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The Daily Sausage: Turning Yellow Journalism Brown! Campaign Day 2

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Unafraid to bring you the hard hitting TRUTH, Bob Bratwurst, intrepid reporter for the Daily Sausage was there to give a grilling to both candidates! And as you can see from the reports below, one came out of it looking like a Weiner! We are of course talking about Fynn Barrett, because as expected Aron Swordmaster came out of the gates like a Hot Dog and roasted the audience!

    Let's go now to our recording made on our special hidden "Sausage Cam";

    Here is the actual honest report of Aron Swordmaster's speech, in the Court of Yew. Items in italics are explaining non-verbal parts of the event

    You will also notice that The Daily Sausage didn't even appear to be there at Aron's speech... although Scrumpy Jack was, and apparently wanted to declare for the position too, so we start our record with his arrival.

    [Scrumpy Jack]: Ello yer lot!
    [Alaster The Mad]: hello !
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Moves a little closer*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I am here to sign the papers for the job.
    [Irvyn]: Good evening Mr Jack.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Greetings Mr Jack, I hope you brought scrumpy for everyone!
    [Lispia Kavelim]: hello
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ye needs to speak to Fynn about that
    [Scrumpy Jack]: Well, I will do that then
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Hello Jack
    [Fynn Barrett]: What did you need me for?
    [Scrumpy Jack]: Ello Fynn, Mister
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *waits for official scrumping to cease*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I want to sign the papers for the job, so that we can move on with this
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I want the cider.
    [Fynn Barrett]: Ah, very good. Can we talk about that after tonight's meetings?
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I heard there is cider involved
    [Scrumpy Jack]: What's to talk about ... just give me the job.
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Raises a brow*
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I got candy!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Jack good sir, we are alas on a tight time limit. If ye could sit down, there may be scrumpy afterwards
    [Alaster The Mad]: * scratches non-existent hairs*
    [Fynn Barrett]: We will talk after the meeting...
    [Scrumpy Jack]: alright then
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *mumbles*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Please take a seat for now. We don't want to cut in to Aron's time
    [Aron Swordmaster]: They will sorely need it after my many, many, MANY words believe me!
    [Fynn Barrett]: Go ahead Aron

