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The Dark Angel Saga. (Feedback Welcome)

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Now that Dark Angel is death and we found the antidote for the professor i can only hope you enjoyed it a bit.​

    Not everything went 100% how we wanted but me and EM Borbarad did the best we could.
    We had many discussion on how to do things even minutes before a event or even during the event.​

    I have no idea what Borbarad thought when i told him i was planning to kill the professor.
    After a small discussion we changed that to been deadly poisoned.​

    I wanted to try to bring a little bit more role playing in the event then we normally do.
    I did not want a perfect script of what i had to say cause i wanted to react on what people say or did.
    There are of course things we had to say to keep the story right. ​

    My biggest problem is my german writing is terrible.
    But we wanted to do as much we could in two languages.
    I apologies for all the wrong things i wrote. :)

    I wanted to reward everyone who helped in the fight against Dark Angel.
    But there are rules the EM has to follow.
    So all the small rewards that been found where given by me to the EM to drop on the monsters.
    I know it was maybe not enough but i have to gather all the stuff myself.
    About 40 items where given during the events .
    We did the best we could!​

    We learned from some mistakes.
    D.A. was in the alliance and actually got killed in the first Cave event.
    But we changed that for the final part.​

    The first daemons where a bit weak at the first day of the invasion.
    We made them stronger and Borbarad added generals to spice things up.​

    The table in the cave was suppose to block players of from Dark Angel.
    Apparently there was still a gap where people sneaked trough. :p

    A big problem to overcome is that Dark Angel was vulnerable to what the EM spawned.
    Thats why she often only shows up at the end of a battle or recalls away before something happens.
    Sometimes we even had to slow you all down so i could switch between character.
    For the final battle i had to switch between 5 different characters.
    Did anyone notice i even used 2 different Frarc's? :)

    Some of my ideas could not be worked out.
    Originally i wanted the final battle in Hytloth, Dark Angels real home.
    But i try to look for a safe spot for her and found nothing.
    Would look silly i had to battle against the "real" daemons of hytloth.
    So the return to the cave was the only option.​

    And for the final battle i wanted to let everyone fight against Dark Angel two times.
    First against a weaker human form and then when she was almost death change into a bigger daemon form.
    That was technical not possible so you had to deal with Dark Angel in human form but with her true daemon powers.
    I always wanted to give her the power of the Slasher of the Veils!​

    And keep a ending with many questions unsolved.​

    Well, we hope you all enjoyed the events.​

    But please let us know what you thought about it overall.
    What was good?
    What was bad?
    Too strong monsters?
    Too weak?
    Was the final Dark Angel much too hard?
    Would you like to see more of these events made by players worked together with the EM?
    Are Jigsaw mind games confusing? ;)
    All feedback is welcome in case we want to do more of this.
    Unless you don't want them at all!​

    I thank all the people who helped with the Dark Angel saga.
    And everyone who sacrificed a lot of insurance to fight the daemons. :)

    Special thanks go to EM Borbarad that made this possible.​