning
    [Irvyn]: Jessica, you had a question, I believe?
    [Jessica]: I do,
    [Fynn Barrett]: That will have to be the last one for now
    [Irvyn]: *nods to Fynn*
    [Jessica]: With such a wide group of peoples, there might be in fighting between city states
    [Jessica]: and so forth, how would you be able to work with a fighing force that is just as likely to kill
    [Jessica]: each other then kill the external threat
    [Irvyn]: I have a lot of experience with diplomacy ...
    [Irvyn]: and tactically, I will place them at opposite sides of the battlefield.
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods approvingly*
    [Irvyn]: If anyone has further questions, p
    [Irvyn]: please do come and find me in Trinsic.
    [Heimlich]: *nod*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Thank you very much Irvyn
    [Irvyn]: I shall also be at all the other candidates' speeches.
    [Isidore]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *nods to Fynn*
    [Moira]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *applause*
    [Athalia]: *claps*
    [Fynn Barrett]: You will also get a chance to ask further questions when we do our second round
    [Fynn Barrett]: of campaigns
    [Fynn Barrett]: But that for later
    [Fynn Barrett]: Right now it's time to move on to Escaflowne's meetings
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: will ye gate us, or must we run?
    [Fynn Barrett]: He's at Blackthorne's Castle
    [Fynn Barrett]: It's just a short walk
    [Fargo]: An excellent speech, your Grace.
    [Irvyn]: Thank you Fargo.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Heimlich]: ;D
    [Fynn Barrett]: Congrats IRvyn
    [Heimlich]: sheesh aron, lazy :p

    And here's what Eater-of-Foreign-Muck Escaflowne said, from within his temple to disgusting pagan gods;

    "ululululuuuuuuu! We will put your people and crops to the sword, saving only those sheep that have not lain with a ram for ourselves and our lusts! We shall change all your consonants to harder, alien sounds! And we shall grow our facial hair most alarmingly, just you wait!"

    But what was actually debated with Escaflowne was this - EFE

    [Escaflowne]: Right i better get up on stage
    [Devante Stirling]: Goodluck
    [Egan]: Nice stage
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods to Lurtz*
    [Devante Stirling]: Greenie be with you
    [Jessica]: Casca's old seat of power...
    [Heimlich]: theres books just inside that could be used to portray irvyn as a traitor
    [Kimi]: *whispers in Dev's ear*
    [Escaflowne]: Pfft Casca was a moron
    [Escaflowne]: This is Blackthorns old seat of power
    [Kimi]: As soon as you are seen in Vesper you'll be arrested
    [Devante Stirling]: Slut! i don't do that anymore!
    [Heimlich]: if the daily sausage had any interest in character assassination :p
    [Escaflowne]: Will just wait a few moments for any left behind
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Can I just say it's a damnable cheek for Fynn to ask us to walk here AND vote for him!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *mumbles about not walking anywhere since 2001*
    [Cu'ien Tasartir]: walking is good for you!
    [Escaflowne]: Can everyonebody hear me?
    [Devante Stirling]: Wooo!
    [Heimlich]: aye
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed I can
    [Escaflowne]: Grand
    [Miroku]: Aye we can hear the Bearman.
    [Escaflowne]: No outbursts Heim
    [Fynn Barrett]: Aye, go ahead Escaflowne
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Heimlich]: *scowl*
    [Escaflowne]: Now i would love to read a lovely prepared speech word for word
    [Irvyn]: *listens politely*
    [Escaflowne]: But i prefer to go with the flow and just go off notes
    [Escaflowne]: Do you know whoms castle courtyard we stand in here today?
    [Escaflowne]: *Looks around*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Of course...
    [Devante Stirling]: *shrugs*
    [Irvyn]: Naturally.