    [Aron Swordmaster]: Thank you one and all for coming to these Courts to hear me speak today.
    [Irvyn]: *attempts to settle himself comfortably on the bench*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: At last nights debate, some expressed concern as to why I chose this location; certainly it is a fearsome and formal setting! But I wanted to speak here for a reason; and to take you on a personal, and then a philosophical journey...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (do come in Athalia)
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And not end with answers, for I am not sure I have them all; but having narrated my own path, I hope you will understand the kind of person that stands before you now, and how he would aim to serve as your potential Lord Protector.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: There will however be time for your questions at the end. And always will be; like Avatarhood, the quest to be a fair Protector must be the quest of a lifetime. Of my life and all of yours. But I digress... let us start at the beginnin
    [Aron Swordmaster]: beginning!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Like many of you, I first discovered these lands with a chance encounter at a gypsy wagon; ahhh 21 years ago now! And so different the realm I found through her mysterious gate. Perhaps not even these exact lands...
    [Moira]: *raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Yes Moira?
    [Moira]: you are speaking too fast
    [Leodegan]: open journal :)
    [Moira]: i cannot follow
    [Aron Swordmaster]: My apologies. I shall slow down
    [Moira]: thanks
    [Aron Swordmaster]: To continue...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But some form of Britannia it surely still was! And through the wisdom of the Gypsy it was declared that Justice was my guiding principle; and so I found myself here in Yew, as a Druid.
    [Irvyn]: *mutters to Isidore: if he is going through his entire life we will be here a while*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Now my previous ways in previous lands had been more of the Sword, and combined with my youth, it was no surprise I considered an unbending, razor sharp adherance to the Law, and to Truth, as the greatest virtue.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I'm much older now; and time has tempered Truth with Love as well it should. But even so, I still maintain some of that youthful view. Where the Laws are Just, and are Fair, and apply to Lord and Serf... obey the Law.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You may ask me; What would this mean in practice? I say, if you murder, be you from Trinsic or Vesper, high or low born, the Law will reach out to you still. If you lead troops against others, expect to find troops arrayed against you.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I seek obeyance not because Law makes bad men good; for bad law can make good men bad too. Follow the law because, and only where and because it allows for all men to live besides each other for the greater good.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ahah! He arrives just in time! Providence is with me
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Upstairs, good Sir Escaflowne!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Do please join us.
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Sorry im late
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods* Evening Escaflowne
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ye are just in time! I have need of thee!
    [Escaflowne]: Evening
    [Escaflowne]: Oh really?
    [Escaflowne]: *Grins*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Looks interested*
    [Escaflowne]: Not to smear my lovely campaign i hope
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed, but I must continue to reach your part to play!
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: forgive the avalanche of words as it rumbles on;
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Please look around you; you will see many books of Law, and history look back down upon you. Yet as the old rede goes; "An it harm none, do what thou wilt". This shall be the first Law of Justice that will guide me.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: No, I care not what you believe. I seek to preserve life and liberty for all. Where your actions conflict with this, I will enforce an answer for them. But let me talk of books a while more.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Please, all take a copy of the book found within this green bag now placed upon the floor.
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *sniffs*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: hmm
    [Escaflowne]: Heh i bet i grabbed the only blank one
    [Escaflowne]: Just my luck
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *bites into book*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: bah
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I hope I brought enough for everyone too, he he
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Now...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You all now hold a copy of another book found within these halls. Notice the first date is 8 years ago now. How easy it would be to wipe out the names within, and in doing so destroy all memory of that person?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Were they a good person? With a stroke of my pen, they would be an un-person. Were they bad? I could make them so, were I so inclined. But that would not be the Truth. And Justice without Truth is no Justice at all.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: For 8 years, the people of these lands have left that simple history untouched, despite the original being unprotected by magic. And as long as I sit in these halls and serve you, the people, I intend to do likewise.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You will notice I have signed my own name, and left a space for you all to sign it too; I welcome the thought of your names looking down on me over the ages too. I hope you will find the original and hold me to it.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *points*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It's in the single case on the far wall if any wish too later

    [Editor's Note: The book is found in the northernmost single filled bookcase of the upper floor of Yew Courts]

    [Aron Swordmaster]: My second Law then shall be Accountability. Nothing shall be hidden. Nothing shall be changed from the Truth.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods at Escaflowne*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Now yesterday, we were reminded that some of you are very uncomfortable with this man, and what he represents to you. Let me speak of another form of Justice then, and one that I also described in the book outside;
    [Escaflowne]: *Raises brow*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: That which is built for the future; For it is not just the freedom From the actions of others... it is also the freedom to Become. The option to change. To reform. To improve. Justice is not just what was done, but will be, can be done.
    [Scrumpy Jack]: wasn't me
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Are the people of Vesper starving, because their crops have failed perhaps? I care not what was done in the past; as your Lord Protector I shall lead you into the fields of Britain and gather food for them all the same.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And in doing so, we shall sow the seeds of forgiveness and reconcilliation.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: This I am as serious about as leading armies. At least once a week, I intend to set a communal task for all who follow me, for the betterment of our lands and the reunification of our people.
    [Escaflowne]: *Rubs chin*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I will continue to respect the truth and state that I shall personally be manipulating some events to ensure those opportunities arise; some of you may come home to find your house stuffed full of Greater Dragons!
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Frowns at Aron and mutters something about 'my fields'*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods again at Escaflowne*
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And perhaps I would then call upon all those faithful to their Protector to aid clear them out; a chance for you to show your forgiveness. Can you forgive? I intend to help you try.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Come Irvyn! Come Escaflowne! Sit on these chairs of Vesper And Trinsic design!

    [Editor's note: Behind Aron were two crafted chairs, Trinsic Pattern and Vesper pattern, set to face towards the assembled crowd]

    [Aron Swordmaster]: Sit together despite your differences!
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: If these brave men can do it, why should not we!
    [Scrumpy Jack]: oh, musical chairs .. at last some fun to be had
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I am proud to stand besides two such men
    [Jessica]: *Whispers to isi*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Those with their own ideas for how those who follow the Lord Protector can help their own communities will also be listened too, and support raised... What will Vesper need in turn, I wonder? And in turn they will learn to forgive you
    [Isidore]: not to be rude , but it's not so hard to male my father sit with other leaders
    [Aron Swordmaster]: This will be my third Law. Justice shall be not idle, but active.
    [Jessica]: The problem is Yew and the others...
    [Isidore]: i mean , he's one of the most forgiving leaders there is
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Remember those who have left us, Respect those who remain beside us, Rebuild for those who would follow us.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: My speech ends here; I am open now to questions. And please remember to add your name to the ledgers outside before you go.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Thank you
    [Moira]: *claps*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Claps politely*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: what about candy? can YOU promise candy?
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps vigouresly*
    [your Granny]: *claps*
    [Athalia]: *claps*
    [Isidore]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In Mani Ylem
    [Jessica]: *Claps politely*
    You magically create food in your backpack: a peach
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I can offer a peach...
    [Scrumpy Jack]: hmm ...
    [your Granny]: *well spoken*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *munches*
    [Escaflowne]: *Coughs*
    [Escaflowne]: *Wakes up*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * whispers to granny : he rocks*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: doesn't make my teeth ache