    [Escaflowne]: Tis the Castle of the mighty Blackthorn
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The history is still resonant, aye
    [[Escaflowne]: Many folk beleive Blackthorn was an evil man
    [Escaflowne]: And that the principle of chaos is all about death, murder and crime
    [Escaflowne]: Well i can assure you it is not
    [Escaflowne]: And i hope by explaining it now, you will come to understand it better
    [Escaflowne]: And understand Vesper better
    [Escaflowne]: And our way of life
    [Escaflowne]: For so many discriminate against us
    [Escaflowne]: Without knowing the facts
    [Devante Stirling]: *nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Lord Blackthorn was corrupted yes
    [Eveline d'Artois]: a propagande speech for Vesper
    [Escaflowne]: By Exodus
    [Escaflowne]: A being of immense evil
    [Escaflowne]: But before that
    [Escaflowne]: He was a great man
    [Escaflowne]: Lord British's closest friend
    [Escaflowne]: And advisor
    [Escaflowne]: It was he who created the principle of Chaos
    [Escaflowne]: Which does NOT stand for crime
    [Escaflowne]: The true definition of Chaos is the defense of peoples freedom of beleif and individuality
    [Escaflowne]: See Blackthorn wanted to grant people the freedom to choose wether to beleive in British's Virtue
    [Irvyn]: *slight frown*
    [Escaflowne]: And i follow this principle of Chaos, and wish to follow in the footsteps of Blackthorn and
    [Escaflowne]: His teachings
    [Escaflowne]: For when Blackthorn perished chaos fell silent upon the kingdom
    [Escaflowne]: And it was Vesper that took it up
    [Escaflowne]: People say Vesper and the Kingdom will never work together
    [Escaflowne]: I say that is non sense
    [Escaflowne]: The Kingdom is already taking a step in the direction of our life
    [Escaflowne]: With public free elections
    [Escaflowne]: Which we have hosted for many years
    [Escaflowne]: So we are not very different as you can see
    [Cu'ien Tasartir]: well he start to consort with demons and undead pies, so He did have to go you know
    [Cu'ien Tasartir]: *grins*
    [Escaflowne]: If Lord Blackthorn and British were close friends!
    [Escaflowne]: Played Chess together!
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Escaflowne]: Debated Philosophy!
    [Escaflowne]: Yet they were so different
    [Escaflowne]: Then why can Vesper and the Kingdom not be friends?
    [Escaflowne]: There isn't a good one besides the old wives tales
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Escaflowne]: And hatred created over so many years
    [Escaflowne]: A vote for me will be a step in reversing this
    [Escaflowne]: And uniting the two once more
    [Escaflowne]: Vesper HAS worked hand in hand with the Kingdom before
    [Escaflowne]: We have aided one another
    [Escaflowne]: Such as the great nests scenario
    [Escaflowne]: Where all armies rallied together to fight against the great nests
    [Escaflowne]: And we won
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *rubs chin* The man seeks power, but asks for trust... a risky proposition
    [Escaflowne]: This is proof we can work together, and proof that i can bring the two together
    [Escaflowne]: Just like i did back then
    [Irvyn]: *raises eyebrow slightly*
    [Escaflowne]: Some people may question my military capabilities
    [Escaflowne]: My ability to act
    [Escaflowne]: I can assure you i have fought many wars in my time
    [Escaflowne]: Be it against the Kingdom
    [Escaflowne]: The two wars against the Ophidians
    [Escaflowne]: Civil wars
    [Escaflowne]: Wars against Drow
    [Escaflowne]: The list goes on
    [Escaflowne]: I will be more than capable to share my experience
    [Escaflowne]: With the united armies of Britannia
    [Escaflowne]: If you were to vote me to lead them
    [Escaflowne]: And most if not all of those wars i fought
    [Escaflowne]: Ended up in Victory or a stalemate
    [Eveline d'Artois]: *chuckles*
    [Escaflowne]: The hard choices i have no problem in making
    [Escaflowne]: But even in Chaos there is order
    [Escaflowne]: Or we would all be animals wouldn't we
    [Escaflowne]: I pride myself in trying my hardest
    [Escaflowne]: To keep a balance between the Iron Fist and the Reasonable Man
    [Escaflowne]: I have never been a tyrant and never will
    [Escaflowne]: But if something needs to be done, i will get it done
    [Escaflowne]: If the lands come under seige
    [Escaflowne]: I will lead the armies into battle with an Iron Fist
    [Escaflowne]: And crush any that oppose our great nations
    [Escaflowne]: But at the same time
    [Escaflowne]: Try to understand other intelligent races and such
    [Escaflowne]: Just because they are different
    [Escaflowne]: Does not make them the enemy
    [Escaflowne]: Lord Blackthorn taught this in his book "On the Diversity of our Land"
    [Escaflowne]: Whilst making the tough choice and crushing other races may be whats needed sometimes
    [Escaflowne]: The gain from peace and the sharing of technology and culture can be of greater benefit
    [Escaflowne]: In some cases
    [Escaflowne]: Our friendship with the Gargoyals
    [Escaflowne]: proves this
    [Escaflowne]: I wish to see a rise of the Principle of Chaos within the Kingdom again
    [Escaflowne]: More freedom
    [Escaflowne]: Should people be told what to think?
    [Escaflowne]: Should people be told what to beleive in?!
    [Escaflowne]: Should you be slaves?!