    [Aron Swordmaster]: Are there any questions good people of the land?
    [Jessica]: *Raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Yes M'lady Jessica?
    [Jessica]: How do you intend to manage the issues that are bound to come up from the differing Cities
    [Escaflowne]: *Delayed Clap*
    [Escaflowne]: *Lost con*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: A fair question; and to fairly answer, it will not entirely be due to myself. I cannot make people love each other. But I will try to enforce boundaries of respect
    [Jessica]: For example, If Yew was to attack Vesper for the umpteenth time?
    [Escaflowne]: Yes they do enjoy doing that
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: give them some candy!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In such a case, it would depend upon who initiated the attack. If it were Yew, I would defend vesper, seek the removal of those who started the war
    [Alaster The Mad]: loan them some sheeps
    [Irvyn]: Be fair Escaflowne, there is enjoyment on both sides.
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Escaflowne]: *Chuckles*
    [Escaflowne]: This is true
    [Escaflowne]: We have attacked Yew also in the past
    [Isidore]: i remember Vesper invading trinsic several times
    [Escaflowne]: There is no denying it
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The right of Yew to swing it's fists ends where everyone else's nose begins
    [Escaflowne]: But we have never occupied their city unlike the time they managed to break into ours
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And the same holds true for all. I seek impartiality
    [Irvyn]: *slight frown at jessica*
    [Kou]: *Frowns slightly at Isidore's statement*
    [Escaflowne]: I think Vesper has had wars with pretty much everyone
    [Escaflowne]: This is fair to say
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In time, when the fist swinging stops, we can grow to trust each other. I believe with leadership that we have here today, we may already be beyond that stage
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *pours some sugar over the peach*
    [Escaflowne]: But we have not started all of those
    [Escaflowne]: Only some
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Yew are not represented here of course, but as Lord Protector I shall make my feelings known
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Trinsic and Vesper are, and I can say I trust these two men, and their fine supporters who came out today
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *hic*
    [Irvyn]: *politely bland smile*
    [Escaflowne]: I left mine in Vesper unfortunately
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *hic*
    [Escaflowne]: Thought this place would be filled with Yewish
    [Escaflowne]: Didn't want any trouble
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Any more questions please? Fynn shall wish to speak soon
    [Irvyn]: *raises hand*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Will there be any law against nudism ?
    [Fynn Barrett]: You have a couple more minutes Aron
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Yes, Lord Irvyn?
    [Scrumpy Jack]: what's wrong with nudism?
    [Irvyn]: You asked me yesterday how I would cope with the stresses and strains, more or less.
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'm a nudist!
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Alaster, as long as all consent to see it, there will be no such law. Ye may run naked as the wind as far as I am concerned
    [Irvyn]: How do you intend to cope?
    [Alaster The Mad]: Thanks, this answers me perfectly.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: To be entirely honest, my desire for action is in part such a mechanism;
    [Sparrow]: but do all consent?
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I convent
    [Aron Swordmaster]: When I feel stressed, someone will find their houses filled with dragons! And an army on the way to clear it out
    [Scrumpy Jack]: !
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Irvyn]: Interesting.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The Sword has not entirely left my blood, and the call to action will call up the blood once more
    [Scrumpy Jack]: I don't have a house ... so I don't care
    [Escaflowne]: *Raises hand*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: serves them posh people in shiny castles right, though
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Yes, Lord Escaflowne
    [Escaflowne]: I have two questions
    [Escaflowne]: First#
    [Escaflowne]: What combat and military experience do you have?
    [Escaflowne]: I know you are Sosarian Red Cross
    [Escaflowne]: And you have helped heal the wounded all these years
    [Escaflowne]: To which i am grateful
    [Scrumpy Jack]: nice people they are
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: indeed
    [Escaflowne]: But what combat, strategy and tactics experience do you have?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Well good sir...
    [Escaflowne]: Im not saying you absolutely Need it
    [Escaflowne]: Everyone has to start somewhere
    [Escaflowne]: Im just curious
    [Escaflowne]: *Smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It has been a long time since I led a military campaign in these lands; the purification of Yew was perhaps the last I was front and centre
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But let me answer you honestly; I would never seek to take command of your own troops
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: That is good
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Guide them yes, but I plan to keep the lines of trust and communication open
    [Irvyn]: *nods approvingly*
    [Escaflowne]: Onto my second question then
    [Aron Swordmaster]: As long as I have their word, I would work with you and all military leaders and to all of your skills
    [Escaflowne]: Thats what i wanted to hear
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods firmly*
    [Escaflowne]: As Lord Protector would you recognise Vesper's independancy from the Kingdom?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I see myself as more a facilitator than leader
    [Escaflowne]: Unlike so many leaders past
    [Escaflowne]: Would you try to force us back under the rule of the Kingdom
    [Escaflowne]: Like so many leaders past
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In so far as Vesper accords to all national interests; you have the right to your own beliefs and local laws, but I expect no banditry or allowance of suffering for others from your actions
    [Escaflowne]: Heh, we aren't lawless barbarians i can assure you
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Likewise, I would hope you would not be too proud to let Britannic troops march in Vesper if they served your interests
    [Escaflowne]: Nor are we Bandits
    [Scrumpy Jack]: *suffers from toothache sometimes*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And leave of course once no longer required. I seek no military state!
    [Irvyn]: *poker faced*
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Thats along the lines of what i wanted to hear
    [Escaflowne]: I just want it recognised
    [Escaflowne]: That we can work together and be united as allied nations
    [Escaflowne]: Rather than one nation
    [Jessica]: *Scratchs back of her head*
    [Escaflowne]: I don't want the Kingdom bringing their war drums back into Vesper
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I must say though, I speak only in-potentia. If a new King or Queen were to arise, who knows then?
    [Escaflowne]: In an attempt to bring us under your "Control"
    [Scrumpy Jack]: Oh, that job is available too?
    [Sparrow]: God Save the King
    [Heimlich]: urgh sorry aron missed the speech
    [Escaflowne]: Of course, that will then be them i would be questioning
    [Scrumpy Jack]: Interesting
    [Escaflowne]: *Grins*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Likewise, who knows what your children will believe? But I will not bind anyone to a kingdom through blood... only love
    [Crystal Harris]: So will those rebelling against the kingdom get the same help and support as those defending it?
    [Escaflowne]: Very well
    [Escaflowne]: You have answered my questions sufficiently
    [Aron Swordmaster]: As long as they are not responsible for it, yes Crystal. Your people are not to blame for their rulers.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: If daemons attack Yew, even if I hate that the GRD don't let me train beasts in their fields, I would still march to your aid
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *mutters about also being told off for chicken tickling in the middle of the night*
    [Scrumpy Jack]: what's wrong with chicken tickling?
    [Crystal Harris]: Not quite the same , isn't it?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: as Lord Protector I have no offical policy on chicken tickling
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Grins slightly*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: BUT THEY DON'T LAUGH AT MY CHICKEN NOW! Ahem sorry
    [Kou]: Are chickens ticklish? Or is it a futile pursuit?
    [Heimlich]: ir eally wanted to hear it aswell!
    [Jessica]: *Clears throat*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: When i first left haven, they ... they laughed at my tamed chicken. But I am stronger than that!
    [Fynn Barrett]: I think it is time to conclude this meeting
    [Alaster The Mad]: undies madness in yew court, aron is naked dancing on benches, and everyone is quitting their undies
    [Fynn Barrett]: Unles you have a final message Aron?
    [Heimlich]: lol
    [Scrumpy Jack]: Am I finally getting the job now?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed. Remember to sign your names in the book on the upper left. So we can all say we were here today, for the kingdom. for history to remember.
    [Alaster The Mad]: ahahaha trent comes running of course
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The copies here, do with as thou wilt. But leave the public history as it was
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *points again*
    [Fynn Barrett]: After that we'll move on to Magincia
    [Aron Swordmaster]: over to you fynn!