    [Escaflowne]: No you shouldn't!
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Escaflowne]: A vote for me is a vote for Change!
    [Escaflowne]: A vote for me is a vote for more Freedom!
    [Devante Stirling]: Yay
    [Escaflowne]: And a vote for me is a vote for Victory ALWAYS on the battlefield or the political halls!
    [Heimlich]: *shifts feet*
    [Escaflowne]: I thank you for listening
    [Theocrat]: Strong speech sir!
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *claps*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Claps hestitantly*
    [Theocrat]: *applauds*
    [Escaflowne]: You may ask any questions you wish
    [Jessica]: *Raises a hand*
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Escaflowne]: And i will try my best to answer them
    [Iljian]: *raises hand*
    [Miroku]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Eveline d'Artois]: i have one
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *puts up hand too*
    [Escaflowne]: You there
    [Escaflowne]: *Points to jessica*
    [Irvyn]: *claps politely*
    [Escaflowne]: Yer have a question M'lady?
    [Irvyn]: *glances over at Jess with faint apprehension*
    [Heimlich]: *raises hand*
    [Jessica]: If as you say follow Lord Blackthorns philosiphy like you say then what say you to this?
    [Jessica]: Thou shalt confess to thy crime and suffer its just punishment, or thou shalt be put to death
    [Escaflowne]: I completely agree
    [Jessica]: Blackthorn's Justice
    [Escaflowne]: Should criminals not answer for their crimes?
    [Jessica]: So
    [Escaflowne]: Or take their punishment?
    [Escaflowne]: THIS SHOWS
    [Escaflowne]: I am the man
    [Escaflowne]: To get things done!
    [Escaflowne]: Not to hestitate
    [Escaflowne]: Not to beat around the bush
    [Devante Stirling]: *woo!*
    [Boo Boo]: *claps*
    [Jessica]: Even if they be falsely accused
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Shifts uncomfortably*
    [Escaflowne]: If criminals are not willing to take their punishment then they make their choice
    [Escaflowne]: Of course
    [Escaflowne]: There will be investigations
    [Escaflowne]: To prove their innocence
    [Escaflowne]: Or guilt
    [Escaflowne]: Just like there always has been in Vesper
    [Escaflowne]: I am accustomed to this
    [Escaflowne]: The amount of trials we've had
    [Escaflowne]: *Sighs*
    [Devante Stirling]: Will be fairer than a Yewish trail in any case
    [Anira Cuilwen]: That for sure
    [Crystal Harris]: Like we did with Rebecca
    [Iljian]: *hand still raised*
    [Escaflowne]: You
    [Escaflowne]: *Points to Iljian*
    [Escaflowne]: If M'lady has nothing else to say
    [Escaflowne]: I will take your question
    [Iljian]: I think motht know that Blackthorn had political ideath about freedom and that he meant well.
    [Escaflowne]: Yeah was a great man before Exodus corrupted him
    [Escaflowne]: There is no denying that
    [Iljian]: But everywhere that it wath actually DONE, it ended in chaoth, war and crime.
    [Escaflowne]: Even Lord British did not deny that
    [Iljian]: Vethper more than thome. How can you thtill hang on to what never worked before?
    [Escaflowne]: Whilst Blackthorn was around did the Kingdom end up in ruin?
    [Escaflowne]: Because he preached it then and spread it
    [Escaflowne]: No it did not
    [Devante Stirling]: *raises hand*
    [Escaflowne]: Did Vesper fall to ruin?
    [Escaflowne]: No it did not
    [Crystal Harris]: it has
    [Escaflowne]: It has stayed strong for over 10 years
    [Iljian]: Actually it did. The war between chaoth and order faction thtarted while he wath around.
    [Iljian]: Hith followerth got out of hand quickly...
    [Irvyn]: *listens impassively*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *hand still raised*
    [Escaflowne]: But
    [Escaflowne]: Tell me this Iljian
    [Iljian]: The war went on for yearth.
    [Escaflowne]: Do the virtues actually work?
    [Devante Stirling]: *jumps with his hand in the air trying to get noticed*
    [Escaflowne]: When they oppress people
    [Escaflowne]: When they force themselves upon others
    [Escaflowne]: Turn them into slaves
    [Escaflowne]: making them follow them
    [Escaflowne]: It takes two to tango
    [Escaflowne]: In the order and Chaos wars
    [Escaflowne]: ORder was just as much to blame
    [Escaflowne]: So don't be too quick to judge
    [Isidore]: maybe you should study the Virtues a little better
    [Miroku]: *nods alongs*
    [Escaflowne]: And place the blame so easily
    [Escaflowne]: Upon chaos
    [Escaflowne]: Devante
    [Escaflowne]: What did you want to say?