    Bob Bratwurst 'ere again! Ignore that pointy headed Editor! Let the Daily Sausage smack ya around the head with a serving of sizzling scandal!

    Yes it's true!


    Observe as your soaraway Sausage captures THE TRUTH in photo form!


    What is worse, our fears were confirmed true! Not just an alien with a gross floating head and disconnected feet... but a sexually deviant one! Oh, Fynn ignored our questions, pretended to not even hear Bob Bratwurst! But what did he do next? HE ATE OUR BOB! Fynn Barrett is A SAUSAGE EATER!

    Read the following fair and balanced report of the speech and see for yourself!

    Whilst it is indeed true that the Sausage had to be replaced twice, due to someone in the crowd eating it, there is no evidence it was Fynn, or that even if it was, there was anything wrong with doing so. You may also see for yourself who clearly had their hand over their mouth and was pretending to be that Sausage. We have also trimmed the nearly 60 times said candidate was unable to even magically create said Sausage, and got fruit instead.

    Report from Magincia below. - EFE

    [11/11/15][20:40:58] You magically create food in your backpack: sausage
    [Aron Swordmaster]: ahah!
    [Heimlich]: :(
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Blinks*
    [Fynn Barrett]: A saussage....
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *sneakily puts a sausage on stage, but for no apparent reason&
    [Alaster The Mad]: rofl
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Clears his throat*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I see no sausage! Do speak good sir
    [Alaster The Mad]: aron is going to release affamed dogs
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *presses record on the sausage*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Thank you all for coming tonight
    [Fynn Barrett]: You may be wondering, why I invited you to come to New Magincia?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Instead of my hometown, Britain.
    [Moira]: *nods*
    [Heimlich]: no..
    [Fynn Barrett]: The reason I came to New Magincia is because of what it symbolizes.
    [Fynn Barrett]: Look around, what do you see?
    [Irvyn]: *listens carefully*
    [Heimlich]: i see people loitering
    [Kou]: Trade?
    [Sparrow]: rebirth
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I see charls the Councilmember
    [Moira]: a new city
    [Fynn Barrett]: Not so long ago Daemons sent by the Shadowlords reduced the old city of Maginica to rubble.
    [Irvyn]: Assisted by a fair number of Sosarians.
    [Fynn Barrett]: But after Lady Dawn died all of the Kingdom pulled together.
    [Fynn Barrett]: To defeat the Shadowlords and their leader, Virtuebane.
    [Athalia]: In Mani Ylem
    [Fynn Barrett]: And together we were victorious! Virtuebane fell here, where we are standing right now!
    [Fynn Barrett]: Magincia was lost forever but in it's place we founded a new city.
    [Fynn Barrett]: A better city, based on Humility rather than Pride!
    [Fynn Barrett]: The combined efforts of the Kingdom turned the wasteland Virtuebane left behind
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Irvyn]: *slightly dubious expression*
    [Fynn Barrett]: In to the beautiful, thriving city that it is today.
    [Fynn Barrett]: Now look around again, what do you see?
    [your Granny]: *looks to the right to her house*
    [Fynn Barrett]: That is what a United Kingdom can accomplish!
    [Kou]: A horse...
    [Heimlich]: *looks around*
    [Fynn Barrett]: And that is what I will try to accomplish as Lord Protector!
    [Trent Edwards]: horses for all?
    [Fynn Barrett]: To Unite the Kingdom in to a greater whole
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Despite my misgivings about the nature of Magincia, 'tis better than daemonic rule
    [Fynn Barrett]: Unlike some of my opponents... I have always been loyal to the Kingdom.
    [Fynn Barrett]: I was appointed Lieutenant of the Royal Guard by Lady Dawn herself.
    The Royal Guard is really a microcosm of the Kingdom, with members from all walks of life.
    [Heimlich]: *wonders which opponents*
    [Fynn Barrett]: But under the banner of the Royal Guard and my leadership they fight as one.
    [Fynn Barrett]: I have the experience to unite people, the experience a Lord Protector needs
    [Fynn Barrett]: Vote for experience and security! Vote for Fynn!
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps politely*
    [Moira]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Jessica]: *Claps politely*
    [Athalia]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *you hear The Sausage shout* 'Ere! How can ya vote for a man that has NO BODY! Look at 'im, wot a freak!
    [Fynn Barrett]: We can now move on to a couple of questions
    [Jessica]: *Raises hand*
    [Isidore]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Raises her hand*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Points at Jessica*
    [Heimlich]: *raises hand*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Yes, go ahead
    [Jessica]: I am going to ask the same as what I asked Aron
    [Jessica]: What would you do if cities war with each other as is commen in the north
    [Fynn Barrett]: The situation in the North is an especially complicated one