    [Devante Stirling]: Let us all work together... and blame Kaldorians for all that is wrong
    [Kimi]: *idiot*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *starts jumping too, having seen it just work*
    [11/11/14][20:54:58] [Escaflowne]: Sounds good
    [Miroku]: ....
    [Escaflowne]: I'll greatly consider that
    [Escaflowne]: if you vote for me
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Isidore]: Corwin will be happy
    [Escaflowne]: Heimlich
    [Isidore]: *grins*
    [Irvyn]: *frowns*
    [Escaflowne]: you had a question?
    [Escaflowne]: I am of course kidding
    [Escaflowne]: Politics aren't that easy
    [Escaflowne]: I know this
    [Escaflowne]: *Smiles*
    [Devante Stirling]: *raises hand again*
    [Escaflowne]: *Looks to Heimlich*
    [Iljian]: Good that you pointed that out. I wath in doubt...
    [Fynn Barrett]: I think it was Aron who had a question
    [Escaflowne]: Seems he's gone to sleep
    [Leodegan]: *raises hand*
    [Heimlich]: yes
    [Escaflowne]: AH he is awake
    [Escaflowne]: You had a question?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: No, go back to sleep!
    [Heimlich]: with all your talk of war and victory
    [Heimlich]: can we assume that you would rather deal with the problems as they become a real threat
    [Heimlich]: rather than use preventative measures beforehand?
    [Escaflowne]: Of course preventative measures would be used
    [Escaflowne]: I don't doubt for a second that any candidate here today
    [Escaflowne]: Would not use them
    [Escaflowne]: Were they to win
    [Heimlich]: :D
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Escaflowne]: If i can save lives
    [Escaflowne]: Then i will
    [Escaflowne]: And always will choose that
    [Escaflowne]: over pointless war
    [Escaflowne]: Lord Swordmaster
    [Escaflowne]: Yer had a question?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: thank ye
    [Aron Swordmaster]: My question is this; Sir, you give a good speech, but do ye also know how to be quiet? Fair or not, ye must admit that Chaos is a controversial philisophy, and the fall of it's founder still a painful wound? Do ye know how to be Protecto
    [Aron Swordmaster]: protector and not preacher?
    [Devante Stirling]: the hell ?
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin, hiding a smile*
    [Fargo]: *nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Thats alot to take in
    [Heimlich]: hear hear
    [Escaflowne]: Order and the Virtues are also controversial policies
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I came prepared, just like Heimlich Prophylactics recommends!
    [Escaflowne]: It depends how and who looks at them
    [Kou]: *Covers her mouth and shakes a little with a hidden giggle*
    [Iljian]: If Aron doeth a thpeech ath good ath the quethtionth he athkth then we have a winner...
    [Heimlich]: !!
    [Athalia]: *glances approvingly at Aron*
    [Escaflowne]: And to answer your preacher question
    [Escaflowne]: This is the first time i have ever given the preacher role a try to be quite honest with you
    [Escaflowne]: You know my experience and background from my introductory speech
    [Escaflowne]: I lead a grand army for 3 years at its helm
    [Escaflowne]: And served in it for 4 years before that
    [Iljian]: Againtht the citieth that you now want to lead...
    [Isidore]: *grins*
    [Escaflowne]: I have a proven track record of military tactics, strategy and prowlness on the battlefield
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods* And I make no statement of my own views on the issue. But these lands are home to all of us sir; and in any happy home, surely ye understand the harmony depends on silence too?
    [Escaflowne]: And what is the Lord Protectors main duty?
    [Escaflowne]: To lead the military
    [Escaflowne]: I have the experience to do that
    [Escaflowne]: Of course
    [Theocrat]: **
    [Devante Stirling]: *raises hand*
    [Escaflowne]: I want nothing more than for all our great nations, states
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I do not doubt your skill in either realm; but I suspect the kingdom requires but one of your skills
    [Escaflowne]: Whatever you want to call them
    [Escaflowne]: To be united to tackle far greater evils
    [Escaflowne]: For if we stand apart
    [Escaflowne]: We will fall one by one
    [Leodegan]: *raised hand*
    [Escaflowne]: We cannot leave eachother in the dark
    [Escaflowne]: Because yer turn will come if yer do
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Coughs politely and points at his wris****ch*
    [Escaflowne]: Armies of evil spread like the plague
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I yield the floor to other questioners good sir
    [Devante Stirling]: *raises hand*
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Thank you Aron for yer questions
    [Escaflowne]: Devante?