    [Fynn Barrett]: Even more so right now, as it is unclear whether or not Vesper, Yew and Cove will join our new
    [Fynn Barrett]: alliance
    [Sparrow]: if we want to ask candidates the same question we should start a thread on the forums so that
    [Sparrow]: all can answere
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (I've been posting reports Sparrow, feel free to add questions there, or start a single thread for them)
    [Jessica]: (I can't view stratics)
    [Fynn Barrett]: So I cannot give you a conclusive answer right now other than that I would stand by my allies
    [Fynn Barrett]: first and foremost
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (I give permission for you to copy them to UOForums etc)
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *you see the Sausage bouncing up and down to ask a question too*
    [Fynn Barrett]: If however a conflict would arise between cities within the alliance, I would of course try to deal
    [Fynn Barrett]: with it by diplomacy
    [Jessica]: So far then since you are unsure the biggest military cities might not be with you
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods* That is correct...
    [Jessica]: If that is the case what then would be your actions?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Does that answer your question?
    [Fynn Barrett]: I would do my best to convince them to join the alliance
    [Fynn Barrett]: As it is for the greater good
    [Jessica]: but if they do not is what I am getting at
    [Fynn Barrett]: If they don't than that's up to them...
    [Fynn Barrett]: I will aid them in need, where I can
    [Fynn Barrett]: But allied cities will take precedence
    [Sparrow]: hear hear
    [Jessica]: That is all for now but I sence some hesitation there...
    [Irvyn]: *nods thoughtfully*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Very well
    [Kou]: *Raises her hand*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Heimlich, you had a question?
    [Heimlich]: aye
    [Fynn Barrett]: Go ahead
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *The sausage appears to vibrate angrily whilst Heimlich talks*
    [Sparrow]: lets not forget all of Luna and Umbra fight for Sosaria
    [Heimlich]: since for all intents and purposes you currently hold the stewardship of the realm
    [Trent Edwards]: 'scuse.
    [Fynn Barrett]: That is not the way I see it Heimlich...
    [Heimlich]: will you be instigating any major policy changes if you are elected lord protector?
    [Fynn Barrett]: I am protector of Britain, nothing more
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But what pray is the difference between Protector and Lord Protector?
    [Heimlich]: but britain is generally considered to be the seat of the ruler of the realm
    [Fynn Barrett]: Protector of Britain, that is just one city
    [Fynn Barrett]: Lord Protector is across the realm
    [Heimlich]: and we have an absence of a king or queen regrettably
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ahh forgive me, of course. And apologies Heimlich
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Nods*
    [Fynn Barrett]: I understand your question but... since I don't make the policies right now I don't see how it's
    [Fynn Barrett]: relevant
    [Heimlich]: of course
    [Heimlich]: but would you do things differently if you were to be promoted to protector of the realm
    [Heimlich]: rather than just one city
    [Fynn Barrett]: I would continue along the same line as I have in Britain
    [Sparrow]: Tis just a bigger umbrella
    [Fynn Barrett]: The only mayor change I would try to instigate would be more cooperation between cities of the
    [Fynn Barrett]: Kingdom
    [Heimlich]: *nod*
    [Heimlich]: naturally
    [Fynn Barrett]: Does that answer your question?
    [Heimlich]: *shrug*
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Smiles slightly*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Alright, we move on to Kou
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Kou]: So far, the definition of the role of Lord Protector has been somewhat... undefined...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *you hear a PHWOAR from The Sausage*
    [Kou]: As someone who was present at the original meeting, do you not think this gives you an advantage?
    [Irvyn]: *listens interestedly*
    [Kou]: Your campaign can be more specific to the role, without being drawn into hyperbolic assumption
    [Fynn Barrett]: The defenition has purposely been left vague. It is in part up to the candidates to shape their role
    [Fynn Barrett]: Within the given parameters of course
    [Kou]: But the parameters are not known to us
    [Fynn Barrett]: The primairy role of the Lord Protector I think is clear: To lead the combined military of the
    [Kou]: Is it a solely military role? Will it involve justice? Trade? Sea turtles?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Kingdom in times of need
    [Fynn Barrett]: To liase between to cities
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Alas the needs themselves are varied; any Lord Protector would need to know what backing he has from the Authorities at least
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Lest he be betrayed front and back
    [Aron Swordmaster]: or she, begging your pardon
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Kou]: So... A military leader, or more of a liason?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Both Kou
    [Fynn Barrett]: All cities will want to keep control over their own military. But they can, in times of need,
    [Fynn Barrett]: sureender command to the Lord Protector
    [Kou]: So, the candidates that have been considering laws and such have been wasting their time?
    [Sparrow]: unless confined to military concerns this moves closer to kingship
    [Moira]: *bows to Fynn*
    [Jessica]: *Raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: thanks for coming Moira
    [Fynn Barrett]: The Lord Protector could potentially influence the law-makers
    [Fynn Barrett]: But that is not his primary role
    [Kou]: *Smiles apologetically* That is information that should perhaps have been made known at the start
    [Sparrow]: That will be the next problem - Who makes the Laws?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Who ate the sausage?!
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Smiles at Kou* I shall mention it when the city-leaders next meet
    [Kou]: Not me, though I was considering it...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Not that officially I have any connection to it... but excuse me a moment
    [Fynn Barrett]: Right, moving on
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In Mani Ylem
    You magically create food in your backpack: sausage
    [Jessica]: Who then does the Lord Protector answer to
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Heimlich]: wonder if you can use an item bless deed on food
    [Fynn Barrett]: In the first place to the city leaders
    [Geoffrey Blake]: you can use it on tea
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Fynn Barrett]: The Lord Protector is elected by the people, but appointed by the city leaders
    [Jessica]: Which the first meeting excluded Yew, Cove, Trinsic and Vesper....
    [Fynn Barrett]: And second he answers to the people
    [Irvyn]: *raises eyebrow*
    [Kou]: Sorry Fynn *Grandmaster Derailer*
    [Sparrow]: ask Baldwin?
    [Fynn Barrett]: All city leaders were invited, just not everybody sent a representative
    [Irvyn]: *frowns*
    [Irvyn]: Trinsic received no invitation.
    [Irvyn]: Otherwise I should certainly have been there.
    [Sparrow]: water under the bridge
    [Fynn Barrett]: I'm sure one was sent Irvyn, maybe it got lost in that pile on your desk
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *the Sausage starts jumping up and down again to attract attention*
    [Irvyn]: My clerks are very efficient.
    [Irvyn]: *cold expression*
    [Fynn Barrett]: I thought the reason those cities were not automatically included was obvious
    [Irvyn]: Sorry, Im' not trying to make trouble :(
    [Fynn Barrett]: Not much more I can say about this Irvyn...
    [Sparrow]: A scenario had to be created surely and how else?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *someone from the crowd coughs: Talk to the Sausage!*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Right, I think that's about all we have time for
    [Stella]: what about teapig?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Tomorrow there will be meetings with Heimlich and Nathan Hawke
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *Nahhh, nahhh! Over 'ere govnah! Bob Bratwurst wants to say something!*
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Athalia]: one quick question please?
    [Fynn Barrett]: Heimlich's meeting starts at 8pm at the King's Men Theatre in Britain
    [Fynn Barrett]: And Nathan will speak at the Counselors Hall
    [Fynn Barrett]: At 8.30
    [Fynn Barrett]: Thank you for coming tonight
    [Sparrow]: first at 8.30?
    [Isidore]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: 8:00 is first one Sparrow
    [Fynn Barrett]: No no, first is at 8.00
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Fynn Barrett]: Again then
    [Fynn Barrett]: First is Heimlich
    [Fynn Barrett]: At 8pm
    [Fynn Barrett]: At the King's Men Theatre
    [Fynn Barrett]: Second is Nathan
    [Fynn Barrett]: At 8.30pm
    [Sparrow]: sry missed it
    [Fynn Barrett]: At the Counselors Hall
    [Sparrow]: got it now
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Smiles*
    [Irvyn]: Thank you.
    [Sparrow]: ty
    [Fynn Barrett]: That is all for tonight
    [Fynn Barrett]: *Salutes*
    [Heimlich]: thankyou
    [Heimlich]: goodnight
    [Athalia]: *frowns*
    [Sparrow]: *Waves*
    [Sparrow]: Fare Thee Well
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *tries to find Sausage Cam without being caught*
    [Athalia]: *mumbles* i will remember this*
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    I am not surprised that "cousin" Scrumpy was so disruptive. That's one of many reasons why grandad John I never allowed him into his house ... he just can't think beyond his nougat swirls and squirrels.

    Nice to see that people still like the SRC though.
  3. Kou (DoT)

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    Perhaps he needs to be "Lord Confector" instead *Grins*
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    Excellent idea! He probably wouldn't know the difference anyway and will just keep unnerving everybody with his stupid permit ... but at least he would stop showing up at the candidates campaigns.