    [Escaflowne]: My times nearly up
    [Devante Stirling]: Why are you so fit ?
    [Irvyn]: *faint sigh*
    [Escaflowne]: Any constructive questions?
    [Leodegan]: *raised hand*
    [Escaflowne]: You there?
    [Escaflowne]: *Points to Leodegan*
    [Escaflowne]: Whats yer question?
    [Leodegan]: You talk of Vesper and the Kingdom being seperated
    [Escaflowne]: Let us make this the last one for today
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods at Escaflowne*
    [Leodegan]: What steps have you taken to unite them before today?
    [Escaflowne]: I have taken many
    [Escaflowne]: Im sure Duke Irvyn will admit
    [Escaflowne]: That Trinsic and Vesper have worked together on numerous occasions
    [Escaflowne]: Take the war of shadows for example
    [Irvyn]: *excessively blank expression*
    [Escaflowne]: We battle the crimson dragons together
    [Escaflowne]: And the great nests as i mentioned before
    [Leodegan]: Purely battle?
    [Heimlich]: *mutters; taken many marching steps at the headof an army*
    [Escaflowne]: I personally rallied all the nations together
    [Escaflowne]: To fight together against the 6 great nests within the lost lands
    [Iljian]: Maybe you jutht happened along for the loot? *grins*
    [Athalia]: *examines Irvyn*
    [Escaflowne]: And it worked
    [Escaflowne]: I am sure there are political rallies too
    [Escaflowne]: I will be happy to get back to you at a later date with those
    [Leodegan]: Just want to know why it takes you being elected to unite them
    [Devante Stirling]: because loyalists are too stubborn
    [Theocrat]: It gives him the backing of the people
    [Escaflowne]: Well my friend
    [Escaflowne]: Because i am a reasonable man for one
    [Escaflowne]: I have the ears of the people of Vesper
    [Elja]: one need power to make a change
    [Escaflowne]: And the main role of the Lord Protector is military purposes
    [Irvyn]: *mutters: some of them even still attached to their owners*
    [Escaflowne]: So thats why i did not mention any political rallying
    [Escaflowne]: But i sure there is some documented somewhere
    [Escaflowne]: I would be more than happy to dig it out for you
    [Escaflowne]: Now Fynns about to boot me off the stage
    [Escaflowne]: So im afraid thats all i can say for now
    [Fynn Barrett]: It's time to end it for tonight Escaflown
    [Escaflowne]: But i will be around all week campaigning
    [Escaflowne]: To answer yer questions
    [Fynn Barrett]: Thank you very much for your speech
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Theocrat]: *applauds*
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Elja]: *claps*
    [Escaflowne]: Thank you for listening
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Both have spoken well today, and I thank you
    [Miroku]: *claps*
    [Escaflowne]: *SMiles*
    [Irvyn]: *claps politely*
    [Athalia]: *closes her hands on her chest*
    [Heimlich]: lots of food for thought
    [Fynn Barrett]: There will be another organized meeting during the second round the of the Campaign
    [Escaflowne]: Vote for me and yer will not regret it
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *softly* I her makes it that far...
    [Fynn Barrett]: That's it for the Campaing Meetings tonight
    [Fynn Barrett]: Tomorrow evening there will be a meeting with Aron Swordmaster
    [Iljian]: Where?
    [Escaflowne]: Look forward to it
    [Fynn Barrett]: At the Court of Truth
    [Escaflowne]: Will have to think of some tough questions to put yer on the spot Lord Swordsmaster
    [Escaflowne]: *Grins*
    [Iljian]: Interethting choice
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Probably upstairs
    [Fynn Barrett]: And I will host the second meeting, at the Park in New Magincia
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (you can't get into part of the courts downstairs)
    [Devante Stirling]: We have to walk there ?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Walking from Yew to Magincia will be hard....
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And I expect questions in return, aye... t'would only be Just of course!
    [Fynn Barrett]: With the water and all
    [Fynn Barrett]: So we'll make other arrangements
    [Fynn Barrett]: That is all for tonight
    [Fynn Barrett]: Thank you for coming and listening
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *a voice which appears to be coming from the hedge shouts*
    [Escaflowne]: Vote for me! Vote for Change! Vote for Freedom!!!
    [Fynn Barrett]: Good night!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: What is yer opinion on sausages?!
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Salutes*
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Irvyn]: Thank you.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *looks around innocently* Good night all!
    [Devante Stirling]: *hisss*
    [Irvyn]: Sausages? Who is asking about sausages?